A Guide to Turtle Beach Headphones

26 May 2017

Playing video games has become one of the major activities among many kids and adults as with the advent of technology and the ability to access the internet on many gaming consoles, you can play with your friends wherever they are or play with anyone across the world. But to the most out of your games, one of the important things you need is a quality headset to chat with your friends or co-players to discuss strategies in multiplayer games.

A quality gaming headset can range from $15-$300 and comes in various styles and colors along with different features. Turtle Beach headsets is one of the most popular gaming headsets in the market that combines best quality, great sound and strong design along with a lot of features. These Turtle Beach headphones comes in various designs and some models are also compatible with both gaming consoles and PC’s. Let’s take a look at some the top headphone models from turtle beach along with their features and some facts to consider before buying a turtle beach headset. This guide will help you in deciding which turtle headphone design will provide you with the required features to enhance your audio experience or which products will save you money etc.

Stuff to Consider Before Buying Turtle From Beach

When it comes to gaming on your PC or in a gaming console, sound is as much important as graphics and gameplay. Can you image playing Assassin’s creed without audio? It is the sound that takes the game to the next level and normal headsets will only bring your sound, but quality headsets from turtle beach can bring life into the game with top-class sound. But before you go for buying a turtle beach headphone, you need to consider a few things to understand which headset suits your requirements to the best. Let’s see the facts to consider below:


One of the important features of a headset is the comfort level, as if it is itchy in your ears and not wrapping around well in your neck and if you are not that much comfortable wearing your headset, then you will never go ahead to check with other features like sound quality, voice chat etc. If you are long session game player, then comfort plays a big role as it involves wearing your headset for a long time and if you feel too much pressure on your head, then your concentration will slip and lose your gameplay to a great extent. If your headset is heavier, then it is definitely going to push its weight over your head and you’ll start to feel the weight sooner or later and it also make you tired wearing them for some time.

Wired vs. Wireless

One other facts that you need to consider before going for a turtle beach headphone is whether you need a wired one or a wireless headset. If you are playing games on your PC, then you are definitely going to sit close to your PC and hence a wired headset will be enough for you. But if you are playing games on your gaming console which is situated in a shelf near your TV and you are playing sitting on your couch, then definitely you need to go for a wireless headset. Yes, Turtle Beach wireless headphones are more expensive from their counterparts but are often comfortable and avoid long cables and sitting close to the gaming console. But one other factor about the wireless headset means it is slightly heavier than the wired ones as they come with an internal battery to charge whenever needed.

Surround Sound vs. Stereo

If you are thinking whether surround sound is even possible with headsets, the answer is yes, with the latest technology implemented in the turtle beach headsets, surround sound is now possible in your headsets. Maybe these headsets may be a bit expensive than stereo mode headsets, but if you really want to enjoy quality sound and in first-person shooter games, it is possible that your enemies will be shooting at your from all sides and with the help of surround sound headsets, you can identify your enemies location based on the sound of the gunshot coming at you. If you can really afford to go big with your headsets, then go for the DTS Headphone:X feature that provides the best surround sound experience. It provides the original sound quality that was intended in the actual design of the game.

In advanced and high profiles games played by professional players, they’ll certainly ascertain that surround sound is a much needed feature, if you really want to be on a level playing field. You never know that your opponents will be using these types of headsets. But if you don’t want to spend too much on your headset only for surround sound, then you can go with stereo sound headsets. But stereo headsets also provide quality sound, but the only difference is that you can’t be able to identify your enemy based on his footsteps or his gun shot.


If you are looking to chat with your team on a multiplayer game, then you definitely need to go for a headset that comes with a mic. Even though most of the gaming headsets comes with a mic, if you need an ultimate sound experience, then you need to look for headsets with “noise cancelling” feature to ensure that whatever you speak goes out crystal clear to the other players.

