A Guide to Find the Best Xbox One Earbuds

13 May 2017

From day to day, the development of the industry and the users of the game very pleasant increase. A variety of additional tools is installed and used for giving satisfaction when playing the game.

One of the methods he used is the Xbox one earbuds. Device Intro/what are these earbuds is one Xbox enhancements for use when playing games. This function installs or like a headset that produces sounds and can do a voice command. With the Xbox one these ear buds, the gameplay becomes more fun with sounds generated with clear and distinct.

For the gamers, the device the Xbox one these earbuds are essential to use because these devices can produce sounds in the game. Will be so unusual and is not complete when the device is not used for ethics play the game because it is not complete if it feels like playing a game with a beautiful visual and exciting story but do not produce a sound that can hear. Some games made a much-needed attention by listening to the voice inside, the sounds generated by voice commands or can oppose to that approach to conducting attacks against you.

In any game requiring the player interaction, the interaction may be a communication between players, and to communicate with sure then much-needed enhancements in the form of the mic, the mic is typically already also in the Xbox one earphones, so you can play a full game without being hampered by communication.

The majority of gamers usually always want to use a variety of devices with the best quality because with the utilization of the equipment tested quality then any gameplay will continue smoothly with can complete various missions in the game. To get the best quality from the Xbox one earpiece, then they Hudak will be placed to pay a high price.

Different styles of Xbox one earbuds

With cable

The use of ear buds for gaming is indeed very necessary; some gamers prefer earbuds that use cables because they assume that by using the Xbox one earbud contained wires, and then there will be busy with the configuration of the connection when it plays. The advantage of using the ear buds have this cable simple enough just by connecting the connector ear bud on the adapter. If there are games when playing connect disorder, then to look for any resulting damage is easy, that it is enough to check the cable and the connector only if plugged in correctly or not.

When the manifest to use the Xbox one cable with earbuds, there are a few things to note are:

Required intelligent in selecting material wire, because when playing games, particularly a stressful match, the body will move more actively. If the cable material is choosing gamers krang’s fine when suddenly the reflex movements’ jump or shock cord feared will be disconnected, so from that prospective users demanded a smart to choose the material.

Note the cable length, if indeed you are a person who actively moves when playing games and more like the earbuds wires, for the solution, you can choose the ear buds with the cable is long enough so that this can not affect your actual motion while playing the game. With a long cable, too, then it will make the condition of the cables more durable because the cable not always stretched tightly.

Without cable

Based on connectivity, this is an ear bud the Xbox one ear buds that don’t use cables at all when used. So that the ear buds can function properly, to do some configuration steps in advance That is the best solution for very active gamers move the motion because you will not Restrict by cables that may be wrapped around the body if not carefully. To substitute for a cable connection, or some ear buds used the Bluetooth connectivity using gamer. Power supply for ear buds, some brand using rechargeable batteries in rechargeable with charger Melaka.

And when choosing this type of ear buds, so some things need special attention when selecting it, and this aspect is:

The power to reach into the very thing that needs to considered for the more you move freely, lest you buy the Xbox one wireless ear buds but power range is minuscule, and it just makes wireless products useless since not functioning optimally. So check in advance how far outreach of an ear bud.

Capacity and thickness, the battery has become such an important thing to know before buying the Xbox one earbuds. Of course, you don’t want to experience the events while being absorbed playing games, but the batteries are exhausted and need to know the Chargers do in refilling. To avoid this when going to buy or ask information on the capacity of the battery in your ear buds and also request information about how long these ear buds do you survive when used to play games, do not know for quite a while.

Need not be denied if the design of an object can affect the performance and the ease of an object when used. And if seen regarding how it looks, then the Xbox one these ear buds have different types of attractive models to be used, and of the many types of used then it can be grouped as follows:

Earbuds that have ear hook

By using the earbuds for Xbox one that have ear hook make will create more convenience when using the earbuds to play games in a long time. This ear hook also serves to keep the ear buds not easy to fall and will continue to stick to the ear with a right pad.

The earbuds have no ear hook

The best earbuds for Xbox one that don’t have any ear hook remain a favorite partly gamer. Although there is no ear hook, these ear buds can survive ear well as long as you wear with the position and the right way. With the use and the correct installation of any goods, will stick with a good and well optimized and well.

