SUPSOO G810 Gaming Headset in Review

11 Jun 2017

SUPSOO is actually the latest series by SADE, which has been in this business for almost 20 years. So far, the brand has never failed to deliver quality in their products and the same has been maintained with SUPSOO. The undying dedication to produce the best quality gaming accessories has led to the development of this new range of headsets that promises brilliant sound quality and strong technical force.

The SUPSOO G810 is simply excellent for gaming and has increasingly been the favorite pick for professional gamers. The product is gaining even better traction mainly owing to the excellent noise cancellation, which lets you catch on to even the faintest of sounds. It has a very clear sound processing and a strong bass that plays well without being overbearing. The ear cups house a 40mm magnetic driver with perfect positioning so as to allow vivid sound field and amazing sound clarification.

Apart from the brilliant sound quality, the SUPSOO G810 has an excellent wearability. It is lined with high-quality PU leather and offers great skin intimacy. The super soft ear pads offer supreme comfort and prevent ear fatigue. It has a suspension headband that offers a snug fit, thus saving you from the need to readjust your headphones every once in a while. This will save you from unwanted distractions in the middle of a game, allowing for a highly engaging gameplay.

Features SUPSOO G810

Enhanced stereo

The high precision 40mm driver used in SUPSOO G810 provides excellent sound clarity and sound shock feeling. It is able to recreate a vivid sound field exactly as intended by the developers. Since the headphones can be used for a number of games.


The SUPSOO Gn810 is not limited just to gaming. Rather, it can be put to a wide number of uses. It has an audio cable and a 3.5mm splitter that allows you to turn the all in one jack into two separate inputs, namely the microphone and the audio. These headphones are compatible with PS4, Xbox One, iPad, PC, smartphones, laptop and tablets.


The headband uses a soft material and the ear cups are molded with cushion padding. This increases the comfort level and also increases the durability of the product.

Flexible mic

The microphone in SUPSOO G810 is extra long. This feature ensures greater sensitivity and receptivity. The mic also has a very wide frequency response. The cord is flexible and can be twisted around freely until a favorable position is reached.

The braided wires make the headphones last longer than they would otherwise. There is also a rotary volume control, plug and play button.


  • The promise of quality is maintained
  • Brilliant in game sound and crisp audio
  • Microphone with a wide frequency response
  • Durable
  • Braided wires increase the tensile strength, thus giving a good lasting


The SUPSOO comes from a reliable manufacturer; therefore, quality has not been compromised. Although there are more advanced headphones than this, the SUPSOO G810 is a great bargain for its price.



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