Find the Best Xbox One Speakers

22 May 2017

In the video gaming world most of players love to use Xbox one. Over the years Xbox one has taken the top place in the list of gaming consoles. Gamers around the world not only love to play games on Xbox one but also they love the sound of the different games that are within the game. For that reasons gamers round the world love to get headsets that will go nicely with their Xbox one. Unlike those, who will love to have a headset, there are players who would love to hear the sound on a separate audio device. For that reasons it is necessary to understand how you can work with the Xbox one speaker.

Well, if you are one of those who would prefer not to use a headset, then you need to know one very important thing. You cannot connect any sound system that will support 3.5 mm cable. This is because of the fact that Xbox one itself does not support any 3.5 cable to get it connected with any device. To connect Xbox one to an audio device you will need to buy an external audio device. This device might be sound bar, might be a HDMI receiver, or a TV that will support HDMI cable, using these you can plug in your Xbox one and thus you can enjoy the sound of the game on those devices.

Types of Xbox One Speakers

Since there is no such speaker available in the market that you can connect with the Xbox directly so you will need to look for Xbox one bluetooth speakers that will be supporting some sort of system using which you will be able to connect it to your Xbox. Depending on the connecting technology, you can categorize them a few:

USB Connection

These types of Xbox One speakers only support the USB connection. The audio device takes power from the USB device and also gets connected to any audio source which has USB connector. The Xbox one comes with a USB connector which you can use to connect the audio device and enjoy the music.

HDMI Connector

If you search in the market, there are plenty of devices available which supports the HDMI post. For example, you can always try for a TV that has an HDMI port and also comes within built speaker. Apart from that, you can also buy sound bar or surround system that will support the HDMI port. If you think none of these are available at your disposal, you can get an adapter that will convert the HDMI connection into an A/V connection and then you can connect it to any device you want.

Connector Adapter

This is the best thing to buy and use for your Xbox one. You can connect the adapter using the cable or the HDMI cable. The connector adapter will convert the HDMI connection to any kind of connection you want, obviously will depend on the kind of adapter you have.

Bluetooth Speaker

In today’s technology, everything is possible. With the advanced technology, Xbox One bluetooth speakers have become more advanced and now you can connect a speaker using Bluetooth from any corner of your room. With this same facility you can connect your Xbox one with your Bluetooth speaker and voila you can now hear your game sounds clear and loud even without the headsets.

Remote Controlled

Some of the speakers are controlled by remote. And you can surely say that is an added advantage for sure. Also you need to be sure that you can control your speakers from any corner of the room because unless you can control them with the remote, there is no point of buying them.

How to buy speakers for Xbox One?

While buying speakers for Xbox one, you need to be very careful and make sure you understand your needs.


Xbox one does not support any audio device, which will support 3.5 so it is necessary that you need to check whether the speaker you are looking to buy has the connectivity options using which you will be able to use with the Xbox. While buying, make sure to test the connectivity of the speaker with an Xbox otherwise you may have to face problem while connecting them yourself. If you do not purchase a high quality pair of Xbox One Speakers, you will find yourself Googling, “how to connect speakers to xbox one” in frustration.

Speaker quality

While buying a speaker for gaming purpose make sure that you are buying the best quality speaker. This is because the game you will play on Xbox will be intense and also the sound of the game will be very much important for you. The quality of the sound will thus matter a lot.

Price of the speaker

If you search in the market, you will see that the price of a speaker varies depending on different things. But you need consider 1 thing. If you are buying a speaker for all the uses, then you need to spend a bit of money to get the best but if your goal is to just play the video games and enjoy the Xbox sound, then you might not have to spend a lot. Also, for gaming you might not need a surround speaker as well.


This is another important aspect while buying a speaker for Xbox. You need to make sure that the speaker you are going to buy will provide you good performance, otherwise there is no point in buying that speaker. By the performance it means the sound quality, the lag, latency and also the kind of optimization it can provide according to the room. Also it is necessary to understand whether the control settings are good enough for the speaker or not.


This is another important aspect. Whenever you see gamer playing games with surround Xbox One speakers, you might think that, you also need one, but as a matter of fact, you need to know if you actually need the speakers. Most of the gamers will prefer the headset rather than a speaker. The sound of the speaker is lot more high rather than the head set but still they are really effective and you should really buy one of these.

Material and design

Design of a speaker is very important when it comes to the surround speakers. For the gaming purpose, surround speakers are the best to give you the feel of the game but if you are using a surround speaker, then the design will matter the most as you will need to choose the one that will suit your home décor.

Noise reduction

This is an important aspect if you are going to buy a gaming speaker. This is because, while playing an action game, you cannot miss a single sound and the sound clarity must be very high. Without proper noise reduction, you won’t be able to identify the noises in the game properly and hence you won’t be able to play well. This is basically a caution you need to take while buying a speaker for gaming purpose.


