Best Xbox One Headphones Buying Guide

22 May 2017

The Xbox is one of the leading games that is liked by almost everyone today, you can find them easily available and played by the people of every age. The Xbox game is installed in the market at the respective booths of the same and the people have been very much fond of them. Once you are looking forward to installing them in your home, then you do not only need to know about accessories, but you should also know how to get them from the best stores and what are the configuration that you should look for.

A brief Introduction of the Xbox Accessories

The Xbox accessories like headsets are one of the best in their domains and are very much useful in communicating your voice to your teammates and it helps in making your experience better with your team and help in taking the game forward with the best of the ways. The headsets should be quite useful in letting your opponent’s know before than you. The best headsets help in pinpoint staging and utmost immersions so that you can even hear the whispering, explosions and any movement nearby to your walls before your teammates hear them.

Nothing matches the crystal-clear quality so that your voice can be heard by your teams and gives you the pinch of comfort through the various marathon gaming sessions. In all the access, the Xbox accessories headsets are one of the best in eating the experience that you always wanted for and in helping in making your interest to the game. There are any brands which have launched their headsets in the market for the Xbox game and are doing quite well in the same as well. There ARE different features that you should look for in a headset before you make your purchase, but before knowing the same.

Different types of Xbox One Headphones

The headsets launched by the Microsoft is considered as one of the best in the market, of course, due to the reputation of the brand and the usability of the headset too. He headset from microphone also have the facility to attach an adaptor for the same as well, it will help you in making the better control and keep the same in your hands. You can mute the voice, can reduce or increase the volume and also can maintain your chat balance too.

There are cordless headsets that are very much in trend as you do not need to sue a cord to communicate the people and the setup of the same as also quite easy for the people who do not want to mingle in the technical know-how. The Polk company makes and can deliver at your place also, once you think of buying them out for your game.

High quality mic

The headsets with a good facility of voice quality is a must buy for you, there are many in the same domain and are available through the e-commerce platforms for you, and it depends upon the performance that how you want them cordless or with the cord. Some of the best Xbox One gaming headphones like Astro A50 are a kind of the Xbox One headphones that are available in the market with the cord only and have some of the best features attached with them. They have the facility of the stellar audio and their looks can also be customized for the use. Its noise ear isolating best Xbox headphones makes you relax to listen and play the game for hours without any disturbances.

The headset has been one of the best accessories as it helps you to feel the game in your senses and take you to another world.

Features to look out for

The audio of the headset is the primary requirement for many and you should know that which kind of headset you should go for by listening to the music through them. Yes, if you are not going through the online platform or buying through the stores you can ask them to let you hear the same from a sample headset.

Comfortability is also one of the crucial factors with headsets that come into the picture with them. They should not be bulky so that once fixed in your ears, your head started swinging it is a very uncomfortable situation for anyone to handle. They should fix to your ears complete and should not hinder your game completely and you can choose the colors as per your choice to, whichever soothe your eyes, many of the brands offer the headsets in various colors to choose upon as per your preference.

Warranty and wiring issues

The headsets also come with a warranty for some months, sometimes for the years too. Once you have the Xbox One headphones with you do remember to check these things as it will help you in the long term. Do check the Mic, once you have one in your hands, as it will be the only one that can help you in checking out the best of your voice and communications in a go.

The headsets of Xbox can also be connected to the adaptor to be used as per your flexibility and it should be easy that you could able to adjust the volumes and can able to mute the same when you don’t want to be heard by you. May they be wired or non-wired to the console, but they should be comfortable to use in the long gaming sessions and you should know how to handle them and make them work as per you want them to be.

The wireless headset definitely is one of the best choices as with them you are independent and can take your set from one place to another very easily too, and they are quite in trend. But the quality is always a major issue, so try to look for the same first and then go for the other issues.

ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless Dolby Gaming Headset

These Xbox headphones with mic are said to be more than perfect as the kind of sound they deliver through, with an incredible battery life of 14 hours. They are best known for the kind of sound they produce that is reviewed by most of the users as one of the fantastic ones and they are worth of the money that you are spending on them. The wireless headset is desirable by everyone today as the kind of sound they provide is totally uncountable and have been liked by its users too.

There are some of the issues with the microphone being a sensitive part and are specially powered with the features of running the Marathons, so if you are in one of the moods of leading your Xbox game, then you will be in a position after buying the headset, that you will not only love to play them, but also it will take your entertainment to eh next level too.

