Best PS4 Microphone Buying Guide

16 Jun 2017

When console gaming have become a sensation, gaming headsets have turned out to be the most fundamental things. These days, the vast majority of the greatest recreations around incorporate no less than a component of co-agent or focused game play. In case you’re quick to play any amusement which includes collaborating remotely with others, all you have to do is purchase a gaming headset which incorporates earphones as well as microphone.

What counts when buying a headset is considering a couple components. One of which are the consoles you play over and the game varieties: if you’re into the numerous multiplayer web based recreations, you will normally be wearing your headset for long stretches. So you should keep comfort as your priority. In such a circumstance a remote headset, with limited battery life is pretty useless.

Say you’re a genuine quick jerk ninja with ace gaming yearnings, you could pick up an edge with a top of the line headset that incorporates various high tech features like ergonomics and surround sound. This could greatly improve game play by allowing you to strategies well in advance.

Apart from that, you playing conditions are also critical and worth noting: to stay mindful of how the game is progressing you while you’re playing, you ought to pick an open-back gaming headset. If you are playing in a loud situation, a headset with a noise cancelling feature and active opposite wave producing technology would be a great boost to your gameplay.

If you want to choose the best gaming headset, this guide to the absolute best remote, wired, top of the line and comfortable headsets could help. This PS4 buying guide concentrates on comfort as opposed to PC diversions. So this will mostly be applicable for playing standard PS4 games and focused activity recreations, instead of the multiplayer games.

Generally, PlayStation 4 headsets have configuration characteristics which can lead to confusions when setting up gaming headsets to work with them. First of all, you are required to interface a gaming headset to its controller which could get troublesome if the headsets use advanced settings. If they do not have a 3.5mm earphone jacks, you may have to purchase an additional Stereo Headset Adapter. The PS4 headsets can at first sound solid calm, especially when the headset yield level is set to a large portion of its full sum. This would require digging around in its framework settings which a new user is definitely not accustomed to.

Only when you set your gaming headsets to a setting that is agreeable to you, you’ll see that they are extraordinary bits of unit. You could then use the headset and the mic not only for games but for tuning in to music or TV and films without disturbing or exasperating anyone around you.

If you are hoping to get a PlayStation headset but also need the best value for your money, it will definitely help to do a little research about the current PS4 headsets that are in the market. the top notch headsets for PC gaming should allow you the best execution without you having to spend so much as you did for getting the console. They should be able to deliver brilliant audio and also have a mic with crystal clear studio quality output.

Make sure that you do a thorough examination in case you’re purchasing a headset for your PS4 console. Now this could be a little irksome, especially when there are so many headsets available in the market. Almost all the PS4 headsets publicize cross-stage compatibility and support, but the fact of the matter is that they do not always deliver what they claim to. Most of the times, the sound and amplifier will work very well, but the components you paid additional for won’t give satisfactory execution. Moreover, console audio is not always as great as PC audio. This gives you even more reasons to keep a keen eye out.

Although it can get a bit muddling to select the best buy, but this definitely doesn’t mean there aren’t some extraordinary headsets available in the market. If you are willing, you can always splurge many dollars on a top notch PS4 headset. But if you are looking for something that delivers brilliant execution even at a reasonable price, you still have a lot of options.

There are many established brands that are more of a favorite among the intense gamers. Yet not all of their products match the standard of PS4 consoles. The best PS4 gaming headphones usually come with leatherette or velour ear cups, a separable mic and sound control box. It is even better if they have an aluminum body that is sufficiently solid and sturdy to withstand all the careless handling that usually comes with intense gaming.

When it comes to sound, you should look for something that is capable of a very strong audio output and a mic that can reduce static to a minimum. Only then the headsets will match the standard of PS4 gaming. No matter how long you use them, the audio output should come with excellent detail and unmatched clarity. This will not only increase the thrill of gaming but also increase team co ordination.

