Razer Kraken Pro Over Ear Headset in Review

11 Jun 2017

For quite some time now, the Razer Kraken Pro Over Ear PC and Headset has been the selective choice of professional gamers all around the world. The Razer Kraken Pro is able to able to deliver excellent quality sound, thus giving an increased edge to the player. It offers a very fast sound processing with great detail every sound including the whispers and the footsteps. This will allow you to coordinate your moves accordingly and correctly assess what your enemy is upto.

Since game developers have the game designed with a lot of situational sound effects giving a clue to how the game is progressing, it becomes important that you do not miss out on these. This headphone tends to all of such needs so that the thrill of the game is doubled and the fun is maximized. This will also give a very engaging gameplay while allowing you to perform better.

Among other advantages are that the Razer Kraken Pro comes with a very good build and design that fits snugly and contours your head. The grip is good and not too strong so as to cause throbbing pressure points on prolonged use. They are very comfortable to wear and do not cause warming. The microphone is also of excellent quality and retractable.

Features Razer Kraken Pro Over Ear Headset

  • This headphone is of the quality that is preferred by professionals. Razer Kraken Pro gaming headset gets field tested by a number of athletes and professional gamers before they are finally launched for marketing. Ensures that the quality of the products is maintained. During these testing sessions, mainly two things are judged, whether the weight is ideal for prolonged use and the level of comfort to the wearer.
  • It features the large 40 mm neodymium magnet drivers which are meant for both the high and the mid ranges. This feature is also capable of handling the deep bass and the powerful lows. The sound delivered is pristine and never too overbearing to the ears.
  • The headphones have closed ear cup with padding. This blocks out all the unwanted outside noise, thus recreating a completely isolated sound space. The secluded sound space allows for utmost clarity. You can feel like you are listening to a multi-speaker in an isolated room.
  • The left ear cup is attached to a retractable microphone. This ensures that the microphone does not come in between when it is not needed. You can pull it out only when needed. This also gives a clean finish to the headset.
  • The retractable mic is unidirectional and has a flexible cord which can be twisted around till the desired placement is achieved. This will allow you to make smooth communication with your friends and co-players.


The Razer Krazer Pro is a dedication to trust and quality. With this product, you will have an assurance of quality and performance.



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