Best Xbox One Headset Under $100 in 2017

07 Jul 2017

Xbox is a video game company owned by Microsoft. The company was first launched in November 2001 in USA, popularly known as original Xbox. And till then it has become one of the most popular video game consoles in the world of video gaming.

Till now it has launched three video game consoles known as the first console or original Xbox console which was launched in 15th November 2001, the second console or Xbox 360, which was launched in 22nd November 2005 and the third console which is known as Xbox one. Xbox one is the latest version of Xbox console which was released in 22nd November 2013.

Some best headsets of Xbox under $100 may look cheap, but are incredibly sturdy.

Different types of Best Xbox headset under $100

A headset is the most important thing a player needs in order to play a video game. These headsets prevent any outside noise and thus help the player in concentrating on the game. These headsets may be cheap or expensive. But there are many headsets which are available in the market in a very reasonable price.

Stuff to consider when purchasing best Xbox headset under $100

Video gaming is one of the favourite pass times of many people now a day. To play a game one needs a good quality headset in order to enjoy the game to the fullest without getting any distraction. A headset with good sound quality is a must while playing a video game. Though some people prefer more expensive headset still then one needs to know some facts before buying a headset irrespective of its price. As, expensive does not always mean the good quality. So, following are some of the things one should be familiar with before going to buy Xbox headset. These are:

Sound quality

The sound quality of a headset may be of stereo or surround. Generally, the gaming headsets have surround sound. Surround sound gives utmost pleasure to a gamer. It has various drivers which gives the gamer each and every possible sound of the game. On the other hand, the stereo sound is a normal sound quality not as clear as the surround sound. However, a headset with surround quality sound is cheaper than a stereo sound quality.

Comfort level

Another important thing to notice is the comfort level of a headset. So for this reason light weight headset is more comfortable than a heavy one. For this the buyer needs to notice the things used in the ear pads and the headband of the headset.

Wired headset or wireless headset

There are many headsets which are wireless and wired in the market. Before going to buy one must know all the things about wired and wireless headset. Generally wireless headset needs to be charged, which is really tiresome. But wireless headset sometime does not give a clear sound as it gets interrupted easily. So in this regard a wired headset is more preferable than a wireless headset.

Types of Mic

Generally gaming headset comes with an attached mic with it. Mic may be multi directional or uni or one directional. Multi or omni directional mic does not give a clear sound as it may be affected by the sounds of its surroundings. On the other hand, one directional mic gives clear sounds and hence it is more preferable while playing a game.

Price of the headset

One of the most important things before going to buy a gaming headset is the price of the headset. Though there are many expensive headsets available in the market yet some good quality headsets are also available in $100.

So these are the things one should keep in mind before going to buy Xbox headset under $100. There are many Xbox gaming headsets under this range which can give utmost pleasure to the player. There are many Xbox compatibles wired or wireless headsets with stereo or surround sound quality. And thus one can buy accordingly the best headset depending upon his or her preference level.

Logitech G633 Gaming Headset

This is one of the most stylish headsets from Logitech. The looks of the headset can be modified as per own choice. This black colored Logitech G633 is a purely gaming headset. It has 7.1 Dolby surround sound quality. So this headset gives immense pleasure to the gamer, who wants to hear each and every crystal clear sound while playing the game.  It is compatible with Xbox, PS4, pc and mobile devices. It can be used for gaming as well as to listening music as this headset provides two cables- one USB cable and one 3.5 mm audio cable.

So while playing any game, the player can easily take a call or listen to music at the same time without pause the game. The microphones are attached with led lights which indicate the player about the mode of audio. The micro phones are foldable and can be folded while not in use. However, these microphones cannot be detached.

In order to use this headset, the player needs windows 10, windows 8, windows 7, PS4 or Xbox one. The player also needs USB port or 3.5 mm audio port and most importantly internet connection for Logitech software installation.

The ear cups are made of such materials that it gives ultimate comfort to the wearer. So as a whole it can be concluded that Logitech G633 is one of the best gaming headset which is Xbox compatible. The sound quality of the headset unbelievably good is good. Each and every aspect of sound can be customized as per the player’s individual taste.

Tt Esports Shock series HT-SH0001ECGR

This headset is Xbox 360 and PS3 compatible. The shock series is exclusively made for gaming purpose with stereo surround sound. The ear cups and the head band of it are padded and hence comfortable to wear. The ear cups can be removed easily. The cable is long enough. And the head phones can be folded.