Different types of PS4 headphones

Wired headsets

Many clients still prefer to go for the corded earphones. There are many reasons behind this. However, it is mainly because the corded ones bother us lesser when setting it up. Simply plug the jack, play the music, and you can straight away start with your game. In addition to that, it is good with any gadget that has 3.5mm earphone attachment. Furthermore a corded earphone also saves the contraptions from totally falling on the floor simply on account of the jack’s semi-bolted connection to the attachment. In addition to that, you have more than once attempted to discover where your headsets are just by following the headset wires.

Although it might appear to be contraption sparing, corded earphones still have their own drawbacks as well and that is the line itself. Since the link is restricted, you can’t go very far when your headsets are still connected to the device.

If you have been using it with a cell phone or an mp3 player, there’s no issue as you can put it in your pocket or handbag, but here, we are talking about the PS4 console, which you can definitely not carry around. So in that case, you can’t generally go too far or your game is sure to get hindered.

Corded earphones may also not be handy particularly if you have enormous screens in front of you. You may end up harming your eyes and even fail from having a good game execution.

Wireless headsets

Wireless earphones may be more convenient than the wired ones in many respects. First of all, they furnish us with more space between the console and the headset itself. It is also completely sensible if you prefer not to mess around with all the dangling wires around you. There are three essential types of a wireless earphone: infrared, radio recurrence, and Bluetooth, all of which are discussed below in detail.

Infrared Headsets

For the transmission of the infrared light flag, a reasonable, unhindered viewable pathway is required between the earphones and the transmitter. The ones with Radio recurrence can get a flag from another room. However, different wireless gadgets in the range may meddle with the transmission. IR remote earphones deliver better sound mainly due to the absence of obstruction issues. A good pair of infrared remote earphones delivers high-quality sound without irritating others, while also allowing you to move around the listening range freely. These headsets also make a great communicating device be it on game, or on telephone.

The IR headsets however have both the points of interest and disservices as well.  With regards to this, it becomes necessity to discuss the other two types of headsets as well.


  • In the IR headsets, sound is transmitted separately to the left and right ears which give the output a brilliant effect.
  • The unhindered digital transmission results in detailed clarity
  • Can be used with a number of other consoles apart from the PS4
  • The greatest benefit however is that more than one headphone can be connected to the audio device or the PS4 console in this case
  • The IR headsets are relatively cheaper as compared to the other two types of wireless headsets
  • The connection between the headset and the consol is very secure.


  • The headphones can be used only within 30 feet of encompassing area
  • Since the infrared signals cannot penetrate walls and other solid obstructions, you also cannot use it in a different room
  • When the transmission is disturbed, the headset catches a lot of static which can get annoying after a point of time
  • The headsets need a separate transmitter

Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth headsets offer very smooth correspondence and control between the console and the headset. Currently, there are a huge number of remote Bluetooth headsets you could choose from. All you have to do is to limit the decisions and discover one right one according to your conditions of use.

if you make a search, you will come across many famous brands of Bluetooth headsets, mainly the Motorola Bluetooth, Plantronics Bluetooth, Sony Ericsson Bluetooth, and Jabra Bluetooth headsets, to name a few.

There are headsets working on different Bluetooth versions. Most of these require a remote connection with the console within 30 feet of the Bluetooth headset. Further, the Bluetooth headset and the console must have a similar adaptation of Bluetooth. The latest addition, Bluetooth 4.0 was released in October 2011. For better-sounding audio, you could search for a Bluetooth headset with Advanced Audio Distribution Profile.


  • Offers great compatibility with the PS4 console.
  • May be used on the go as it does not require a separate transmitter.
  • No, obstruction or interference. Therefore, you may just use it while on the go.
  • You could create your own personal area network where a secure connection is provided.
  • You are required to enter a passkey which ensures that No other Bluetooth device can interfere in between the two connected devices. It has low power consumption.
  • You can use the Bluetooth headsets for a longer period as compared to the other two as the transmission usually stays stable and put together.


