Best TRITTON Gaming Headphones Guide

16 Jun 2017

Triton has been a trusted name when it comes to producing headphones. The company not only puts a weight-age on performance but also on design and comfort. You will usually find Triton headphones with a very sleek and stylish finish, also with a wide range of options of suiting the needs of customers across all age groups and audio requirements. With every release, they place a priority on holding on to their reputation. Therefore, the products are always up to the mark. Their headphones are usually compatible with any of the present era of consoles – it is more of a necessary attachment into your sound controller – or even your cell phone. Their headphones usually come with an adaptable stereo unit and cover a number of different functionalities.

Currently, the market has been flooded with various headphones from Triton. Regardless of what the economic situation, there is always a model to fit the customers’ requirement. The headphones give amazing sound quality and are frequently cherished by most music lovers as well as gaming enthusiasts.

Triton may be the biggest champion to have been occupying an honored position in the field of earphones. A significant number of their models are designed with over earcups and headbands. For quite a while, the brand was just focusing on top-end earphones, yet now they have started adding less expensive alternatives to their arrangement as well.

Their gaming headphones are enormous, overwhelming, and effective, gloating far more power than most contenders endeavor to incorporate. There’s no bargain with Triton when it comes to quality, and if you support the bass end of the range, there may be some wonderful news for you with their latest releases. Each one of their models has their own attributes, however, they offer a similar level of value over their scope of products, mainly the accessories and a few headphones that are designed for greater versatility.

It would definitely count if you do your examination before making a purchase. Not just on the grounds of cost and purpose of, but rather on the options that may be available for you from their wide range of custom designs for various preferences.

Triton’s accumulation of the best remarks and reviews as a top notch headphone brand justifies itself with real evidence. The brand has been unparalleled for both on-ear earphones and ear buds. No wonder Triton is so prominent among the audiophiles. Their headphones are popular all over the world and have the highest sound quality and lucidity.

They also have a tendency to be very detailed when it comes to the bass and treble, so they are appropriate to traditional music as well which can have a lot of soft notes that need crystal clear audio output. After so many years in the industry, their expertise has allowed them to take off and stay on top of the line with products that deliver a bleeding edge. There hardly a few brands who can be placed alongside Triton.

Different types of Tritton headphones

Xbox one gaming headsets

The Triton range has some the most exceptional configurations so as to offer the ideal clasping power to Xbox one gaming; they guarantee a high-quality sound reaction of the speakers and in addition, provide comfort over the long gaming sessions. The ear jars are strategically placed and designed in such a way that they slide inside the monocurve, empowering alteration for various head sizes. Given below are some of the features of Xbox one headphones from Triton.

Audionomics Dial

Triton may be one of the few headphones brands that integrate the Autonomics dial technology into their products. This technology takes into consideration the alteration of width, the tallness and also modifying the clipping power of the headset. All of these mainly give two key advantages:

  • Comfort – particularly in case you’re in a marathon session, being able to unwind the headset enables you to continue gaming longer without facing anything such as ea4r fatigue or pressure points.
  • Improved sound output– the placement of the ear cups is very important for an ideal sound reaction; there are options for tuning the bracing power so that you may achieve the ideal fit and sound setting.

Pioneers Of Multi Speaker Precision Audio

You cannot expect an ordinary sound driver to cover all the frequencies. This is the very reason why Triton uses three drivers: one 60mm driver devoted to unrivaled bass and mid-run reaction, while two 10mm driver handles higher frequencies. The outcome is a far detailed and exactness with the sound involved. This is mainly because every driver takes care of the frequencies it was intended for.


Accelerometer-based control of shading and shine allows you to customize the lights to your own preference; you can also alter the speed of LED impacts, for example, breathing, pulse, and shading cycling – you can just tap on the symbols to have a new setting.

PS4 headsets

These headphones are all compatible with the DUALSHOCK 4 remote controller and almost any gadget with a 3.5mm jack. They offer an extraordinary performance with the PlayStation 4 by providing a virtual sound surround. The headset also has an attached mic that is mounted on one of the earcups. Some designs allow for the retractable mic so that they do not stand in the way when not needed. The models are further improved with the use of amplifiers that are usually placed at the midpoint of the ear cup. Further, since the mics are midway mounted, you can wear the headset whichever way you find convenient.

