Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Omega Headset in Review

23 May 2017

If you are fond of having very good quality headsets, then Tactic 3D omega headset from Creative is the one you are looking for. This is not only a gaming headphone, but also you can use it for various purposes. You can use it on your PC/Mac, even for the PS3 and Xbox as well. With the universal 3.5mm port, this can fit almost any device you want.

This is a headphone which is specially designed for gamers only. The microphone is really good and it can function properly on any platform you want. You can detach the microphone when you are not gaming and still enjoy the quality sound of the music you love or the movie you wish to watch. The price might seem a lot for a headset, but when you look at its multipurpose use, the price range is not really a surprising one.

Features of the Creative Sound Headphones

  • Sound quality is just awesome with noiseless microphone
  • The design is really good and easy to detach parts.
  • The wireless technology used is really good and you will feel no lag while communicating through the microphone while gaming. Also comes with the noise reduction capabilities as well.
  • The audio quality for the stand alone games is also good.
  • The headset if made out of steel core, so without any hesitation you can take this anywhere you want.
  • You can control the connection, vol and mute the microphone if you want with the onboard controls.
  • You can detach the mic and use the headset as a wireless headphone.
  • It also has a transmitter, charging stand and charger as well.

Audio quality

The sound quality is really good when you compare with the other models. The treble is good and the bass is good enough to keep you with the sound. The volume level is good enough too. Overall this is a good headset cum headphone that you can use for various purposes.

When you use the microphone you will see that the voice is really clear and if you consider the amount of noise that is reduced, the performance of the headset is really good. You can adjust the boom mic according to your face.

Cross-platform support for gaming

The headset can be used for any platform without any sort of lag. It supports the Xbox, PC, ps3 and Mac also. This headset can give you 3D gaming experience with superb quality of gaming sound. With a high bass and vol, you can enjoy the game like the way developers would have wanted.

Built like a tank

It might not look like much when you consider the looks, but this surely is a sturdy model. You can enjoy the portability of this headset and keep it with you wherever you go without any worries. With a steel core, this becomes really easier for the user to carry it anywhere.  Along with the stylish earcups, you also get the onboard controls for the volume and connection.

Flexible microphone

You can detach the microphone and use the headset as a headphone as and when you want.


So, that is what tactic 3D gaming headset from creative is all about. If you want to enjoy your gaming sounds like never before, you can buy this one or else you can continue with the old one, until you decide to buy this one.



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