The Guide for PS4 Speakers

05 May 2017

Speakers are meant to hear out loud. The speaker’s introduction is expected to be heard by the audience just before he starts to speak. Nowadays they are used for the purpose of gaming, listening to great music and enjoy life to the maximum. Also, speakers are entirely welcome by people nowadays. If you want to have a good gaming experience you need to surround yourself with the best sound system including a high-quality speaker.Here’s the thing.

Your Tv speakers are a bit confusing. While these company these days are making ultra thin ultra thin wall mountable delights, they tend to forget about the fact that we need ti hear the action as well as to see it. There are two solutions for gaming. One is to get a headphone and the second is surround sound system.

So basically the interesting one is surrounded sound system. Attaching speakers with ps4 will not only enhance the audio-visual quality, but you will enjoy your gaming this way. So a good 5.1 gaming will transform your gaming experience. Here are two which have got a high ranking of likes nowadays Alien: Isolation or resident evil 7. Audio is so big that you quickly pick out the enemy players.

To fully enjoy your gaming session and experience all this to the next level, and immerse yourself in those headshots/explosions while hiding from the acid-dribbling xenomorph you need to surround yourself with a sound system. Some of the systems require a great range of 5.1 setup/sound bars hybrids to cater to a variety of budgets, and some need amplifier before they output ti audio from your console.

While it’s a bug drag having to spend yet more money, a decent amp will tangibly improve the sound experience you grr from the suggestions. The great amp speakers support Dolby True HD abs DTS-HD Master audio and are also future-proofed with an inclusion of 4K/60p pass through.So make your gaming more fun and exciting through PS4 speakers. When your sound enhances, you will feel better while having the visuals, because your delicate ears deserve the best. If you want them to experience acoustic vibrations, they will never forget, Ps4 speakers is discerning lugs demands.

Speaker Styles

Here’s the thing. Your TV built-in speakers are a bit rubbish. But, you are doing video gaming on your brand new PS4. So, of course, you want the best experience out of it. You get that kind of experience through a better interface; i.e., an excellent audio/video system.

So, here we’re covering the practical use of different style speakers for all those gaming folks in the game rooms. All acoustic features give rise to sensibility, indulgence, depth and clarity of the sound. All these features are the product of the in-use speakers. Different styles adopted of the various practical needs. Check out the different speaker styles below.

All-in-one Home Theatre

This sound system gives you a direct output from your gaming console to the speakers. The system control unit relays the audio to the speakers positioned around the player to produce ‘surround sound.’ The number given to the system depends on the number of the speakers plus the subwoofers. So, a typical 5.1 or 7.1 surround system means 5 or 7 speakers respectively are positioned with ‘1’ indicating that one subwoofer is present. It can also be X.2 if two sub-woofers are present.

A/V Receiver

The A/V receiver obtains sound from the audio source and amplifies it either using a transistor amplifier or the new-coming vacuum tube amplifier. Just same all-in-one theater systems, these A/V receivers are also capable of producing surround sound. We can find systems able to channel up to 11.2 surround sound in the market with many audio technologies mainly of Dolby. These systems are a bit expensive and are harder to install, but are the best regarding sound quality. The gunshots, footsteps or anything else you want to hear for that game of yours; is heard in an impeccable manner.


Soundbars are relatively newer in the market. The fundamental principle on which a sounder operated is that it produces a virtual surround system, in which the surroundings are used to bounce back the output audio. This cloudy network of sound makes you feel listening to an actual surround sound system. Manufacturers are improving this day by day. Till now the highest grade is 9.1 and lets anyone have enough of an immersive experience. Soundbars are the least indulging for audiophiles and serious gamers, but the improving technology promises to provide a better expertise in a not so far future.

Stereo Speakers

Two speakers, each mounted on the right and left of a TV screen makes up the whole stereo sound. Usually, this kind of sound setup is mounted straight to the TV outlets as RCA cables do give that much juice to power up mediocre stereo speakers.


An audio system with an A/V receiver is the best considering a very high budget and enough of space in the room. Otherwise, for a lower budget all-in-ones work perfectly fine. Irrespective of the budget, if you wish to squeeze your gaming in a small room then, a soundbar would also do the job.

Factors to consider buying the best speakers for PS4

If we’re lucky enough to have a separate video gaming room, then we must have enough space to fit in a bunch of speaker cum an A/V Receiver. But, if someone had to stuff all his gaming hardware into his bedroom, he may be out of space to fit a lot of speakers, which will make him consider something else. So here we will guide you through all the available options, to make you and your PS4 happy.