Some gaming headsets also allow you to remove the mic from the headset, if you are not looking to chat with your friends during gameplay. This allows you to use your headset as normal headphones and also by removing the mic, you are shedding some weight from the headsets. But nowadays the gaming headsets comes with a lot of features and large internal batteries for longer session gaming, that even if you remove the mic, it won’t reduce the weight to a great extent.

Sound Mixer

One other feature that you may consider with the turtle beach headsets is the sound mixer functionality to customize the audio experience. Say if you need to increase the chat volume with your friends and decrease the game volume a bit, then you can all these sort of things in a gaming headset coupled with a sound mixer. Some headsets also allow you to plug-in your phone to answer calls midway through the game. But gaming headsets with a mixer are a bit expensive and only needed for hardcore gamers.

Ear Force Stealth 400 Fully Wireless Gaming Headset

For avid PlayStation gamers, the turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 400 is really a big gift from Turtle beach as it comes as a 100% stereo gaming headset for PS3, Ps4 and PS4 Pro versions. Yu will be surprised to see that the pack comes with an attractive headset along with a transmitter, optical cable and a mic. The speakers in the Stealth 400 are large that sits well in your ears and to enable all the high and thundering low sounds. The headset also comes with 4 EQ presets along with Bass Boost feature to allow the users to customize their sound based to their liking.

You can customize audio whether you are watching movie or playing a game or just listening to music and the audio levels adjust accordingly to provide the ultimate sound experience. The mic monitoring feature in the Stealth 400 provides for the best chatting experience with your friends and co-players. If you are looking for long-session gaming, then the stealth 400 is definitely your best bet as you play for continuously 15 long hours with a rechargeable battery. This headset also works with mobiles and tablets through the mobile cable that comes with the pack.

Product Highlights

  • The Stealth 400 is 100% wireless and hence you can enjoy an ultimate and crystal clear sound experience
  • Connect with PS3, PS4 and PS4 Pro
  • EQ audio Presets to customize your sound experience including Bass Boost
  • Extended battery life of upto 15 hours
  • Mic monitoring feature to enhance your chatting experience
  • Easy to use volume controls for chatting and gaming
  • Adjustable ear cups to enable even younger people to use these headsets

Ear Force Stealth 500X Premium Fully Wireless Headset

If you are looking for the perfect gaming headset for your Turtle Beach Xbox One gaming headphones, then you definitely need to look into the features of the Ear Force Stealth 500X from Turtle Beach. It is and extremely comfortable device that comes with a great quality sound and ultimate comfort to your ears. Every dollar spent on the Stealth 500X is certainly counts.

One of the major features of the Stealth 500X is the DTS Headphone:X virtual surround sound that provides theater quality sound to your ears. With the 500X, you can experience the original sound quality that is intended for the game, no highs or no lows. With a lot of customization options available, you can change the presets in the surround sound mode to modify the sound quality in a dramatic way.  Even though it may not be heavy in features like the Elite 800, for just $229 the Stealth 500X is really a great deal.

The Stealth 500X is 100% wireless with no cables or no controllers. The 7.1 channel surround sound puts you right in center of the action as the powerful speakers from the Stealth 500X delivers high quality ultimate surround sound experience. The batteries can last for up to 15 hours with a single recharge. It also comes with a mobile cable to connect the Stealth 500X with mobile devices and tables.

Product Highlights

  • Completely 100% wireless with no cables and no controllers
  • Comes with a great DTS Headphone:X 7.1 channel surround sound
  • Excellent controls that are separate for both gaming and chatting.
  • Unique Dynamic Chat and Mic Monitoring to provide the ultimate chat experience
  • Perfect for long session game players with a 15 hour rechargeable battery
  • Acoustically angled 50mm Neodymium speakers

Ear Force Elite 800X Premium Wireless Headset

The Elite 800X gaming headset from Turtle Beach is no ordinary headset as its name suggests, it is way above its competitors and one of the Turtle Beach headphones for Xbox One and mobile devices. It is 100% wireless and comes equipped with an active noise cancelling feature to provide the ultimate chat experience. Some of the other unique features of the Elite 800X includes superhuman hearing, DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound, and DTS Surround Sound modes and EQ audio presets to provide you with an ultimate gaming sound experience. The Elite 800X is also great for watching movies and listening to music. You can also connect your mobile phones and tablets with the Bluetooth connectivity feature to allow you to listen to music from your mobile phone during your gameplay.

