A Guide to the Best Xbox One Wireless Headsets

09 May 2017

For gamer professionals, indeed they do not want to use the original x-box original derivation, they prefer to issue a more budget to get the best quality in the game, and they are always looking for the best one Xbox wireless headset.

By selecting the best one Xbox wireless headset, then the quality of the sound that heard from any game will look better and more clearly.  That is much needed when playing games or the war strategy that makes the conditioning plan for sneaking or spying, using the best Xbox one wireless headset, so the slightest sound will still b heard clearly.

Best Xbox one wireless headset is not just as an output device or devices that emit the sound only but also in the best Xbox one wireless headset mic there as input devices that you can use to communicate when playing games.

In addition to the quality of the input or output of a good voice, things to note and to consider for a best Xbox One wireless headset is the battery capacity. The difference is the case when using a headset. Usually, games need not worry about the power supply, but when deciding to choose the best Xbox wireless headset then choose one which has a significant battery capacity. With a large battery capacity, then its durability will also be increasingly old and not hamper and don’t make your game stalled.

Outreach one of the best Xbox wireless headsets also to note, if previously when you use the best wireless Xbox One headset the wires, you notice the length of the cord, so this time when you are going to buy the best one Xbox wireless headset.

Things to look out for when buying a headset

In buying any goods, of course, there are some things to look for in the acquisition.  With the growing popularity of the game, then some manufacturers of complementary accessories game increasingly completed bun to provide the best quality products. The meaning of the good stuff that’s not just because the item has good quality and latest output, but the right stuff is the stuff that can meet the needs of the wearer.  The following are some factors to consider getting best one Xbox wireless headset:

Microphone on the headset

When you are going to buy a wireless headset, think first whether you need the microphone feature or not, by purchasing a wireless headset for Xbox One have a microphone usually will only add to the burden of price alone. When you only play games that don’t require a receiver, then for what you buy it?

Wired or wireless

Choose to use a wireless headset is indeed widened a very nice solution for a gamer because it will still be able to move freely without the worry of cables will be lost. But consider again whether you need a wireless headset? If you play a game that is often not very active makes your body move, then use the headset with any cable is not a big problem.

Need to be taken into consideration as well when you choose to use wireless headphones then you have to accept the risk to do a battery charger regularly.

Stereo or surround?

It is also an important factor in the games you play, if only the games you play is not a game that needs a thoroughness of sound, then you are advised to select the surround.

However, if you prefer and more often play a game that requires precision sound and finds the position of the opponents based on sound, then the stereo is the best choice to make your voice to be more clear and sounded better.

Comfort of the headset

Comfort is the most important factor in buying any goods will be used. To get the comfort then you have to be clever to select material and suitability of products for parts of the body.

If users feel comfortable with the goods, then it will keep the item as it is to find things that are comfortable and the process requires time for adjustment.

Low distortion Rate

When selecting a headset, then this is a critical thing. Look for headphones that have low distortion levels. If it does not you do, then with a withdrawal on your device, the controllers only will aggravate the standard of distortion.

Battery life

Because the headset battery wireless to run well, then choose a headset that has the longest durability, so your game will continue to take place without constrained with the headset battery runs out.


A critical factor to note is fidelity; accuracy refers to the strength and clarity of sound that produced. Then of we suggest that you search the headset have highly accurate frequency response resulting in a sound that great.

Price of the headset

Of all the factors, then the last factor into determining a product is the price. There is a perception that the price will produce quality is good, and the opinion is not entirely correct. For a product that is of high quality, there is enough affordable shuttle prices are probably going to corresponding with your financial condition. Complementary features tau extra features usually become one factor causes the rising price of an item, including one for best Xbox wireless headset.

Another thing that needs to be done before buying stuff is to do research with checking the price and specifications that will obtain. Compare prices of any naturally become one of the best ways to get the right amount by the specification you’re looking.

To research about the product details and prices, you can now do it visit a particular website price comparison sites from which you will purchase.

Make sure that you pay attention to some of these factors so that you don’t feel cheated or not feel regret after buying an item. Do not let the stuff you bought with the price of costly unused even at all or even wasted and be a smart buyer.

