HBT-30 Communication Headset in Review

10 Jul 2017

So, imagine the dreadful site of the factories that use heavy machineries. The heavy machinery carries the material to and for and the work keeps on going for numerous hours. The constant sound of the large and machinery cuts through the ears and just make it all the lot more difficult for the laborers to work there. One thing that is must in a factory where there are numerous workers working is communication. The loud noises inflicted by these machines make it impossible for the laborers and the employers to work together and communicate with each other.

Keeping this annoyance and irritation in mind the HBT 30 Communication Headsets came into existence. Considering the huge amount of workload but the annoyance caused makes it difficult to work there. The major motivation for these headsets was this situation. This is considered as one of the major aviation company. Trying their hands at aviation headsets, they came up with the idea of development of communication headsets.

Considering the long working hours of the workers and the laborers the battery backup needs to affordable for these headsets as well.

The box contains the headsets and the user manuals. It comes with a long USB cable.

Pros of the HBT-30 Communication Headset

The headsets call out for 80 hours of talk time. It can be further put on standby mode for 140 hours. The comfort of these industrial headphones is just outstanding. Since the name calls out for industrial headsets these headphones are available in the market in the rugged marine look. This gives a tough sturdy look to the consumer showcasing the headphone. It comes in steel color with a steel wire hardware.

The headphones are light in weight and have perfect cut and finish. The headphones call out for a perfect touch comfort. This seals the ears comfortably and gives laborers the best choice to wear and work on. Further it helps in the noise reduction. It automatically connects to the Bluetooth in case the connection is lost. This happens because the last Bluetooth device connected is stored in the headset

The headset hangs up the call and have easy to use volume control buttons. It hangs up the calls and further plays or pauses the music. The calls are answered using the headphone and it needs to be pressed and held for long to dial the last dialed number. The click button is present on the ear cups.

The battery life is one to look out for. It comes with a USB cable that is usual thick in diameter. The application is used by the laborers to play games efficiently via the headsets.

Final verdict

These headphones were built in the USA and come with power packed quality performance. Further it is one of the necessities in the industries like camera operators, warehouses, construction, plant tours etc. All the industrial places need to have these headphones for the increased work efficiency and satisfaction of the workers. This will reduce the annoyance and make the workplace fun to work at.



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