SteelSeries Arctis 5 RGB in Review

11 Jun 2017

The Arctis 5 is great for pro gamers as well as to be used with your music players. The headphones offer great wearability and come with a very sleek and stylish finish, thus increasing your fashion quotient. Although the Arctis 3 is not a bad alternative, Arctis 5 has many new improved features which will be obvious once you use the. Among others, this headphone comes with retractable mics and on cable volume controls. It also has a mute button on the ear cup, thus making them more convenient as compared to other conventional designs.

If you are a gadget freak, there is no doubt that you will fall in love with this latest release from the Steel Series. The headphones are able to deliver high-quality, crisp sound while the microphone is also equally efficient. The sound system completely blocks off outside noise, thus reproducing a very contained sound space. It also has great bass, giving regular thumps without making them too overbearing. The Arctis 5 could really be a true game changer, especially when it comes to gaming, allowing you to precisely assess the enemy moves without losing time.

Features of the Arctis 5

  • Uses clear cast microphones with proprietary bidirectional design that provide studio quality voice clarity and complete background noise cancellation.
  • The headphones can be attached and detached to a USB soundcard, using ChatMix. This feature allows you to strike the perfect balance between game sounds and the volume of chat.
  • Uses S1 speaker drivers and DTS headphone: X 7.1. This allows for excellent soundscape with PCs, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, VR and even Mobiles. The sounds are very detailed and balanced, with very low distortion, making it excellent for music, movies, games and more.
  • Extremely comfortable to wear and leaves the ears cool and dry. The headset uses AirWeave ear cushions and a suspension headband for ski goggles. This makes sure that there is no slipping and no ear fatigue, even when used for a long time. You also do not have to adjust your headphones every now and then.
  • The suspension headband can adjust itself to form a perfect contour on the head and distributes the weight evenly so that persistent use does not result in headaches and pressure points.
  • You can also have the Arctis 5 configured to customized illumination settings. There are about 16.8 million colors to choose from. You can also add other interesting features like separate left and right ear cup configuration, color shift, and breathing.
  • Features convenient on-ear controls
  • You can also customize the equalizer settings and the sound surround settings.


The Arctis 5 is a very reasonable product if you are looking to invest your money into a pair of good headphones. It will not only deliver brilliant sound quality but also give a good lasting.



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