If you’re considering to buy a high-end system with excellent audio which will give you goosebumps while playing MGS5 or Last of Us, then you should probably consider buying a system with an A/V receiver or at least an all-in-one. Even thought Soundbars are extremely expensive, but they targeted for those people with space restrictions.


If you have plenty of space to efficiently arrange all your surround sound speakers in that room in which your gaming console is, then you will have one of the best gaming experiences. Personally, I would recommend shifting your video room to your home’s attic or basement. Keep in mind, Surround sound systems only work best when they have optimum space between themselves and you, the gamer You can go for a soundbar or if you’re not so desperate for premium sound or you can stick to stereo speakers.


If your game room is colossal, you might need to consider buying an amplifier seriously or a high-end powerful sound system. Because, the farther you will set back from your set of boomers, the more useless, they will be unless and until you can’t appreciate your audio perfectly.


Now, the most important and intriguing part, the brand and built. Many high-end systems have neodymium magnets and gold foils to produce premium sound quality but, they come with a hefty price tag too. High-end brands like Sony, Samsung, JBL and even cheap Jazz-tuned Harmon/Kardon are renown for their audio depth. The bit rate note on the speakers should be just as much as of your source output. The flatter the sound curve is, the more of a subtle touch you’ll feel given to the gaming world you live.


A critical but usually neglected part is the wiring. Many source outputs like your PS4 have optical outputs for audio which have zero or almost no latency. Using this will provide you, much of the grunt your sound card has. Using standard RCA wiring or copper wiring is history. HDMI is a good option if you are looking to save wiring mess.

Samsung TW-J5500

Well, it’s the most amazing one with amazing features hiding inside. It has a got a feature of 350W Inch that means 2.2Ch, and it also contains a subwoofer inside it which built in 6″. The unique and unusual feature of this speaker is Bluetooth connectivity.

These speakers are made by Samsung which is one of the most trusted speaker brands on the market.

At a glance:

  • The Dynamic TW-J5500 sound tower got a 2.2 channel sound delivers a rich bass and detailed highs.
  • Connects with your compatible Samsung Tv with TV sound connect. It is wireless so now wires no mess.
  • It is very elegant unique designed ti complement your entertainment centre.
  • Oglala it streams audio from the Bluetooth connection with any device mobile tablet or computer. These are bluetooth speakers for PS4.
  • It has a got HDMI input and output system which is optimal digital sound and video

Logitech Z625

Logitech Z625 is a powerful certified 2.1 speaker system with a high-quality sound and also delivering gaming-grade audio and the ultimate sound experience for your movies and music.Enjoy the full impact of audio peak power that brings crisp, theatrical sound and thundering bass. Optical speakers for PS4, 3.5mm and audio inputs connect up to 3 devices including TVs, computers, PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, smartphones, tablets, music players. It is easy to access and easy to use. PS4 audio output to speakers is capable with the Logitech Z625.


  • This certified speaker system tuned to exact audio specifications and provide accurate sound.
  • Satellite speaker set and subwoofer deliver sounds which are unique having a crisp and thundering bass which you can feel.
  • This home speaker system connects to 3 entertainment devices.
  • Plug and play audio speakers feature optical, 3.5 millimeters and RCA Inputs for easy connections to TVs, computers, smartphones, tablets and play stations. Please read the user guide before reading.
  • Compatible with Television,Computer,smartphone,tablets,cd players etc.

Orb Audio Booster1

With the Orb Audio BOOSTER1, you can have the ease of use found in the best sound system audio bar. No more “what did he say?” moments or missing out important scenes and stuff in TV and movies. The BOOSTER1 from Orb Audio is the solution to your listening needs. It is Modular and upgradeable.Comes in six custom finishes to match any decor and works with optional wall mounting.The system includes speakers, table stands, subwoofer, amplifier and all wiring required to connect the system to your TV. Most installations are simple, just connect the speakers and subwoofer to the amplifier with the plug and play wires, connect the speaker to your TV with the supplied cable, sit back and enjoy.

It is Easy to use soundbar alternative from Orb Audio includes Booster Mini Amp with remote control featuring proprietary Dialogue Enhance function (amp dimensions 5”x3.5”x1.5”). These will enable to connect PS4 to speakers. If you’ve ever wondered can you connect bluetooth speakers to PS4, then the answer to that is yes, and it is possible with the Orb speakers right here.

Other important things to note

One pair of Orb Audio Mod1X Speakers (each speaker 4.25”x4.25”x4.5”), one Orb Audio subMINI Powered Subwoofer (9”x9”x9”) and all necessary wires to connect the speakers, subwoofer, and amp to your digital (optical) AV source.