Best Xbox one wireless headset brands

If you feel reference for you can find satisfactory yet, so here we will recommend some of the Best Xbox one wireless headset brands for smooth and your gaming satisfaction, the name includes:

If you feel reference you can find satisfactory yet, so here we will recommend some of the Best Xbox one wireless headset brands for smooth and your gaming satisfaction, the brand is:

Turtle Beach Wireless Ear Force Stealth 500X

Brand and the version we recommend to you is the best gaming headset for the Xbox game support the one you. In this headset you get many preset settings in the fiber of this headset, adjustments can make with any easy audio way. When you use the headset, you will hear sound highly qualified, to the sound of soft (survival or stealth) you can listen to it so apparently.  There are also many, i.e. to increase or equalize through setting up against frequency bass, treble as well as choose of other more classic again. Have 50 mm drivers, and this makes you very possible to get sound from the emphasis since the beginning. The products of this brand headset allow you to customization and voice identification.

Actually, in this version, many brands were released, but we highly recommend that you get the pro version features a very enjoyable and useful for you.  Another advantage of this brand is that this product has an excellent wireless capability, so not da tether is needed and also surround this will make a beautiful sound on your game feels so perfect, in fact, you can also download additional presets to get more options again.

With the price, of course, you are going to get the quality of matching the breathtaking.

Turtle Beach – Stealth 420X+ Wireless Headset

The main features that you will get are:

  • 100% wireless which makes you can move freely while using this headset
  • Hearing of the headset is superhuman so that I will know that there is an enemy that is approaching to assault.
  • The Mic plugged in the headset; it is also a beautiful thing because your mic allows for you to listen to your voice was heard from the headset.
  • Features independent game and chat volume control can make you feel very balanced when listening to audio games and audio chat.
  • Battery lasting up to 15 hours, with thickness, this battery then makes you more comfortable and resistant to play the game a day.

The headset requires some USB port that one can utilize as a wireless dongle, and the other can be used to do the charging. But the thing I like about less that the volume coming out of the headset did not have a small enough range for hearing me, I feel that the sound is coming out too loudly in my ears. But overall, it feels so satisfying when using this headset. So I would not hesitate to recommend for you to use as well. This may very well be the best wireless headset for Xbox One.

Steel Series Siberia X800 Wireless Gaming Headset

The feature contained in this wireless headset is in the form:

  • Have a surround sound technology for storylines, which sounds will be highly detail
  • Installed two Battery type Li-ion hot swappable so lets you can continue to fill your gameplay and not be restricted because the battery runs out
  • Speakers have driver version Steel series so that it produces a sound that is rich with a low-frequency blow
  • Can be used to make adjustments level chat and game volume very quickly via the controller.

My impression during the utilization of this headset is I reiterate that I so love this headset give two because comfort at once professional and also very classy audio convenience and this does not need to questioned again. As a user, I am increasingly satisfied because this headset installed two hot swappable battery for gameplay time will be longer and not be concerned with the battery will be exhausted. Many advantages that so captivated me in wearing this headset, i.e. the surround sound excellence that generates very detailed sound, have a good mic, to set any equalizer is very easy,

Long lasting battery, has a beautiful design and very comfortable though used very long or joined. Talking about its shortcomings, I have no shortage of that I feel when using the headset. And I highly recommend this headset for your use, the money spent will be commensurate with the quality that you get from the headset.

Turtle Beach – Ear Force Stealth 500X

The main feature that you will get from this is the headset:

  • The Headset is working wireless Includes a cable to connect to the controller
  • Immersive DTS headphones headset that can be bearing surround sound
  • The chat volume controls the volume control and a separate game with dynamic chat and mic boost monitoring so that the balance will occur when listening to 2 voices together
  • Headset has a battery life of up to 15 hours for use in the game
  • Mounted 50 mm neodymium speaker’s acoustic

Impression while using this headset is very satisfying because I can freely move when gaming, the material used is extremely comfortable, including any to use in quite a long time the quality of these headsets does not have to doubt when used to play the game.