The micro phone is attached to the left ear which is permanent and cannot be removed but these are flexible.  The micro phones are made with noise cancelling feature which are unidirectional. The headset is comfortable to wear as it has lots of adjustments in its head band. The head band has more than 10 different adjustments. The cable of this headset is quite long. The length of the cable is about 3 meters. There is also a Velcro closure in order to fold the cable. The headset is comfortable for gaming as well as to listen to music or watching movie. The one feature which differentiates it from other shock series of Tt Esport is that it has 3.5 mm gold plated connector instead of USB connector.

One negative aspect of it is that this headset seems to heavier than its other counterparts. Moreover, the headband seems to be tight despite its padding.

So to conclude it can be said that Tt Esport shock is great gaming headset under the brand name of Tt Esport. Though it is purely for gaming purpose yet it can be used for other communication too.

Steelseries Spectrum 4XB Headset

Steel series is one of the well-known names in the field of video gaming. The spectrum is Xbox 360 compatible which is newly launched by steel series. One of the special features of spectrum XB is its hidden mic, which is unidirectional. The spectrum 4xb and 5xb have same technology yet 4xb is termed as the entry level headset as compared to 5xb. This light weight headset gives utmost comfort to the player. The ear cups are made with foam and covered with cloth which gives the players a very good quality sound.

Apart from these the ear cushions are very comfortable with the adjustable head bends. These cushions are detachable so easy to clean. The sound quality of it is very good, which allows the player to hear each and every small and big sounds of the game. The volume control of this headset can be easily accessed by the wearer. Another feature of it is that it can be easily disconnected from the Xbox and can be connected to the pc.

The only negative thing about the product is that the cable of this headset is very short and needs extension. Otherwise this steel series 4xb spectrum headset is a great product from steel series with superb sound quality.

Skull candy PLYR2 Gaming Headset

Skull candy is a known name in the field of gaming. PLYR2 is its first wireless headset. It is one of the most stylish headsets of skull candy. Probably this is the best product from Skull candy. The sound Quality of this headset is just too good. It has stereo sound quality. This headset is compatible with Xbox 360, PS3, and Pc. I

t is made with plastic and hence light in weight. Because of its light weight, this headset is very comfortable to wear. It can be connected with USB, mini USB and 3.5mm port. It is purely a gaming headset and hence it’s not for those who want to listen to music by wearing this headset. Everything can be customized according to the individual’s own choice. It is not too expensive and comes with a lot of functions.

The sound quality of this headset can be adjusted through EQ3 equalizer. There are three different sound modes for music, movie and game in this headset. The micro phones of this headset are adjustable and can be muted simply by folding it in the upward direction.

One negative thing about this headset is that, it contains a kind of chemical which may cause birth defect or such other reproduction related defects.

Otherwise skull candy PLYR 2 is one of the best quality headsets with superb audio quality.  The headset is purely made for gaming purpose. And the wireless technology seems to enhance its sound quality.

Somic G932 Gaming Headset

Somic is another manufacturer of gaming headset. This somic G932 has a 7.1 virtual surround sound quality, which gives the player utmost pleasure of a game. This headset allows the player to hear each and every sound of the game in its detailed form. The microphone of this headset is flexible and can be folded if not in use.

Microphones of this headset are Omni-directional and featured with noise cancelling quality. Both the ear pads are designed with Orange coloured LED lighting effect, which enhances the pleasure of the game by creating a real battle like atmosphere. The ear cups are padded which gives comfort to the players. It also prevents the outside noise and keeps the player away from any distraction. The cable of this headset is quite long and can be easily connected with the USB. The cable is also attached with electromagnetic ring which prevents any disturbance.

Other features to note

The cable is made of oxygen less copper which is capable data transferring in a very fast way. This cable is also attached with led light switch, microphone switch and volume switch. Moreover, the headband of the headset can be being adjusted as per own choice and can be worn for a long time. The speakers of the headset give high, medium and low frequency.

So to conclude it can be said that Somic G932 is an amazing headset can be used for gaming purpose. The sound quality of this headset is good. Once it is worn no other sound from outside can distract the player. The mic and the headphones are quite amazing. The headphones are very comfortable to wear and can be worn for many hours at a time. The mic of the headset is also flexible and can be positioned as per own taste. And more specially the noise cancelling feature is a tremendous quality of it. Overall this is a very good headset of Smic in an affordable price.

Best Xbox Headset under $100 accessories

There are some important accessories the player needs to have before playing a video game.

Xbox Wireless Controller

It is one of the most important accessories for an Xbox player.  Though there are many wired controller for Xbox, yet playing with wireless controller is something different one cannot resist to have.