Factors to consider when purchasing an Xbox one earbuds

When want to buy anything, so a lot of factors to consider for you as a buyer did not feel disappointed with your choice of products. Including also when buying earbuds that work with Xbox one, of course, there are a few factors that must consider for the earbuds that you buy by the expectations envisioned. The following are some factors to watch out for when purchasing products of the Xbox one earbuds:


This microphone can be the things to consider when buying the Xbox earphones, and this rating on the games you play. Does the game demand communication using a voice that indeed must record by a microphone or the game played is not requiring you to conduct voice communications? By looking at it, then you can decide for yourself what kind of earbuds one box that you need and suitable for use. If you do not to need a mic while playing a game, it is not recommended to buy ear buds have a microphone because the ear buds that come with microphones have the prices tend to be more expensive. And take your pick from the beginning when going to buy Xbox one ear buds.


When talking about fidelity, then it is much related to the clarity and lucidity of sound generated by the Xbox one ear buds. To get the ear buds that can look with sparkling crystal clear and then select the frequency accurately.

Design for comfort

On any merchandise, convenience items, one of which can measure with the design of the thing itself. And when you are going to buy Xbox one designer choose the ear buds are most comfortable when you use, because a gamer always plays games in quite a long time so it became a major factor that must consider. Who knows the comfort of usage of course yourself? Do not always follow the trend of the design of the latest model if it makes you uncomfortable when wearing it. For example, when you select the ear buds have hook telling or who do not have the ear hook. Your choice designated with a comeback.

With a cable or wirelessly

It is also related to the comfort that fish desired by the user. That is not a matter of new or old trend. That can adjust with the motion of your body as a gamer.

If you are a very active type of player moves or soft gamer you must indeed want to have wireless ear buds, but if your motion is not very active, you can also choose the ear buds to have cable, however, note the cable long on ear buds, so you want to have your space and your comfort when playing games will be more secure and make you able to accomplish or conquer game with an incredible way.


After reviewing many of the things that are becoming an important factor to look for, then now is your deciding factor, namely the price. Often that price becomes a benchmark an item or product. Many people assume that more expensive hag amok goods obtained will be increasingly useful. But it was not entirely accurate, if you want to get the Xbox one ear buds with good quality, then you should have a good ability to select according to your needs. Do not buy Xbox one compatible earbuds with a very high price but such items will not used correctly and at maximum, then from that, you are required to choose an original stuff.

Looking for some reference prices from various sources the pun is critical. You can now compare it with ease because now many sites that contain various price comparison of some of the same product or a similar product.

If you want the best quality of the Xbox one ear buds, then feel free to spend money on great kebab because the quality of any given very worth the money paid for the sake of a nominal KE nye Manan and smooth when you play your favorite games.

That’s some important factor you should look when it is about to buy the Xbox one ear buds. Having regard to the factors that will increase your knowledge of when to recognize one product Xbox ear buds that are on the market. With this in mind, then you will avoid the risk of disappointment because the product that you bought with hard-earned was not by your expectations before.

Best Xbox one ear buds brands

When you want to buy Best Xbox one ear buds brands, of course, you want to know what is the best brand is excellent to purchase. Sure on everyone, this is different – different, depending on the tastes and level of matches. The point is that the Best the Xbox one ear buds brands are a brand that is most suitable and most comfortable when URdigunakan.dan the following are the Best Xbox one ear buds brands according to the author:


This brand is the best brand According to the product with a product that is my ear buds. No doubt if it has the best quality brand with a broad range of products it offers. This brand also offers the best quality ear buds and with different advantages. So the product the product of this brand being the most overt product used by many among the profession of music.

The product has produced quality ear buds that are no doubt being able to muffle the noise very well, this noise the cancellation of the feature can serve appropriate hardpan, so sure comes out or the resulting sound ever so distinct and clear. Sold at a price that is very friendly, so that adds to the popularity of this product.

After and knowing Best Xbox one ear buds brands, it would be better if you know a short dry review also a wide range of goods the Xbox one wireless earpiece I have ever tried before. The following are some of the brands I’ve tried:

Shure E3g Gaming Edition Sound Isolating Earphones

No need to doubt because of the wide range of product from the brand is used by many professional musicians worldwide, so the quality of this brand has been very guaranteed right. This brand of Shore ear buds have a wideband technology micro driver, with this method you can get sound with a very high range with high precision can block from Keb isis Ngan outside. By having a light weight, the product is very comfortable to use. The earphone is comfortable to use in gaming activities, including when gaming solar with incredible noise levels. And it is not too worried about because you will still hear sound from the game with great detail and this accomplished ear buds to block noise from the outside. By using ear buds also users can perform the cancellation of noise so that the noise eliminated though not completely lost.