However, it is suggested to your mouth not too close to the mic, because the slightest sound will be heard again in the headset. For the overall usage of wireless headphones is especially with surround sound generated is makes my ears it feels very sensitive when to hear it. This product is fantastic, but for the price of any manufacturers sells them more competitive prices to compete in the market.

ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Headset

  • The features contained in this product are:
  • Have a quality pro audio
  • Fit Superior& finish
  • Have precision microphone
  • Designed with a 5 GHz wireless technology has

Important features about the ASTRO A50’s

I so love the ergonomics and design have the lasting power is very remarkable. 5 GHz speed with technology this makes me so fluent in communicating. To play any game is highly recommended because the headset wireless can last up to 15 hours of usage.

With surround sound it makes me look such a detail and is very useful when I play a game, and it is very clear that there are opponents who approached me. And, on the back of this, there are port aux and can turn the music through smartphone or iPad.

I also so satisfied with the outreach of this wireless because it’s very far away when I was trying to keep wearing them to walk in the hallway of a dorm and this very incredible. The weakness of the sense of feel when wearing this product, I feel that the headset is noticeably heavier, so it had to move it a bit to the back of the head. And my conclusion is very like, and this is the best I use.

Turtle Beach – Ear Force Elite 800X Wireless Headset

The features contained in this headset are as follows:

  • Dynamic chat boost allows users to be still able to communicate well, with this then when doing chat team then will remain clear
  • Active Noise Cancellation, this makes the main sound remains clear despite being in very noisy surroundings.
  • Monitoring the mic, so it is advisable for you not to shout when wearing the headset. Because the sound that goes through the mic will sound bright in the headset
  • The magnetic charging stand is charging so that it can be done easily when the headset is not in use.

What we feel about the headset

I think this is one of the headsets generate a pretty good sound, the sound of the resulting surround so real and by my expectations. However, unfortunately, in my ears, the sure of the resulting it feels too hard, so I am not strong enough to put it in quite a long time.

Any quality problem need not doubt because this headset matches my expectations. If any control can do quite quickly, I would not hesitate to recommend this product to you.

It may just be that price will change, depends on the policies or market conditions. You will not regret spending money with convenience and perfection when playing games.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you are using the best one Xbox wireless headset, it will probably happen one thing that could get in with disturbance. The disorder is usually unpredictable and may occur when you are playing your favorite game. Here is a FAQ regarding the troubleshoot often happens:

Sometimes the headset produces an echo, what gives?

Sound echoes or reverberation effects this can arise from people who speak not derived and individuals who received or heard her voice it is possible that this occurs because of the connection of the headset. And some of the conditions that make this sound is headset socket that is not completely entered on the controller, wireless headset when you use it in a critical battery condition or the to hear voice transmissions from the earphone. And to eliminate them, then you can try to turn off the volume on the output device you are using, release the headset and then installing it again through the expansion port controller, perform the cleaning plug on the cord, test by connecting to a different controller or can also replace or recharge the battery. By doing one of these ways, let’s hope it can resolve correctly.

Nobody can hear me when talking into my mic, what gives?

The first thing you should do is make sure if your headset not silenced, then conditions greeting than that checking and make sure if the mute is off. If that’s not successful, then you do a test with the use of Skype, after you open the Skype, then go to the audio settings which are the current menu to do a test microphone and speaker. That way you can figure it out and good luck

That’s two problems that often occur when beginning or unfamiliar use of best Xbox one wireless headset, whatever the problem there is always a way out and don’t hesitate to ask other people whether directly or through a particular discussion of the site so that your problems will quickly overcome.

Closing out

The game world is indeed experiencing rapid development, not just in the game for alone but also on the hardware or accessories were used to play and finish the mission that is present in the match. But to play games with the best quality then use the best stuff anyway.

The device that became used in playing a game one of which is a wireless headset that makes the sensation of the games more exciting and real and Several types and brands are on the market and make sure that if you choose a headset that fits your gaming needs and enjoys playing games that are more qualified with the best Xbox one wireless headset. Get your hands on the best one and start cheering your life more than ever.



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