Ventilated Earcup

A ventilated cup can provide very proficient airflow thus providing natural sounding audio.

By enabling the encompassing sounds to enter, the ventilation framework gives you a chance to hear your diversion’s soundtrack as you tune in to clear talk sound. This could greatly enrich your gaming experience

Apart from that the PS4 headsets are intended for extreme comfort during the extended gaming sessions. They keep your ears comfortable with its cushioned ear pads and customizable headband. Further, the headrail develops additional 1.25 creeps on both sides. The headsets are also very versatile given that they are compatible with most gaming frameworks, telephones, tablets, and MP3 players.

Nintendo switch headphones

Triton headphones designed for the Nintendo switches use audio comics – one of a kind moon curve configuration brings together sound clarity and ergonomics for a definitive sound ordeal. They also have an R: drive – multi-speaker arrangement that is set to convey a definitive exactness of sound.

They further incorporate movement dynamic RGB lighting that enables you to modify your headset effortlessly. Other features include a 7.1 virtual encompass sound. These are mainly available for Windows Desktop working frameworks. Then there are user customizable EQ Modes which pick the sound for more diversions. Thee headsets are attached to collapsible, uni-directional blast mic. The microphone can be used very well for gaming as well as for holding conversations. They pick up no static and convey sharp and clear discourse to your colleagues.

The headsets can be connected via USB or 3.5mm attachment and play for multi-stage setups. They can fill in as a latent headset with stereo sound and amplifier as well.

PC headsets

The main features of Tritton PC headsets are discussed below.

Surround Sound

Different PC headsets fundamentally utilize optical effects and sound associations, which can just deal with 5.1 channels of sound. Because of the bigger data transfer capacity managed by Tritton headphones, they can run with 7.1 channels of uncompressed sound to work with, bringing about the cleanest, most precise surround sound in the world of PC  gaming.

  • Uni-directional Mic that can be retracted when not in use. the microphones are able to deliver clear, studio quality voice. The headsets that are specifically designed for gaming also have voice processors so that your voice sounds well mixed with the in-game sounds.
  • HDMI
  • The PC headsets work delightfully with even the most progressive full A/V setup – while taking the full 7.1 channels of uncompressed sound from whatever source you give it, it is well supported with any downstream gadgets alongside 1080P, 3D, and 4K HDR video.
  • Audio Boost/Spatial Audio

You can always hear everything

Regardless of whether adversaries are flanking or not– even from above or underneath – you can hear them before you see them. This is the greatest advantage of surround sound. You can understand exactly where a sound is coming from and strategize your moves well in advance. This will allow you to get completely drenched in amusements, motion pictures, and music.

Further, these headphones have 3 EQ modes, HDMI uncompressed audio, bass boost and treble boost for most extreme sound ambush and well adjusted sound understanding. There is also an option of wireless headphones with custom set low-inertness 2.4GHz remote sensor which conveys completely clear sound and talks. The other great advantage of Tritton PC headset is that they can be charged for power, cutting down the use of batteries. You can have outrageous gaming sessions for more than 10 hours use from a single charge. if the LEDs are on, it will at least last for 7 hours. When you have to recharge, you can use USB link while still continuing the game.

Universal headsets

The universal headphone lets you hear the absolute best quality gaming sound. With the latest releases, you get the purest top notch sound that has detailed and crystal clear authenticity. Tritton uses both DTS Headphone and Dolby surround sound without any optical port. They are further incorporated with HDMI for immersive gaming sound. These headsets can deliver High Quality sound experience. Other features include huge deep bass, 50mm drivers, onear controls and crisp highs.


Xbox 360 headsets

The Xbox 360 headsets yield high diversion and voice sound through a couple of accuracies tuned, utilizing neodymium magnets and 40mm speakers,. They hold the capacity to modify your voice and chat volume independently. This, along with full stereo and inline controls gives very comfortable stereo experience that is not too overbearing. The headsets are supported on any gaming devices apart from Xbox 360. This wide platform compatibility could also be a major advantage for gamers. They further have in-line sound controller highlights to-utilize the volume control to brisk sound alterations. You can also twist the mic to a comfortable location that is ideal for grabbing your voice.