More Sound Less Bar! Soundbars are all about convenience, but they fall woefully short when it comes to performance, imaging and sound quality. The BOOSTER1 from Orb Audio changes all of that – enjoy crisp, detailed sound with tight, snappy bass in a tiny, décor friendly package. Certain to satisfy the most discerning audiophile AND the most demanding decorator.

Doubles as audio grade stereo system for music listening, transparent stage for sound and imagination is brilliant. The BOOSTER1 features the same speakers found in Orb Audio’s high-end surround sound and stereo systems. All Orb Audio systems provide the best foundation for the sound system.

Dynamic, lifelike, Dialogue Enhance mode increases clarity and definition for dialogue and voices. Clarity they provide got not match. They amplify the sound and give ease to your hearing system. If you’re looking to connect speakers to PS4, then these are definitely a great match for you.

YUMI Premium Powered Bookshelf Speakers

Experience high-quality sound and a setup without a mess are definitely with YUMI Premium Powered Bookshelf Speakers. These hand-built acoustic wood cabinet speakers let you enjoy the streaming without the use pf any wires.

They have a variety of features components including five input options; these bookshelf speakers let you connect wirelessly to your smartphone or MP3 player via Bluetooth. A USB power port allows you to charge and connect and can enjoy the music with the option of subwoofer involved. These are PS4 USB speakers.

Because of its powerful Class A/B amplifier, these speakers are suitable for listening any music. Altogether, this system delivers an intense sonic experience. Without distortion while you listen to your favorite playlist.

Premium Connectivity

Avoid the mess of wires and cables disturbing your speaker setup. These hand-built acoustic wood cabinet speakers.Connect your smartphone or MP3 player from afar without having to sacrifice sound quality.

Bold and detailed sound

YUMI speakers are suitable for listening to anything from MP3s to vinyl records.Their 5” composite drivers and 1” silk speakers let you enjoy clear highs, a smooth mid-range, and deep bass even with the volume cranked up.

Flexible input options

Packed with useful components, these bookshelf speakers feature five input options with various levels of adjustment. Easily connect to your PC or smartphone with Bluetooth. A subwoofer output included. Additionally, a USB power port allows you to charge your device while listening to music

Sophisticated design

YUMI bookshelf speakers featured clean and designed in a way to complement to compliment any room. They are available in 9 colors: Matte Black, Matte Gray, Matte White, Gloss White, Gloss Red, Gloss Purple, Gloss Gray, Gloss Blue, and Gloss Black. Each speaker is 6.9” wide x 8.1” deep x 10.7” tall, allowing them to fit on a cabinet or shelf quickly.


From installation to device connectivity, these are easy to use, easy to handle.The included remote control allows you to adjust input, volume, and tone. YUMI comes with a power cord, speaker wire, an RCA-mini jack cable, rubber feet, and a user manual.


What it built in .1?

The “.1” is the subwoofer. In addition to the actual speakers, there are usually other small subwoofers to help carry the low frequencies of the audio spectrum that are not covered by the smaller speakers.

What is Dolby Atmos?

Dolby Atmos is a blend between the existing channel-based system. And the more familiar channel-based systems that have been the staple of movie theaters for decades. In addition to the regular speaker channels, there is the introduction also of object-oriented.

A sound of a helicopter included with the soundtrack and coordinates are attached to the music. In this way, the audio processor knows where the sound should be at different times in the auditorium and the Atmos logic determines how it should be blended with other audible sounds to produce a mixture of different sounds.

What are 3D sounds?

Mono sound is point sound; the source is a single origin, with no axis to move along. Stereo introduces 1D sound. It is possible to move the music along the axis. That connects the two speakers (that are behind a screen in a cinema). Surround sound is 2D sound because although the sound is all around the audience, it is still only in a single plane. Although the speakers at different heights around the auditorium.

To allow for the sloped seating, PS4 speakers are not stacked so that two speakers are above/below each other. 3D sound (like Dolby Atmos and Barco Auro) introduce 3D sound to cinemas by adding speakers above, below, and suspended from the ceiling, with the configuration depending on the exact system and auditorium. Now it is possible to move sounds outside of the 2D plane of traditional surround.


Ps4 speakers as we all can see are in wide range and have best features to game. These features are not only helping us to enjoy the gaming, but giving a sleek to the area we have settled them. The features including Bluetooth, subwoofers, wireless audio systems and what not. These are not only making are game exciting but enhancing are audiovisual quality. After all these, we concluded that we should buy one of these speakers to give a sleek to our room, ergo, to enjoy the gaming session also.



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