  • There are different versions of Bluetooth. So before you make your purchase, you should be very clear about which one works the best for you. This would mean some research on your part.
  • You could have to do with some latency. In case you’re utilizing it just for sound, at that point it ought not to be an issue. Yet, in the event that you’re utilizing it for recordings, at that point the deferral in the sound might be annoying. The most recent renditions have guaranteed low dormancy, however there is still some inertness regardless of how high or low it is.
  • You can only use it with one set of earphones. On the account of the password requirement, just a single earphone can be associated with the PS4 console.
  • The Bluetooth signals can also meddle with the RF waves if you are using any devices that run through RF.

Radio Frequency Headsets

These earphones have more power contrasted with the infrared earphones. The infrared headsets utilize 800-900 MHz band and are one of the most popular when it comes to gaming.


  • Can be utilized as a part of a more extensive space as it can work very well up to 300 feet.
  • Can also be used when you are no0t in the room where the console is placed. Radio recurrence can go right through dividers as well, thus allowing a wider working area.
  • The flag stays solid even when used outside.


  • You can only have one RF gadget in one room as more than one RF device could cause impedance. If you have Cordless telephones, electric fields, and different remote innovation with a similar recurrence, it might result in static or humming sound.
  • There is more inclination for impedance to happen when you are far away from the PS4 console.
  • Anybody or any gadget can meddle with the RF, therefore, there is no security included.
  • Requires a different transmitter.

Things to consider before buying PS4 headsets


The PS4  headsets are generally utilized for extended periods of time so you ought to consider the elements that some of them are utilizing for the inward cushions so that there is no ear fatigue or pressure points. Some headsets have swapped the faceplates or have introduced the removable faceplates only to give a better finish. This should not however interfere with the audio production. The pads on the ear cups provide great comfort. They should not however loosen the grasp which could be a major distraction while gaming.

Audio modes

There are various downloadable custom sound modes for PS4 headsets. Since the sound is one of the important things you ought to consider, check out the strength of 3D sounds as well as the level of virtual sounds. To feel that you are totally inside the game, it is best if the surrounding sounds do not filter into the headphones.

Wired or non wired

PS4 headsets come in wired as well as non wired designs. Both have their own pros and cons as discussed above. According to your preference, you ought to decide which one will suit you better. A large portion of the gamers would agree with the wireless one, as they would prefer not to squander their time in entrapping the wire consistently, while for others the wired one is the best due to unhindered transmission through the wire unlike RF and IR headsets which fail to deliver a steady transmission.

Keep a watch on which one will truly suit you the best. For this, you may want to organize your necessities accordingly in an orderly fashion, so that you have a clear cut idea about your options. This will also greatly reduce your time to select the headset that best suits your needs.

Klim Desktop Usb Microphone Stand

Incredible sound quality

Features a sensitive desktop mic receiver for PC. By cancelling out all the outside noise, it can deliver crystal clear studio quality audio.


For this to work, you can directly connect the microphone to the headset. You will not be required to install any extra software. The client manual comes in English, as a PDF encased in an email that you receive when buying the headset.

  • The USB Microphone can cover all your needs. It is perfect for gaming, skype discussions, sound recordings and holding conversations.
  • Great compatibility with many platforms apart from the PS4. Works well with all brands including all OS, for example, Windows, OS X, Linux.
  • The headphones give a good lasting. Fortified plastic and metal inside fortification are used for greater durability and additional strength. Extremely steady on its stand. Incorporates two LED lights. Customizable neck. Finish volume control by means of a switch. Quiet catch accessible.


  • A great product at a very low cost
  • It is very easy to set up
  • The microphone works very well
  • Since it is very compact, you will be able to carry it around without much difficulty
  • Can be great not only for gaming but school projects as well
  • A great relief if you are tired of always having a headset around your neck while gaming

Turtle Beach Universal Digital Usb Mic

Easy console live streaming

Since this is a professional qu8ality desktop microphone, it has been designed exclusively for smooth live streaming. It can offer direct live streaming from Xbox One, PS4 and PS4 PRO.