Apart from Xbox 360, these are very well supported on the PS4, PS Vita, PS 3, Wii U, Windows PC, Mac, and Nintendo 3DS, as well. They are also perfect for tablets, phones, and maximum of gadgets utilizing 3.5mm yield. For extended gaming sessions, they are designed to keep your ears comfortable with a cushioned, flexible head rail and padded ear cups. Head rail amplifies an additional 1.25 crawls on both side and the earcups can swivel for a better position. You can also remove the mic when not used.

Things to consider before buying Triton headsets

Noise cancellation

For genuine sound quality, the noise cancellation is something for purchasers to consider. Acoustic earphones endowed with this feature offer great sound quality and a strong amplifier association. The scratching off of outside noise allows continuous undisturbed gaming. This can, however, be an issue for the individuals who multitask while gaming.

This sort of headset more often than not offers control of the bass and treble and in addition other sound choices. The cushioning on this earphone is typically adequate and versatile to any head shape. This kind of headset is rarely prone to blunder or breakdown and can be identified with the most number of electronic settings.

Hardware support

It is reasonable to have a reasonable thought about your points of interest and your VoIP equipment’s specifications before you go purchase your headset. You may want to consider if you are utilizing a straightforward PC, a VoIP connector, an IP telephone or some other gadget and whether you have a sound card and the stereo sound jacks or USB ports. In case you are purchasing a remote headset, ensure that your headset has support for your device.

Tritton Kunai Stereo Headset for Consoles

  • The Kunai stereo headsets have an easy to use inline audio controls.
  • They support online chat
  • Provides comfort even on extended use
  • Delivers sound exactness using the help of 40mm neodymium magnets
  • The in-game sounds and the voice can be controlled separately
  • The headphones have a dual microphone that is flexible as well as retractable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Versatile, meaning that the headphones are compatible with a large number of devices
  • The extremely soft and cushiony ear pads make sure that it does not cause ear fatigue or ear warming
  • The headbands are adjustable so that it can snugly fit any head shape. This will also keep the headphones from sliding down again and again and hence avoid a lot of distraction
  • The on-ear controls make sure that the user does not have to pause so as to adjust the volume settings
  • The design allows you to put the microphones away when you are not using them anymore
  • The sound quality is brilliant. Although it is best for gaming, it can also be used for listening to music or watching movies.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • The 40 mm neodymium magnets are a great advantage as they are able to deliver the highs, the lows as well as the mids with crystal clarity and detail
  • Very comfortable
  • Lightweight design and therefore does not cause pressure points

Tritton Kama Stereo Headset

  • Great connectivity – the headphones can be directly connected to an Xbox one headset adapter via 3.5 headphone jack. Compatible with any gaming consoles along with most of the laptops, tablets, smartphones and notebooks as well.
  • Simpler Audio Controls – the headphone comes with an adapter which enables the adjustment of the voice that comes through the 40mm speaker. You can control the mic, volume and fine tuning options without much hassle.
  • Performance Microphone – This microphone is perfect for those who love to play games like Forza Motorsport and Killer Instinct. The mic also bends to get in a perfect position.
  • Highly Comfortable – the head rail has some extra padding that makes it comfortable for the players who would like to play the games which are really long. This headphone does not make them feel the heat at all.


  • Sleek design
  • Great sound output
  • Very easy controls
  • Light weight
  • Does not cause heating

Tritton Pro Plus 5.1 surround sound

  • Illuminated volume controls enable you to tweak each channel – front, back, focus, and subwoofer – while premium-quality ear cushions convey hours of gaming solace. You could also Dodge a late-night yelling match with Selectable Voice Monitoring, cutting edge innovation
  • Using restrictive Dolby Digital innovation, it can deliver an immersive top of the line home theater setups. Recreates a lavishly definite, 3D condition as 5.1 channels of the sound team up to uncover already shrouded subtle elements inside the sceneries of your most loved diversions.
  • SVM technology enables you to make a choice on whether you need to hear your voice during the gaming. At the point when certain circumstances – like those late-night gaming sessions – direct that you whisper or noisily into the mic, effortlessly initiate/deactivate SVM with easy controls and take control of every one of your discussions.
  • The enhanced technology along with simple control makes setup a very easy process. Regardless of which support or controller you have, the Pro+ is prepared to go appropriate out of the container. Every single required link and connectors are incorporated to help guarantee you can be setup and start playing just in seconds.


