Somic G989HD Headset in Review

10 Jul 2017

There are people who love the tough sounds. the drum banging, the metal crashing, the floor banging, the cars screeching. Imagine having such a bass while playing a game. Having an amazing gamer experience, where you are given a chance to execute the game with bass worthy and amazing gaming sounds. This idea will surely drive all the gamers out there crazy. The craziness will take a toll once they will hear about the recent development of surround sound bass gaming headphones.

These headphones have the treble and the bass that manages the audio gaming features and makes it a lively feature. Call out for the sound that can make you jump over the mountains, kill that person, crash the car or run to far off lands. These gaming headphones will make you experience gaming like never.

Pros of the Somic G989HD Headset

The surround system just blasts with the bass that is experienced while using these gaming headphones. It comes with rich and crystal-clear bass. The treble is smooth and explodes the sound because of the eight headphone speakers present in the gaming headset. It makes the consumer experience the lively and rich gaming world.

Since gamers are hitched to their seats for long if they are being targeted in the gaming world.  The attention is drawn in a way that they keep on wearing these gaming headphones for long. In this case the headphones need to be comfortable enough so that it does not inflict pain or discomfort to the consumer in any way. These gaming headphones come with easy and comfortable ear cups that can be adjusted as it fits the head of the gamer.

The ear cups are further given comfort by the provision of ear pads that are soft and cushiony. These gaming headphones is that these have the presence of magnets that provides for crystal clear and loud bass. The bass is smooth and gives the gamer explosive experience. It perfectly fits the features of the name it is given.

The final verdict

So, the headphones when worn for long provide discomfort to the gamers. This is to be kept in mind that the headphones should be light in weight so that the gamers a have no discomfort while wearing the gaming headphones for long. These headphones come with swinging microphone. The swinging microphone can be adjusted according to the gamers and the gaming headset can be used with ease. It perfectly fits the role of bass gaming headset.

Further, the bass gaming headset comes with the noise reduction and noise controller feature. The volume buttons are located on the ear cups and the volume can be adjusted well. The noise reduction helps in the reduction of background noises that prove to be a distraction while gaming. The bass gaming headsets come with in line cable that are thick according to the usual cables. The perfect steal for all the crazy gamers to explode their ears with bass hunters.



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