Buying Guide for the Best PS4 Headphones

23 May 2017

The PlayStation is a line of home video games that is hosted by one of the famous brands in the world called as Sony Interactive Entertainment. It has been a series of PlayStation that is being launched one after the another and has been one of the most successful series in the market. People love to play them at their home, as on the weekends sometimes they do not like to move out in the market.

The PlayStations are one of the best in playing them and have maintained their dominance in the industry for a long time. The play stations can be bought online from many platforms and their installation is also quite easy, as you do not need to fix up lots of things, you just need to go through the instructions on the box and here you are with your favorite PlayStation.

The game involves lots of accessories to be attached to them that ranges from the wireless controller, adapter, and headsets. You can buy them with the PlayStation too, or you can order them in different packages from the other service providers as well. In this article, we have stressed on the PS4 gaming headphones, that should be used and the reviews of various types of headphones in the similar line are also described in the article. Let’s go ahead and start with the introduction of one the PS4 accessories and that is the headphones.

Getting into PS4 Headphones

Once you are looking forward to having the PS4 accessories like headphones with you, then there should be some parameters that you can decide upon that why you want them and the purpose they will serve you. The PS4, headsets have been one of the amazing parts of the accessories and plays a very crucial role in making you feel the game in its deepest form. The headphones that work with PS4 take you to another world, where you will not be able to hear any sound but just the games one.

Additional insight

The headphones are best known to serve you with the quality driven product as if they will not be able to give you an experience that was better than before then why you should choose the. But apparently, the situation is not like this, as they are one of the best in their field and you should go for them and take your experience to the other level. The PS4 headset is an accessory that you can’t avoid too, as they are an excellent source for creating an environment around to make you feel that you are in the completely different world and the game is like real and you are defeating your enemies. So, be ready to experience the game in your nerves with the PS4 bluetooth headphones.

The PS4 headphones with mic can be attached to the console of the PS4 and here you are with the incredible audio and the other best part with no wires to interrupt you. These headphones derived their usability when you want to play 3D games, as for them you need to create a room and then the lightning and the effects, but the PS4 compatible headphones with mic solely can provide you the experience which is much better than the same. And you can feel the 3D experience by sitting back to your home only. So, this is the time when you need to switch to the best PS4 headphones so start investigating for the model today.

Different types of PS4 Headphones

There are many types of headphones that are available in the market, for the people and they have been one of the favorites for the players as well. Due to the kind of services that these products will offer you. The PS4 headphones are best in providing the effect that a want and with the games it is necessary that you should listen to even the whispers as there is lots of suspense involved. The headphones will take you to an entirely different place where you will face the real fight with your rivals and you can able to defeat your enemies with the best of your efforts. So, do have a look at the different features of the headphones, but choose the one that is using the upgraded technology only, as it will help you in the long run.

Different colors and frequencies

If you consider the types of headsets that are available then one of the types is the wireless and the wired one, Sony itself in the market for offering the headset and there are other players as well. They are available in different colors to choose upon as per your feasibility and in addition to the same, you can detach the microphone too, if not in use. The headset does come with a warranty of two years with the headphone and also you can ask for the technical support if you find any fault in the headset. This truly makes the headset as one of the best go accessories for the PlayStation.

The headset comes with a frequency of 5.8Hz wireless technologies and there are many options available for the user to choose upon one.  The headsets also have a system of adaptable audio, if you are using in PS4, that doesn’t mean that they will be equipped for PS4 only, they can be used in PS3 too. They are quite comfortable to wear and designed like they have underlining padding for your ears and can work continuously for long hours with them. Once you decide to buy them out, then do look for the best PS4 headphone for your PlayStation, as it will be an expensive venture for you, so choose the one that will be able to fit in your PlayStation well and you can use them for long hours too.

Things to consider when purchasing PS4 Headphones

The PS4 headsets can be chosen while considering any of these parameters that we have described below:

Stylish and Comfortable features

The headphones with mic for PS4 are used for long hours so you should consider the factors that some of them are using the inner pads to comfort you, while others have swapped the faceplates or have installed the removable faceplates for the stylish looks. The cushions on the ear cups will definitely make you comfortable, but they should have a tight grip too.

Perfect Audio modes

You can download the custom audio modes for you, with the applications and can enjoy the music. The audio is one of the best parts that you should consider for enjoying the games. The audio should be supportive to 3D sounds and the degree of virtual sounds too. The surrounding sound should not come inside the headset and you will feel that you are at the gaming destination itself.

