SteelSeries Siberia 840 Headset in Review

23 May 2017

Siberia 840 has been a great headset for gamers. With Dolby quality sound and cross platform support, this headset might be the thing that you are looking for.  The features that it comes with are just the ones that anyone would ask for when they are paying money for a wireless headset.

High quality audio & compatbility

With the Siberia 840, you can hear your enemies like never before. You cannot believe how good it is, unless you use it yourself. This headset is designed to work with any device you want. Any kind of entertainment you want, you will get it for sure.

Sleek design & easy to use

The look and feel of the headset is really good. With a nice blend of silver and black earcups with the orange stitching, this is the best that you can expect. Also the padding in the earcups is exceptionally good to give you ultimate comfort and style. You can now control all your settings and voice chat customization with the OLED transmitter.

Little to no lag

In certain games lag is a bad thing. Mostly the fighting games are very much problematic to play if you need to bear the lag. This headset makes sure that there is no lag while you are playing and the sound clarity is also really good. You can even guess the direction of the sound you hear on your headset.

If you check with the similar sort of headsets in the market, you will see that, this one has the lowest of the latencies of them all.

Changeable batteries & solid mic

Well, gaming is an addiction and to go with it, you need a similar kind of battery that will last long. Now with this headset, you can get 2 batteries and both of them are built to last 20 hours. The benefit of these batteries is that, you can easily change the exhausted battery and keep it on charge while you use the other one.

Yes you can detach the mic and use the headset as a wireless headphone as well. This headphone will work fine and still function fully with any device and the sound quality of this headphone will just amaze you.

Minor setbacks

  • If you wear glasses, then this might be a bit difficult for you.
  • The microphone is not that sturdy
  • The audio quality may not match with high end headphones.
  • Expensive compared to what you get
  • Comfort level is not much added to the headset.


So, this is a headset that can provide you quality but if you compare with high-end headsets you might not opt for this one. This is headset that can be afforded by anyone who is not willing to spend a lot of money for the best but needs a headset of better quality than the normal ones.



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