The users are very impressed with the sound of the headset and want to make the repeat purchase of the same too, they have been liking the product as there are not many wires involved one of them is USB and the other one is the AUX, that comes with the headset. This makes it very feasible to use by all and also one of the headsets that are quite good at delivering what they have promised to their users. So, you can trust the brand blindly and be sure that they will be one of your best choices ever.

PDP Afterglow Kara Xbox One Headset-Blue

The headset works quite nicely with the audio and for offering the services to the users. The best part with the headset is that they are wireless and that makes it exclusive as your kids always want something that he can wear and stream around. So, this is the one that you really wanted into his ears. The headset catches the minimum voice and can be mounted at any place. You do not need to bother about the voice as it according to the reviews the audio is catching even the minute sound of the game. The unique feature of this headset is that you can use it on your mobile phone as well. So, it can serve the purpose of two in one, as it works perfectly on both the devices.

The headphone is surrounded with rounded cushions and back padding too, so you do not need to bother about the audio and the comfortability of the headset as they are the best in serving you in terms of the voice and audio, they do have the battery intact for the lights. It comes with the auxiliary cable that you can attach to your mobile device too. Some of the people have faced some issues with the build-up or with the making, but the voice quality is liked by the majority. They need to improve upon the material of the Xbox One headphones to shoot up the sales and definitely, they will receive more stars if they can make them correct to go.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 500X

The product is very much well renowned in the market and the best part is that they do not require any cable, adaptor or any medium, just the wireless headsets and once charge you can use them up to 15 hours for listening to the audio and chatting methods.

The users really like the sound quality of the headset, but the quality of the built up of the headset itself isn’t that great. Most of them found a bit cracked after the certain period of time. For the people who likes to listen to the loud voices, these headsets are a boon to them as they have the amazing sound quality with lots of loudness added to the same. Even the setup is quite easy you just need to update the software and then pair your wireless headset with the game and here you go with the best earphones in your ears. For some of the players, the battery life is quite interesting to go as they can be used to deliver what is expected from them.

The headset doesn’t have a great performance as displayed by the users through an online platform, as they have a price tag of around 200$, so try to look for the same only when you are getting hefty discounts on shelves and do not make a rough use of them as it will result only in the issues that you do not want to confront with them or any headset. So, handle them, but with care.

Tritton 720+ 7.1 Surround Headset

One thing that definitely will drag your attention to the headset is its lovely red color for you. The headset is powered with the 3D settings so that you can experience the theatre set up at your home. The equalizer can help you in setting to your favorite music too, it will definitely give you a kick start to work again and your mind will also get a bit relaxed after the hours of gaming,

When you are not communicating to your PlayStation then the game has a bit flexibility to remove the Mic for a while so that you can lie down and watch a movie of your choice or listen to your favorite music. According to the users, they are of superb quality, you can wear them for hours and will not feel like you are wearing anything on your ears too, they are comfortable, too.

The company spends a lot of the packaging too, as they do not want anything to unwind or you get hassle up while you unwind them. The users are quite amazed at its looks and they like it build up more than anything else. The headset is available in red color only, that makes the headset unique to buy out. Some of the users find the problem with the cord as after some month it went through some wear and tear, but if you do keep them with them with care these issues can definitely be avoided. The headset is best to serve you not only for playing the games, but they can be used to watch music and listen to music as well.

SteelSeries Siberia 200 Gaming Headset

The headset is light weighted and quite good at working and attracting the users to their platform and quite comfortable to use to as you do not need to worry about the quality of the Xbox One headphones. They are for padded ear cups and a retractable Mic is also there. If you are driving or doing something you do not need to worry at all as you can take your Mic out and put it inside the ear cup and in the other cases it will remain safe as well, as will not attract any kind of dust to its surface too.

The headband of the respective headphones with mic for the Xbox One with mic distributes the weighted throughout, unlike others which stress on the single point to go.

The headset can be used in multiple purposes, you can sue the same to watch movies and videos on YouTube too, and it works quite fabulously. While you are traveling or you are using the headset for long hours too, the product works quite fine and the Mic is quite sensitive to the sounds you can control the sound through the cords.

As per the users, there is no issue as far that is visible on the headset and they served quite well for the services they have mastered in and they are the quality of sound. It is a wired option but as per the users, it is not as annoying as you thought them to be rather they make the interface and the sound quality better.