  • the headset feels very comfortable
  • soft padding for increased comfort during long gaming sessions
  • retractable mic
  • light effects that give a cool effect
  • surround sound makes the gaming very immersive

Tritton Kunai Stereo Headset for iPhones

  • Has an in-line sound controller for quick control to improved acclimations to sound and telephone discussions. When used in noisy situations, a propelled commotion lessening mouthpiece ensures noise cancellation to help guarantee clear discussions.
  • Features an In-line remote and mic that runs with iPhone 3GS, all iPad forms, and iPod Touch second era and higher versions. Also has an In-line remote that works well with all iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch forms.
  • Good Sound output with all iPhone, iPod, and iPad versions.
  • Padded ear cups that use memory foam. this not only provides comfort but also blocks outside noise effectively
  • Attractive speaker labels with two-tone shading options. The Kunai is accessible in four attractive shades, and every headset incorporates two additional sets – for an aggregate of six labels – to give more choices for the individualized style.
  • Oversize speakers that can deliver vigorous stereo sound with a wide, powerful range, soft padded earcups convey detailed and clear sound generation. With the help of neodymium magnets– the headset provides an output of high-constancy sound through the 40mm speakers for clear highs and profound bass.


  • lightweight
  • great for all round use
  • extreme comfort
  • impressive sound

Tritton 720 + 7.1 Surround Sound

  • noteworthy quality
  • Each earcup houses a 50mm speaker which yields high-efficiency diversion and in the game as well as mic sound for crisp highs and rich bass.
  • If the comments from your online opponents get diverting and begin to thwart your gameplay, simply hand a dial on the headset’s over line sound controller to rapidly block them out. Diversion volume can likewise be balanced so that you can overwhelm your enemy’s voice yet hear stealthy in-amusement strides that are vital to the game.
  • At the point when u are not making game comments through Xbox LIVE or the PlayStation Network, you can simply tune into music or watch a film. if headset’s mouthpiece acts as a burden, you have detached it or flip it aside so that it does not provide a distraction. This is possible with the 720+ 5.1 Surround Headset’s removable microphone arrangement so that you only use it when essential.


  • Realistic sound production
  • Isolated soundscape and virtual surround sound gives brilliant audio output that allows you to stay well ahead of the game
  • Comfortable fit
  • The design allows for the total weight to be evenly divided throughout the headset


  • The headband is not very flexible and may require careful handling
  • The cables may tear out too soon if handled carelessly
  • The design is not very streamlined
  • Scratchy audio from time to time

Tritton Headphones Accessories

  1. In line cable

There are cables with in-line audio controls, ready for plug and play. These can be bought from any outlet or the leading online stores.

  1. Headset stand

This will provide a safe storage for your headphones and help avoid clutter.

  1. Foam ear casing

These can be put over the ear pads for added comfort. These will also keep the original padding from wearing away too soon.

  1. Adapter

The adapter will allow you to get the quality sound and increase compatibility, especially if you alternate between different gaming consoles.

  1. Protective case

The protective case comes along with the headset. They are also available to be bought separately. It ensures that your headset does not get damaged while you are traveling.


  1. How do I clean my Tritton headphones?

You can use monitor wipes to clean the surface of the headphones but make sure that no liquid gets inside the ear cups.

  1. How long do these headphones last?

Tritton headphones are very durable and work well past the warranty period. If they top functioning after the warranty period, you can easily have it fixed at any repair shop.

  1. Can I make a direct contact with the representatives?

Yes, you can use the online interactive support at the official website or you can also dial up the helpline number given on the official website.


Tritton headphones are definitely a great value for their price. At a very reasonable price range, they provide a number of attractive features. They also have a very wide product range and good warranty period. Both the design and sound quality are given equal weight, so you can be assured that you are going to get a good value to your money.



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