Razer Carcharias Gaming Headset in Review

10 Jul 2017

So, imagine a grand gaming scenario with your friends. But you do not have perfect pair of headphones to fit your gaming needs. You need to enter a big gadget shop and need to make a perfect buy. After all it is about your reputation.

You immediately scroll through different options of gaming headsets available in the market. The best one suddenly catches your eye and that is Razer Carcharias Gaming Headset with 2.1 Stereo Sound System.

This article gives complete review regarding the gaming headset and will make you believe as to why this gaming headset is a perfect buy for the crazy gamers. The gamers are crazy enough to sit at the computer screen and play the games for hours and hours. This means that the gaming headsets needs to be comfortable enough so that the comfort is not compromised here.

Pros of the Razer Carcharias Gaming Headset

This gaming headset is not that thick but provides the gamers with utmost comfort using the plastic ear cups and the cushiony pads provided. The ear pads are so soft and cushiony that the ears are not put to pain. The thin structure of the headphones does not let you question the durability of the product.

The durability and the longevity stays intact of the product. The gaming headset are available on gloss finish as well as matte finish. The gloss finish gives it much of a retro look. The matte finish showcases more of sophisticated and chic look. The gaming headset can be worn for several hours and no discomfort will be caused to the gamer, this proves the softness of the ear cups.

Further, the gaming headset has that clamping force that holds the headset steadily and does not make a loose competitor in the gaming headset market. There swings along the headset is the microphone that is adjustable. The microphone can be used backward as well but it provides for limited movement. The microphone quality is satisfactory enough to have a conversation.

The bass has got louder voice option as it is designed for gaming environment. The low bass is specifically adjusted there. There is provision of 3.5 mm in diameter of USB cable along with the gaming headset.

The verdict

It has a cutting-edge sound quality and the audio system that can tempts the gamers fairly well. The gamers those who are looking for gaming headset that can prove to be an asset for them this is one of the gaming headset to invest in.

The sound and the audio quality will keep your gaming instincts intact for long. Further it won’t provide any discomfort to the gamers. The audio system keeps the gaming streak of the gamers alive. Shell out your bucks and make it a perfect deal. These headphones are a perfect steal for the gamers. Come experience the gaming serenity.



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