PDP Afterglow Dolby Prismatic Headset in Review

23 May 2017

Well, PDP has been a good brand for those who have been fond of gaming headsets. This is another wonderful product from them. Although the design and price range of 90$ might not look like a proper investment but with all the features that it comes with are not that disappointing at all. Once you get this wireless headset from PDP you will be able to use this on Xbox, PS3, Wii, and even in the PC. You can also try them on the mobile devices which have the wireless capabilities.

Features of the PDP Afterglow Wireless Headset

  • This is one of those headsets which are compatible with PS4
  • Sound quality: 5.1 Dolby digital
  • Comes with 3 modes to operate; the first one will enable you to hear the game the way you should be hearing them. The second one will let you experience the higher quality bass and the 3rd one will let you experience the surround sound that will give you proper direction.
  • The wireless communication is powered by latest technology. The headset offers a 100 feet range in connectivity with 2.4 GHz power.
  • You can choose any color that you want as your LED lighting and the headset will glow that color. You have 2400 color options to go with.


Although this is a little older model, but still with the price range below 100$ and the quality of the sound provided by the 50mm driver, it is just an amazing gadget to have. There hasn’t been any complain regarding the audio distortion and the microphone works nicely around any kind of noise. The audio is consistent even though you play a lot of game and different type of games. The microphones works really fine and you can chat with your friends very easily.

You can also choose 3 different modes of this headset to the good effect while you use it. The modes are for different reason and if you can choose them properly, it is surely going to work fine for you.

Minor setbacks

For some of the users this PDP afterglow model wasn’t that satisfying and these are some of the problems that some of the users have faced:

  • The sound did not work well when tried with a playback
  • The microphone did not response in the first time
  • Draws a lot of power from your PC through USB, so, you might need a separate USB charger to charge it.
  • Although the feel of the headset is good enough but the sound quality is nothing what the product claim to have.
  • The headband got cracked very soon after using it daily.


If you go through the reviews of this particular product from PDP, you will see that, the reviews are bit contradictory. Some of the users had a great sound experience while some could not enjoy a single song and they decided to return it back. All said and done, PDP has been a good brand and has been in the market for a longer time. Since this headset comes at a price range that is pretty much affordable, you can surely opt for this one and if it does not work you, well, you can always return it back and get another headset for you.



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