Pack of Rechargeable Batteries

One needs a pack of rechargeable battery in order to enjoy a flawless game. Once you invest on rechargeable battery and a charging system, you will be able to play the game without any pause.

Xbox Live Gold

Xbox live gold is another exciting accessory the player should have. With this the player can involve himself in many online games. It is far better than a solo video game.

Xbox Compatible Headset

Unless and until have any gaming headset, you are not a video game player. A headset is a must in a video game. It provides the player the real pleasure of playing a video game. There are many different headsets available in the market. The player can buy any headset depending on his choice.

Xbox One Remote

This is another accessory a player needs to have. This Xbox one official remote is very glossy with backlights on it. These lights help the players to play in night time. Apart from the controller, the player can control many other things with this Xbox one remote.

Xbox Chat Pad

While playing Xbox, generally voice messages or commands are sent. But sometime these voice messages do not work. So then the player may write a message on this chat pad and can send to his group members or followers. This pad comes with backlight and hence easy to use even in the night time too.

Xbox One Stereo Adapter

This is another accessory the player may need when he wants to play an Xbox game wearing his old headset. This has a standard wire which lets the player to play his favorite game by using his old headset.

The steering or pedal for Xbox racing games: For Xbox racing games, a steering or a set of pedal is a must. For this purpose, Thrust master TMX is best recommended.

Seagate External Hard Drive

This another must have accessory for Xbox gaming. It provides up to 2TB extra storage. This tiny and affordable external storage is one of the most necessary accessories an Xbox player should have.

So these are some of the important accessories of Xbox. There are many other accessories of Xbox available in the market as well as in online shops. But the importance of any accessory depends on the player’s needs and playing habits. However, these are some ‘must have’ accessories for an Xbox player.

Frequently asked questions about best Xbox headset under $100

Xbox 360, Xbox one are the video game consoles of Microsoft. Since its launch it has been very popular among the video game folks all around the world. After the launch of Xbox one, Xbox 360 has become outdated and many of the accessories of Xbox 360 are even not compatible with Xbox one. So people often get confused regarding the compatibility of both the consoles as well as the accessories they need to play with. Following are some of the questions, frequently asked by the people regarding these two consoles:

Is it necessary to have internet connection to play Xbox one?

No, it is not necessary to have internet connection to play Xbox one. This can be played offline too. However, for Xbox live, the player needs to have internet connection.

Is Xbox a regional?

No, Xbox one is not at all regional. Any Xbox compatible game from all over world can be played on Xbox one console.

Is the Xbox one compatible with the games compatible with Xbox 360?

Yes, in the year, 2015, this backward compatibility was added to Xbox one console. Since then, any Xbox 360 compatible games can be played on Xbox one. Because of this Xbox 360 backward compatibility, now the player can install any old games on Xbox one console.

Are both Xbox 360 and Xbox one compatible with same accessories?

No, both the Xbox consoles require different accessories. So the player of Xbox one has to buy all the Xbox one compatible accessories.

Do I get a headset with Xbox one console?

Yes, of course. Each Xbox one console comes with a compatible headset.

What is the price of Xbox one?

The price of Xbox console depends on the sizes of hard drives. Yet this must be in between $299 to $500 bucks.

What are the other accessories I get with Xbox one?

You will get either one 500GB or 1 TB Xbox one console, Xbox one controller, compatible headset, power brick and a power cable in the pack of Xbox one console.

Is it possible to use external hard drive with Xbox one?

Yes, ofcourse. One can use external hard drive with Xbox one in order to store all the games and related app safely.

So these are some of the frequently asked questions regarding Xbox 360 and Xbox one.


To conclude I would like to say that Xbox 360 and Xbox one are two popular video game consoles of Microsoft. Since its launch, it has been very popular among the video game fans all over the world. After Xbox 360, Xbox one was launched. And with this launch, many new accessories come to the market. Because, though Xbox one was the successor of Xbox 360, yet it was totally a new one. The accessories of Xbox 360 were not compatible with Xbox one. Even the player needs to buy new Xbox compatible games in order to play with Xbox one console. However, few years back the backward compatibility of Xbox 360 was added to Xbox one and since then the player could play some of the old games on Xbox one console as well.

With many other accessories, Xbox one requires compatible headsets too with it. Now a day there are many headsets available in the market with many different features. Some of these headsets give the player a real feel of a particular game. So such headsets are very popular among the players. Though people often are afraid of buying such headsets as they think those may exceed their budget. But the truth is that now a day one may get very good quality headset under $100 only. Some of these I have already listed above.



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