It also comes with a magnetic charging stand to easily recharge the headset battery. The rechargeable battery can last for upto 10 hours with a single charge. The charging stand also allows you to rest your headset safely when not in use. The superhuman hearing feature in the Elite 800X is really a breakthrough feature that allows you to hear even the subtle sound of your enemy footsteps who is sneaking slowly behind you or the sound of your enemies reloading your rifle or the sound of vehicles approaching you from a distance. These feature is a really a game changer as professional and long-session gamers really love to have that every little advantage they can have to come best in their gameplay. As the slogan of Turtle beach goes as “hear Everything, Defeat Everyone”, the Superhuman hearing feature adds more value to it.

Product Highlights

  • Completely wireless headset with ultimate sound experience
  • Intelligent DTS Headphone:X surround sound along with genre specific audio presets lets you immerse deeply in your games and movies wit great sound
  • Automatic boost of your team chat audio to convey your game-winning to your squad
  • Active noise cancellation to provide the ultimate chat experience
  • Mic monitoring allows the other person to hear a crystal clear voice
  • Magnetic charging stand that doubles up as a recharging stand as well as a stand to rest your headset when not in use

Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset

The Elite Pro tournament Gaming Headset from Turtle Beach is specially designed for the younger generation of hardcore game players and eSports athletes. The 50mm Nanoclear delivers crystal clear and crisp audio with reduced distortion to provide an ultimate sound experience. The unique truspeak technology provides a great chatting experience with your friends as your commands are always heard with a clear voice. Turtle Beach for first time has come with a new technology with the Elite Pro tournament gaming headsets called the ComforTec Fit System, a revolutionary headset adjusting technology to provide ultimate comfort to your ears and long lasting comfort during long playing sessions. The AeroFit Ear cushion ns also makes sure passive. Another great feature is the ProSpecs Glasses Relief system that helps in alleviating ear cushion pressure for gamers wearing glasses.

Product Highlights

  • Experience a groundbreaking new level of comfort with this revolutionary, adjustable fit system with the unique ComforTec Fit System
  • Comfortably wear your headset with glasses thanks to our patented, pressure-relieving technology thanks to the ProSpecs Glasses Relief System
  • Ensure your voice is heard loud and clear with this professional quality mic through Pro Gaming Mic with TruSpeak Technology
  • Immerse yourself in the game and hear your teammates clearly, thanks to our signature eSports audio tuning with the 50mm Nanoclear Speakers
  • Revolutionary material technologies combine to keep your ears comfortable and cool, while also blocking out external noise and improving bass response with groundbreaking Aerofit ear cushions

Ear Force Stealth 420X Wireless Gaming Headset

The Stealth 420X 100% wireless gaming headset for Xbox One. It also comes loaded with a lot of features to provide a great sound experience. Some of the unique features that comes with the Stealth 420X include separate controls for gaming and chatting and also comes loaded with 4 audio presets and mic monitoring to provide a great chat experience and also comes with a high sensitivity mic to make your voice heard at all times. The rechargeable battery that comes with the Stealth 420X delivers up to 15 hours of continuous gaming. Easy to setup USB connection to your Xbox One device to enjoy a great playing experience coupled with a spectacular sound.