Professional performance

The desktop microphone delivers superior voce performance with the help of studio grade digital processors. With its, superior and compression, the streaming becomes very easy.

Adaptive mic patterns

The microphone mainly works by offering voice pickups from the table top as well as the boom mounted position. So you can have excellent audio output irrespective of the placements.

Universal compatibility

It offers support with a wide range of platforms and consoles mainly the Xbox One, PS4 Pro, PS4, PC and Mac. This is possible sue to its Universal plug and play feature.

Built in amplifier

The amplifier incorporated into the microphone works with zero latency. This ensures that the in game sounds that you are hearing has no lag, thus allowing you to stay in close touch with all other players playing along with you.

Personalized voice tuning

You can have the audio from the microphone personalized according to your preference using the various softwares available for the product.


  • It is unquestionably best suited for gaming
  • Very easy to use as well as set up
  • It not only sounds great but also looks great
  • Can be personalized to different settings
  • You can go for updates

Xbox One PS4 Wii U Gaming Headset & Microphone

Versatile compatibility

Offers support for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, tablet and iMac and iPhone, iPad. Features a 3.5mm standard jack and with the help of an Extra Microphone and Audio Splitter Adapter, can also be connected to Computer PC and Laptop.


The ear cups come with leather padding and the design is lightweight for added comfort. This one is able to deliver an immersive game play with the help of Amplified Audio and Bass Boost and enhanced diversion.

Collapsible microphone

The microphone can be flipped aside when not required. This makes sure that it does not create distraction when not needed. In-line sound controls which allow for quick and easy settings so you do not have to pause in the idle of the game jut for volume settings

Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50p Stereo GamingMicrophone

  • Delivers crystal voice through the microphone. The mic can be removed when listening to music or watching movies
  • Comfortable headband and Lightweight design allows you to play for hours on the go
  • 40mm neodymium magnets for detailed sound output
  • In line controls for easy volume settings
  • Compatible with a large number of platforms including the PS4 and the PS4 Pro. Has a 3.5mm standard jack that allows the headset to be connected to PC, Mac, mobiles and tablets as well.


  • you can pick from a wide range of attractive colors
  • you could use this to play games all day all night without having to worry about issues that usually come with a headset
  • quite a reasonable price
  • great performance
  • does not muffle up the in game sounds with the voice delivery

PS4 microphones accessories

  1. Camera

Currently, the camera is used to track your movements so that they can b converted into game play

  1. VR

The VR or virtual reality offers a totally immersive game play

  1. Wireless headset

This will allow you to move around comfortably without losing touch of the game

  1. Ear casing

Ear casing allows for superior comfort during long gaming sessions. They also protect the ear pads from wearing off.

  1. Charger

There are chargers available that will allow you to charge your headphones without having them disconnected.

  1. Steering wheel

This may not be required for all games but surely increase the fun of PS4 console gaming


  1. Do the PS4 headphones have a warranty attached?

They always have a warranty. Just make sure that you are buying a genuine product.

  1. The PS4 headsets also work with other consoles?

This may depend on the brand, but most of the times, they do otherwise you can take thy help of an adapter.

  1. Wired or wireless?

Both have their own share of pros and cons. You can choose anyone depending on your preference.

  1. Do these headsets use a sound card?

Most of the varieties use a sound card. This is essential to match the standard of gaming.

  1. Do they work with PC?

They work absolutely fin with PC. Just go through the manual carefully for the settings.


When you have a headset requirement, you ought to observe every one of the brands and their audits on the web. This gives you the choice to pick one of the best ones for yourself after a thorough assessment. It is best if you get hold of the one that incorporates as many features as possible without compromising on anyone of them. Particularly the 3D surround sound will give you immersive involvement with in game sound and keep you ahead of the game.



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