When will wear the earphone is users need to clean out the ear, and the earphone prior pabulum this is aimed at maintaining the health of the ear as an organ is essential for hearing.

The sound that is produced by this great ear buds just according to me has a bass that is weaker than ear buds that I had before. And about the price of this product I found it a bit expensive because it does not comply with the quality that I get, but overall, I quite liked the Shure E3g Gaming Edition Sound Isolating Earphones for Portable Gaming Devices.

Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones 20i

The device has audio performance that is very enjoyable and satisfying its users because it comes with exclusive Bose technology. Have the fashion aware, so you will realize what you have a sound environment without interfering with sear other sounds out of this device.

These are earbuds all around the best I wear; it is suitable also for use a day o with the music player or portable for gaming in quite a long time. These ear buds also have the ability to drown out the noise in the environment, so that it can produce sound with clear and lucid. The device is also very mild when affixed to the ears; it will not make telling sore due to rapid wear ear buds is a full day. The muted noise was exquisite, like the sound of the cry of the baby that I think loud enough sound became muffled well although not entirely.

Talk about the convenience of this device I like it because it is very comfortable ear buds for use although in quite a long time. The tip of this material the Silicone ear buds so very sellout touch my ear. So the convenience that I felt was wearing ear buds. This device became one of my favorite tools, and I recommend for you to use as well, as this product give satisfaction for the wearer.

The PLAY Earphones (Black)

These are earbuds with a design that can stick to 64ba uric durable on the ear. However I feel that the design is not very suitable for my ears, even though Dean is unique, but it is fewer earbuds provide comfort against my ear.

The sound quality produced from these ear buds is fairly standard but are on a high, midbass provided was not so satisfied me because is still minuscule or even no taste if the ear buds do not affix properly on your ears.

Coupled with a relatively thin wire connector which is input directly the opposite elbow. And you have to be very carefully when using these devices because the cord is very stiff and when label it a bit, then the sound quality’s distracted or even missing. So these earbobs will be discarded quickly. The price of this device is very high because it is incompatible with the conditions that I get in this product. It is device an excellent device, just that this device has a fatal mistake and if they question to me whether to buy it and use it again? Then I will answer no, and this method is also not recommended to you. But if you’re curious about this product then buy and create a review also does the same with me or is not the same.

Sennheiser CX 500 In-Ear Headphones

Make sure if you buy the original devices through a trusted dealer because there were several items in the market a clone of this brand. If you still doubt it will be better if the track is checking in advance when it will make a purchase.

This device is a device that is very great and beautiful when I use. The device is also extremely comfortable when used in quite a long time including when gaming a full day. The device is also able to block voice of noise from the surrounding environment and can make noise cancellation. These products have a size that is small and very light when in use and avoid getting ear pressure resulting from the device.

So far, I so love and satisfied with what is provided by this instrument. The device has other advantages in the form of full frequency response especially for the sound of the top of the line. There is peyote a safe and comfortable volume; it seems there are ear adapters with superior enhanced with various sizes like size S, M and L size. This device is very convenient to use anywhere and is suitable for all other music player devices such as MP3, CD, and portable gaming systems.

I am very impressed with this device so that I have to give a great value to all the advantages gained from this instrument. And I highly recommend it once this device for your use. Price is very friendly, so I grew to love this device.

Frequently Asked Questions

In using a product, of course not always smoothly because they are machines that created human beings with limited. In some condition probably will make the Xbox one earbobs is not working properly. When it happens, there may be some things that make you want to ask someone about how to fix it a PDA. Here is the damage that often occurs and how to handle:

Can one use the XBOX controller to another?

If you are thinking to use the XBox controller, then you will be a little disappointed Because the Xbox this one is only suitable for use with the wireless controller.

Achievements Xbox 360 when in too over-complicate?

That is good news for the owners of the Xbox 360 because it claims to be able to open the new content in the next generation consoles. Powered by the cloud, Microsoft adding achievements to a non-gaming content, so if you use a particular streaming service for quite an extended period.


As good as any product, in the end, we will find gaps lack influential, including game consoles that are quite popular among the player’s game.

It was some of our reviews on the Xbox that hopefully can give significant benefits to lovers of this game console; we do not guarantee the information that we provide do not change, you are advised to seek other sources to corroborate the information that we present to you.



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