Product Highlights

  • The Stealth 420X is a completely 100% wireless gaming headset for Xbox one.
  • Unique channel hopping technology for interference free wireless gaming
  • Separate controls for game and chat functionalities
  • With the Mic monitoring technology your voice will be heard at all times.
  • Enjoy continuous hardcore gaming for up to 15 hours
  • A high sensitivity mic picks your voice clearly.
  • Removable mic to enjoy trouble free gaming
  • Great to watch movies and listening to music
  • Noise cancellation not 100%

Turtle Beach Headphones Accessories

Turtle Beach along with a lot of gaming headsets also comes with a lot of accessories to provide you with an unforgettable gaming experience. Let’s see some of the accessories in detail below:

Elite Pro A.M.P.

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro A.M.P is a great addition to your Elite Pro tournament gaming headset by providing the needed amplified audio from your PlayStation console. It also adds the microphone monitoring feature so that you can clearly hear even your own voice and no need to shout.

Elite Pro Tournament Noise-Cancelling Microphone

The Elite Series accessories delivers highest quality in terms of both sound experience and also comfort. The Noise cancelling microphone is a great addition to the Pro tournament headset. It provides a game changing microphone performance when paired with the Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset and Elite Pro Tactical Audio Controller, allowing eSports athletes to isolate the mic against the roar of the crowd as they go head-to-head against other teams and players, map after map. The ultimate eSports audio setup designed to help you dominate the competition…this is Elite Pro.

Elite Pro Tactical Audio Controller

Dominate the competition with the most powerful gaming audio controller ever designed for eSports – the Turtle Beach Elite Pro T.A.C. Offering amplified audio and cutting-edge technologies like DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound and Superhuman Hearing, plus Turtle Beach’s incredibly powerful chat and microphone tuning tools like the Background Noise Limiter, Outbound Mic Boost and Mic Monitoring

Turtle Beach Gaming Headphones FAQ

Can you use the headset while you are charging it?

Yes, the headset can be used while charging.

If I put the 3.5 into my pc then have my xbox on can I listen to Spotify on my pc and hear the footsteps of the bad men at the same time?

Yes, that is possible. You can also plug it into your phone and listen to Spotify from there as well, or even take phone calls while gaming

Can I use the optical out to my stereo receiver for sound with this USB plugged into the xbox one for headset sound?

Yes you would.

Can I use a normal Xbox mic adapter?

Yes you can.

Can I remove the microphone from the headset?

Yes, you can remove the microphone from this headset from some models

If I were to buy the headset alone, would it be compatible with my Xbox if I have the adapter too?

Yes, it will be compatible with the adapter.

Is this a USB headset? Can I plug into the USB port of my computer?

Yes you can plug it in computer.

Can I use it for ps4, xbox one and pc? Can you plug it not a ps4 and xbox one controller?

For Tutle Beach headphones for ps4 you have to buy another cord I think but you can use them on C I do almost all the time and you can use it in an Xbox one controller as well. You can also use it for your phone as well.

Can you plug the headset straight into the xbox one controller without changing the quality of the sound?

You can plug it directly in to the controller but it will not sound as good as using the TAC or an ASTRO are mixamp

Can you use an optical audio switcher to switch between platforms instead of the manual switch on the back of the amp?

Because the mic is handled differently on each platform you wouldn’t be able use the mic with the method you described but you will be able to hear the audio on the headset. In order to use the mice the switch would need to be flipped on the back of the Turtle Beach Amp.


Turtle beach gaming headsets are creating a different trend in the gaming headset market and already became a popular headset brand among hardcore gamers. The headsets from Turtle Beach are loaded with a lot of features to provide the ultimate sound experience to every user. These headsets will take your gaming experience to the next level.

Some of the unique features that makes these headsets stand way ahead of its competitors are the superman hearing feature to hear even the subtle sound in the game, active noise cancelling feature to cancel all the extra noises around you and provide for a great voice chat experience. You can even connect your mobile phones and tablets to stream music from your mobile phones to listen to your favorite songs during the gameplay.

People but different headsets for different tasks like separate ones for listening to music and watching movies and separate headsets for playing games. But with Turtle Beach headsets, you can choose a single gaming headset that can provide a great experience for both gaming and to listen to music and watch movies.



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