Wired and non-wired headset

The preference for the headset is based on individual mode, you should know that which one will suit you better, with the time most of the people wants to use the wireless one, as they do not want to waste their time in entangling the wire on a daily basis, while for others the wired one is the best to use for playing the game.

The order of preference differs from person to person so you need to check that which one will really suit you well. So, prioritize your requirement, then go forward to have one for yourself.

PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset

A wireless PlayStation headset that can be used to play the music for long hours. The advanced Mic attached to the headset can be used to cancel the outside noise that is distracting you from playing the game forward. The users really like the audio of the same as they are very much good to go, the slim size makes them good to go with the PlayStation. Yes, they are light weighted headset and wireless too, so it will be the definitely one of the convenient headsets to be used by you.

The setup is quite quick and doesn’t need hours to go through the same, the next best feature is their battery life that is again one of the added features as they last quite long. As per the users, the headset is great to buy and but they lack the adjustment of volume to go for. If you want a comfortable headset, then they are quite good to go, as they create pressure on the ears for the loudness of sound, but you will not face any kind of issue while prolonged hours with the game.

You can ask the company to ship the item only in the United States, as they do not do the delivery anywhere else. The headset is the life of the PlayStation, so once you look for the headset that is comprised of everything, then you can have a look at them, for your PlayStation. You can order them online too and can have FUN all time.

Astro Gaming A40 headset + Mixamp M80 Light Grey

Once you are looking for the headset for your  bluetooth headphones to PS4 game, please fix in your mind that you are not looking for a headset to watch movies and music, as they have the different role to play for you. Their super crisp audio and their lightness are liked by everyone, they will not be making you uncomfortable while you use them. They are quite an expensive headphone so does think about them twice before you place your order and do take care of them while they are with you at home too. With these headsets, the audio is crystal clear and you can even test them on your best headphones for PS4, as with them you can even hear the slightest noise and in all the cases it will help you in playing the game at your best.

They also have the custom tags for you to personalize them as per your requirement. You can also buy the tags through the e-commerce websites like Amazon, it will help you in making the best of your decision for them. The tags are one of the features that you should see once you finalize on any headsets as it helps in making them customized as per your preference. According to the users for chatting they love the balancing feature of the product and it’s a convenient volume wheel that definitely helps you in making one of the best choices in the industry. If you are not looking for buying out the Astro mix amp, then they have just a single model for you to offer you. So, they have this limitation attached so look for the headset for you. These are incredible headphones that work with PS4.

LucidSound LS40 Premium Wireless Gaming Headset

The headset works best with the PlayStations and the mobile phones as well, the long battery life of 15 hours attached this undoubtedly gives a boom to the headset, as this is one of the amazing pieces of an audio to remember. As this will definitely help you in getting the one that you are aspiring from long.

The Mic monitoring is an additional feature with the headset, as there is a removable Mic that you can use for online chatting and there is an integrated Mic for calls and online gaming. The feature of Mic monitoring lets you hear your own voice so now you do not need to shout while gaming and playing the games. The headset can be used to make calls, answer the calls, play music, pause and change the tracks too. This headset eliminates the requirement of multiple headsets at home, as it behaves as a stop for all.

The headset users are amazed through its looks, color, and more importantly its voice. The set-up is not too easy and tough too, so you do not need to worry about the same at all. Most of them have reviewed them as one of the best headphones for PS4 and the kind of color band mixing red and black adds look to the headset too. The headset is made up of solid metal and that is enough to make it one of the best in the room of gaming. They look amazing, fantastic audio, comfortable gesture for ears, what else you want from any headset.

Tritton 720+ 7.1 Surround Headset

The headset is powered by Dolby Headphone Technology use to take care of the sound features for 3D, directional and make it one of the best to use in playing the games. The headset comes with the flexible Mic which can be removed if you do not want to use at any given point of time.

Neodymium drivers are used in commercial headsets and these ear cups powered by them for the rich bass and undistorted sounds. There are times when you like to watch the movie or listen to the music and your microphone always get in the way, so here it is allowed that you can take them off and can continue to work as before. The headset comes with an easy setup guide for you so that you can do the setup at your ease with your PlayStation and can give your gaming experience a new twist too.

According to the users, the headset is a must buy for the people and will definitely make its way to the top stream headsets due to the quality music it offers. The 3D games can be best played with them and the users like them as they can be used quite feasibly with their mobiles as well.

