[Fixed]: The connected HDMI device doesn’t support 2160p/HDR

[Q#01]: Hi, I’m unsure of what it means. My TV, a Sony BRAVIA XF 90, is supposed to offer 4K/HDR. I appreciate any support.

The resolution is set to 1080p because the connected HDMI device doesn’t support 2160p/HDR.


Actually, a lot of TVs have this feature and it is disabled by default. It’s worth looking through your TV settings to find out!

As for this issue, here’s what you have to do:

Select the Enhanced format for the HDMI signal. Press the HOME button on the included remote control. Choose the icon or Settings. Select the TV category and choose External inputs. Enhanced format should be selected under HDMI signal format.

Additionally, attach your HDMI to ports 2 or 3.

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