Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 500X Headphones in Review

23 May 2017

Stealth 500X is a premium headset from Turtle Beach. This awesome headset comes with no cable attached to it and completely wireless. With 7.1 surround sound quality and designed to fit the Xbox, this headset has really set its name on the list of top headsets in the market. You can enjoy 15 hours of entertainment once you charge the battery. You can also use this headset to listen to music, play games and watch movies on your mobile phone.

Features of the Ear Force Stealth 500x

The sound quality meets the 7.1 surround sound that will make you feel every single bit of sound around you. You can choose different modes to enjoy music, games and movies on different devices.  The audio is very clear and there is no interference when you use the mic for chatting in the game. It can provide you 15 hours of nonstop entertainment. If the wifi signal is lost, then the headset will mute itself. Battery saver when there is no carrier signal available. With the power full wifi technology, you can control the headset from anywhere within the range. This headset is quite easily used with the Xbox console.

Minor setbacks

Even though there are quite a lot of advantages of buying this headset, but some of the users have complained about it as well:

  • The switching mode is a little bit confusing. Well, not really easy to go through that part
  • If you want to manage the preset settings and update them, you will need a PC with windows operating system.
  • The padding is not enough comfortable.
  • The noise cancelation is not that good as it claims to do so.
  • The price range is too high for the quality of the product.

Sound quality

 The quality of the sound is really good and you cannot beat the gaming experience it can provide. With a surround sound like feel, this wireless headset is just the thing that you will need. The sound clarity is also really god allowing you to hear every single step your enemy takes in the game.

Final thoughts

In case you are looking for a wireless headset for your Xbox, then you might choose this one for sure. Well, this headset from Turtle Beach, has really been good at it. With the good built, comfort and sound quality, this might be the best headset for Xbox available in the market. Well, the options to switch between the gaming mode and entertainment mode are a bit rusty but otherwise this is just fine. So, if you consider the quality and the price range and features it is offering, you might like to choose this one rather than any other headset available in the market.



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