The voice controller feature of the headset, which you can turn down the volume of the rival as it is hindering your games will be a fantastic feature to be added in your game. The headsets are designed by keeping the comfortability of the users in mind, nicely padded ear cups will definitely give you a kick while playing the game.

SteelSeries Siberia 200 Gaming Headset

Light weighted headphones have one of the features that nobody in the same league has and their low and high mode of sound make them stand aloof in the crowd of the headset. The padded ear cups make them easy to be heard by the users and are quite comfortable to hear the music for prolonged hours too. According to the users, the audio quality of the headphones is one of the best in the market and some of them even as if that they haven’t listened to such a perfect sound in the market till now too.  Although some of them have issues with the machinery while in any headset one of the ear cups is only working, but when it happened, you can look forward to returning them, as it is a technical issue and can be caused to any headsets.

The Siberia brand is in the music industry, from quite a long time and have been providing the satisfactory performances to their clients for a long time. This time with these headsets they have come to the best of their technology that is integrated into creating the audio. And they are looking forward to curbing the issues related to the body of the headsets too. For those people music is the only important aspect while selecting the headset, then it is definitely a good option and you do not need to worry about the machinery as if you received a wrong one you can readily opt for the refund and can get your headphones changed with time.

Best PS4 Headphones Brands

If we talk about some of the best headphones down the line, then we will consider that there are although many options in the market, but you need to explore the one that can be able to serve you for a longer period and you will not face any issue with them too. There are many brands that have gained the recognition with the time and have been in serving their clients with the best of the services. So, you do not need to worry about any issue related to your headset if you buy out a trustable brand from the market.

Some brands are in leagues of their own

In the league of the brands there are many like Siberia, Tritton, Sony, etc. And the interesting part is all of them are good with the music, but of course their feature and price differs, like if you will be going for one of them, then you need to know that, are they worthy of the price they are offering as they are the popular brands then maybe you can look for the discounted ones at times. Some people only prefer wireless, so before ordering do have a look at the same that, are they providing the wireless ones to you or not. So, there are different features that you need to take care before you make your purchase.

The Astro brand also has good valued bluetooth headphones for PS4, and they have a good market value with the trusted brand. Sony itself in the market to drag the traffic to the brand so that you do not think of anything else rather than PS4 with the accessories from the service provider only. You need to make a comparison before you think to buy out one for yourself, as it is very crucial for you to get in touch with the right brand that can serve you with its best features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do the headphones come with a warranty attached?

A: Yes, they do, but when you look forward to buying them out do check the same with the manufacturer to have a clear picture in front of you, before buying them out.

Q: Does the PlayStation headset works well with the mobile supported devices and in other games as well?

A: Yes, they can if they are supporting the PlayStation that means they can be sued for other games as well. And most of them can be used to play music and watch, movies, but have a check with the brand first as for some of them the features can differ too.

Q: Which one should be bought, a wired one or a wireless?

A: If any of them work great for you, then there is no harm in buying anyone out, but definitely wireless headsets are more comfortable to work with as you so not need to solve entangled puzzles on a daily basis and the other issues related to the wiring too.

Q: Are they have a sound card built in headsets?

A: Yes, all the varieties are available to choose upon, you can have the USB ones or analog one depending upon your choice you can select.

Q: You can setup them with your PC too?

A: Yes, the set up with the PC can be done, but you need to go through the instruction sin the manual and you will be able to integrate the same on your PC too. And they work absolutely fine with them.

Closing Note

The headphones compatible with PS4 are a really important accessory for you as with the game, it is really important to have looked upon before you buy. As due to stiff competition in the market, it becomes quite tough at times to choose the best one, but if you can prioritize your requirement then definitely you can have the best earphones for your game. If anyone of you is looking forward for the universal option that can take care of your mobile audio as well, then there are many gaming options that are available for you in the market that can serve you in the dual mode as well.

If you are having any headset requirement then you should first of all have a look at all the brands and their reviews online, it is not necessary that you purchase them, but online gives you the option to choose one of the best ones for you. The online platform act as a marketplace where you will find lots of options under one roof to go through, in all the cases it is the best one to choose upon. The Ps4 undoubtedly are one of the best in the gaming zone as they can give you the experience that you are longing for a long time in the gaming zone. The headset, especially the 3D one will be giving you the experience with music and it will give you the taste of the technology advancement too. So, let’s get yourself upgraded with the best headphones down the line.



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