ASUS Centurion 7.1 True Sound Headset in Review

10 Jul 2017

So, let us talk about gaming console for a bit. As a child, everybody loved playing console. The advancement took place and the gaming world changed. The system is provided with a surround sound headset along with a console and USB attached to the computer as well.

What comes in the box?

The product when purchased will be shipped to you in big box that is grey in color. The box comprises of two different manuals. One manual is for the instruction regarding the startup of the system and the product. The second manual gives out the warranty instruction for the product.

Pros of the ASUS Centurion 7.1 True Sound Headset

The headset when worn to experience the gaming system should provide comfort and convenience to the gamer. So, the headset comes with two options First is the provision of leather cushions that can be removed with the second option of comfy cotton cushions. The headset can be stored in the given station so that it does not get damaged. Further there is a provision of USB cable that lets the gamer connect the PlayStation to the computer.

The station that is provided within the accessory box of the headset comes with two buttons. One of the button is used to select the channel that is to be played on. The second button which is present on top of the station adjusts the volume and the pictorial features of the game. To give you an amazing sound and gaming experience there are two USB ports present on the left side of the product.

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The added advantage is the presence of the HDMI port on the right side of the product that lets the user connect their speakers to the product. The USB port is connected to the computer for the power and the transfer of data. There are two USB cables present on the left side that are 1.5mm in size. These are attached to the computer and that too it is compulsory to attach both to the computer.

So, let us move forward to one of the best and the major aspect of the product that is the ‘centurion’. The centurion as already mentioned earlier comes with comfortable ear cups that are soft and cushiony. They even provide for a rather comfortable option to the consumer. The earplugs are so big in size and are so bulky that these cover the ears perfectly. This gives the best audio system experience and perfect noise isolation.

The ear covers are rotatable according to the needs of the consumer. The durability is strong considering the heaviness of the earplugs.

Final verdict

In the end, it has been noted that although a bit higher in price it does provide the user a high-end experience. It gives in perfect balance between gaming and audio system and is a perfect steal. All the gaming fans out there they should go and grab the product from the racks. The quality can never be questioned and this will prove to be an asset for the consumer.



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