This is something can be only offered by the best in the market. Only the top brands will understand the need of clear high clarity sound for gamers. This is as important as it gets, so do check the clarity of the sound while buying your gaming speaker.

Acoustic Audio AA5170 Home Theater Speaker System


  • Power required: 700 Watt
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz to 20KHz
  • Can be connected with Bluetooth
  • You can use SD card, Mp3 Player, Flash drive and also enjoy music on FM.
  • For surround sound effect you have 5 different in and out channels
  • The speaker comes with magnetic shields and also the designs are really good and can go with any home décor.
  • You can just plug in any device and play music. No need to install any driver or software.
  • Apart from the Bluetooth it comes with a 3.5mm jack as well.


  • Very easy to get started with and setting it up is even easier.
  • All the required cable connectors are included in the package
  • The sound quality is great and the price is quite reasonable.
  • You can feel the bass hitting the 20Hz frequency
  • Can serve well with all sorts of connectors and connectivity options and can go with any audio device or game devices.
  • Comes with the facility to enjoy FM radio
  • You can control each and every speaker separately with the remote.
  • You can store songs form FM radio
  • The design is really sleek and modern


  • The cables included are a bit short.
  • There are no batteries, so unless you have power supply the system is dead.
  • If the Bluetooth gets disconnected, the automatic connection does not work always.
  • Volume level is good but maximum volume is only 30.
  • Volume can only go up to 30.
  • No customer support available for this product.
  • You cannot control the bass of the speakers. You need to control them from the device you are using.
  • If there is any problem with the device, you cannot fix it yourself as there is no troubleshooting guide.

Arion Legacy AR504LR-BK 2.1 Speaker System with Subwoofer & Remote


  • This speaker is really good to use in the home or small offices.
  • You can use this speaker with any PC, laptop, mobile device or TV using the cable. You can also use it with the game consoles using adapter or 3.5 mm cable.
  • You can control the treble, bass and volume with the help of remote control. Also the ELD display helps you to notice the volume and other settings as well.
  • The speakers are 70 watt and it comes with 4 woofers, 1 remote control and 1 subwoofer.
  • The speakers are made of MDF that provides enhanced sound quality.
  • Comes with 1 year warranty
  • The sound frequency can range up to 20KHz.
  • The distortion level is also very low.
  • The vibration of the speakers is also limited.


  • High quality sound

With the surround sound capability, this speaker comes with a frequency range that can be really amazing. The range of the sound enhances the sound quality and clarity as well. They also come with a guide telling how to hook up speakers to Xbox One.

  • The construction

The speakers are mainly made of woods. This gives them a tight design and makes sure that the signal loss is really low with the low distortion level.  The quality is of the sound is rich, natural and accurate too,

  • Easy to use

With the audio jack provided with this device, you can easily use this speaker with any device you want. You can connect it with any TV, laptop, PC or other devices directly. Also you can connect it with the Xbox with an adapter. You can rely on your speaker about the quality of the sound irrespective of the source you are using. What you need to do is, just connect it, and sit back to enjoy the music or the enhanced gaming experience.


If you go through the online reviews of this product, you will see that there are plenty of negative reviews as well. But they are personal experience basically and you may over look them for sure but still you may want to have a look at them:

  • Some has experienced problem with the speakers. They found out that the wires were broken completely.
  • For some the audio did not play well
  • For some the audio did not sync well with the game when they tried to use it for the game console.

AVerMedia Ballista Unity Gaming Speakers


  • Designed to support the gaming audios and you can configure them accordingly as well.
  • Comes with no distortion and high bass and clear audio that will give you the best gaming experience
  • The speakers are really powerful: 40 watt.
  • 4” Subwoofer with the dynamic bass that can enhance your sound quality and clarity as well.
  • The control box is there for easy use. You can access the volume, power and the headphone cable and control the bass as well.
  • The speakers can be mounted
  • It supports 3.5mm cable and RCA as well. You can just connect the device and play music.
  • Support multiple platforms: Xbox, PC, laptop, smartphone, Wii, TV, tablet and many more. Basically any kind of audio source you can use and enjoy the sound quality.


  • The sound quality and the depth is just good enough to match any kind of game.
  • The powerful speaker and woofer creates the perfect environment for the gaming.
  • The LED lights are well set with the speakers to highlight them in the dark rooms
  • Multiple input channels allow you to connect multiple devices with the speaker and enjoy the music from different source as and when you need them.


  • The design is not really for the general audience rather more for the gamers
  • Although there are multiple input ports, but still you cannot use them all at once. You can only use one at a time.
  • There is no protection for the speakers included in the package, so it will be better if you can get one for your speakers.

Logitech Z506 Surround Sound Home Theater Speaker System


  • With a deep, booming and clean bass, this speaker is really good to give you a theater like feel in the home.
  • The 5.1 surround quality sound with 3D stereo effect is just the thing you need while gaming.
  • With multiple options to connect source device you can easily connect any PC, iPod, consoles and DVD player as well.
  • The sound is good enough to match the room size. The speaker has a bass control that you can use to level the bass own or up as required.