Best Xbox One Headphone Brands

There are many brands in the industry of making headsets for Xbox, and you should know which one you should go for to enjoy your game at its best. The headset has been coming into lots of variety for the users to choose upon or rest on one is quite impossible nowadays and they do become finicky which is, of course, obvious sometimes.

Although the Astro has been a brand that is in trend for many years, but lately there have been many brands like Steelseries Siberia, Karga etc, that have replaced them in the long term. The Astro is quite famous and used to maintain the monopoly but with the time the new entry of brands took place and they have replaced almost all the kind of brands that were traditionally held the market.

Like SteelSeries Siberia, have risen up with one of the best among others if we talk about the quality of sound, with the help of online industry, they have marketed well and started receiving lots of good reviews and people today are subscribed to them and making the repeated purchase too. So, you do not need to worry as there is enough brand in the market to serve you well.

Other brands worth nothing

The brands like Ear force, stealth, have some products that come with the rechargeable batteries while others are not having the same, before making your purchase do check these issues with them, as buying a headset for the Xbox one is an expensive venture. So, take it seriously.

If you talk about the brands you will find that there are many which are weak in their build up or are uncomfortable to wear long hours and for some the sound quality is not good and you need to compromise, but with the new brands entering the markets, you can order from your home and they will deliver at your doorstep and in all the cases, you need to have the best of the brands at your doorstep.

The brands like Razor, Turtle has also placed with the some of their products launched in the market, but you always need to know what you want, so before going for any headset do see that what you want, prioritize your requirements and we are sure that the headset industry will deal with your requirement and will serve you at the best.

There are some questions that frequently go in users mind when he goes to buy the headset for themselves. We have tried to shortlist some of them for you so that you can get a deep insight of the products that are available in the market for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they get aired with Xbox one accurately?

A: This is very much important for you to know that does your headset will be paired with game configurations or not. As some of them get paired but the experience with them is not that great. So, to make your experience better you should buy the headset that specializes in the services of the game only. Headphones compatible with Xbox One will work out of the box.

Do you have to buy a chat adapter or one controller to use the headset?

A: Most of the headset does not have these kinds of issues installed in them, maybe you need to deal with the updating of the controller and in many, it is not an issue. You can get them installed as it is too in through the jacks.

How much should be the length of the wire to be paired with the Xbox one?

A: It can be 3 feet long, but with the time most of the headset are coming wireless so that they can be used as a hassle-free gadget and there will be no issues of getting paired up with any game.

Can these headsets can be attached to the PC too

A: Yes, there is a provision of that too, if you are using with the wires, then you can attach them with the wires, or if they are wireless, then you can use the Bluetooth

You can use these headsets with the devices other than the Xbox one

A: Some of the headsets are quite compatible to be working with the other devices like mobiles, Mac, and other media devices, but some are not. So, if you also want them, then do inquire about them properly.

Does the headset have their own Mic and it will echo or not?

A: Yeah, many headsets also comes with their respective Mic, and you need to check the configuration before you rest on the result.

You can turn off the Mic monitoring or not?

A: Some of the users don’t like to hear their own voice in the game, so they want it to switch off at times. Many headsets have this provision and you can get it if you are looking for as some of the brands support them and it is a unique feature that can make your play quite effective to go for.

Does it headset sounds for the low battery if they are wireless?

A: Yes, they do, they beep to let you know that they need to be charged before you proceed forward with them.

Closing Note

The headset is readily available in the market, but you just need to know which one will suit you well, as there are many in the industry to confuse you at times. You can go for the reviews online and have a check on them, but they may differ from the products as well. So, that means they are not the only means that can support you to make a purchase.

You should, first of all, prioritize your requirements as what do you need and what are the options that are available in the market, then you need to shortlist the brands that you can go forward. Post the same you can check the features too, as they are quite compatible with what you are looking for or you want something else. This is very important then you can make a comparison list and here is your answer. The sound undoubtedly should be your priority; after that you can see other credentials go forward. But do give the sound your preference before choosing the one. If you like to play the Xbox one for long hours, then you can also look for the comfortability factor like are they padded or they will fit your head completely or not.

These issues will help you in taking your decision, which was lingering for a long time for you. So, do make your own choice for the colors and brands and take the best headset to your home to play your Xbox one with the music.The MIc monitoring can be tu



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