  • Easy to set the system and use as well.
  • Inexpensive
  • Color coded cables included for the better understanding of the manual
  • Sound quality is just awesome.
  • You can connect any music device you want, Even you can connect gaming consoles to enjoy the gaming sounds.
  • The audio is very much clear and with the high clarity audio the bass is really good.
  • Durable and long lasting as well.
  • The design is great and can be set on your desk or in the living room as well


  • The speaker comes with no wall mounting capabilities, so you can only keep them on your desk or you will need to use a platform to keep them high on the wall.
  • The inputs are only analog. No digital input is possible directly. You can use a digital to analog converter to use the digital source of music with this speaker.

Theater Solutions by Goldwood 2.1 Speaker System


  • Power: 300 watt
  • Frequency: 40Hz to 20 KHz
  • Audio amplifier included and comes with magnetic shield
  • You can use SD card or any USB connector. Comes with bass control and rear treble options. Then design is really good. You can control the sound and bass with remote control. The design is suitable for any kind of room.
  • Cables required are all included, you just need to join them. You can also plug in portable devices and listen to the music as well.
  • You can play music on TV, PC, laptop, DVD player and enjoy the lovely sound. You can also enjoy the movies as well. You can connect to the mobile devices and gaming consoles from music and gaming experience.


  • Comes with built in USB / SD port. This enables you to listen to the music or enjoy movies any time you want.
  • You can control the treble, bass and the EQ to customize the sound. The bass control makes sure you do not have to worry about the bommy sound in the room.
  • The clear sound lets you play game like the way you want
  • With the remote control you can change the volume of the speaker as well.


  • Even though gamers have been happy with this speaker but still there are some problems found with this speaker:
  • Well, the material used is not really good or worthy of the price.
  • Some of the speakers stopped working after some days
  • The buzzing sound even if you are not playing any music is really annoying at times. This might be due to magnetic distortion.
  • The remote control is not of the highest quality. It may not work from any corner of the room even in some cases from the close ranges.

Brands those are popular for Xbox speakers


One of the leading brands in the tech field. From the headsets to Xbox One external speakers, Logitech provides all that you need. Not only quality sound but also quality of the product is assured.


The 2nd name on the list of best speakers for Xbox One. Along with quality sound, these Xbox One USB speakers give you proper clarity as well which is really necessary when it comes to the gaming speakers.


Bose has been a brilliant brand in the field of speakers and when it come to the gaming speakers you cannot get better than this. Quality, design, price, all that you need on your side when you decide to buy a speaker.


Another brand that has lot of fan followers in the field of gaming Xbox One to bluetooth speakers. The gamers have loved the experience and they have never to went for any other brand.


Mediocre price range but offers the best quality when compared to the similar type of products. These speakers can be long lasting and durable too.

Cyber Acoustics

Another name which is really famous amongst the gamers. The sound is just awesome and the bass level is just perfect to give you the feel of the game.


Latest edition in the long list of gaming speakers. These are one of the best in the market and have the quality to go head to head with the other leading brands. Comes at an affordable price and are compatible with any brand of console for sure. You can trust this brand for sure.


  • Is there any Specific Gaming speaker available?

No, there is no specific speaker for gamers available. You can use your own speakers with a little bit of tweaking or may be some additional accessories.

  • Which is the best gaming speaker?

There are plenty of them but depending on the features and your need you will need to choose the best.

  • Can I use my Sound bar as a gaming speaker?

Yes! You can! But you will need to check whether it will support the optical cable or HDMI port.

  • Are gaming speakers costly?

Well, not really! The range of price available in the market is quite low, but you cannot just buy anything so, you might need to have a certain budget if you want to enjoy the gaming experience on a speaker.

  • Brand or price?

That will depend on your need definitely. You will need to understand whether you will love the brand or you need to cut down the price of the gaming speaker. If you do not have any brand fascination then you can just choose any of the available brands with good sound quality and clarity.

  • How to connect Xbox One to speakers

Unless you have good quality connectivity you cannot buy any speaker that you want to connect to your Xbox one. You need to be sure that the speaker can be connected with not only traditional cables but also HDMI port and cable adapters. So, whenever you decide to buy a particular speaker, make sure to test it before you take it.


So, now that you know about the speakers you can use for the Xbox, you must be thinking about buying one. Well, all said and done, take good care while buying a speaker for your Xbox one. You need to remember each and every point you need to check before you choose a particular speaker and more importantly check with the connectivity part so that you do not have to go through the hassle of changing items.

Once you realize the fact about the speakers you can choose and those you can’t you might want to put some brand name on it. Be careful while going for a brand name, it might cost you more than you can imagine. So the best thing for you will be to go through several brands, compare prices and then only choose the one that will suit all the parameters as well. Also the last note will be to decide whether you really need a speaker that will fill the house with the sound of firing or you will be good with the headset.

Once you have decided then only go out there and search for the one that you will love to buy.



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