Best PS4 Headset Under $100 in 2017

07 Jul 2017

The last few decades have been really amazing for the video game lovers. Now the games are a lot better than the earlier games because the video game developers have improved the graphics and sound quality to provide gamers with more realistic games. The video game designers are using new technologies to improve the performance of the games on high-tech video game consoles like PS4. There are many gamers, who understand the importance of high-quality console and screen. Whereas, many gamers simply ignore other necessary gadgets like headsets that can offer an effective in-game communication and top-quality sound reproduction.

Now it is necessary for the modern gamers to upgrade the sound and voice hardware. We have reviewed some of the best PS4 headset under 100 that will help you in improving the gameplay and offer several other benefits to make every PS4 game an enjoyable experience for you.

Why a PS4 headset?

It is the first thing you may think when it comes to buying a PS4 headset. People usually use speakers and normal headphones for sound reproduction. Some enthusiasts also invest their bucks in integrated microphones to have a better voice communication with other players. You don’t need separate devices to produce high-quality sound and communicate with other players. High-quality PS4 headsets can offer both features and reduce your expenses.

There are some companies that produce durable and high-quality PS4 headsets. These headsets offer easy recognition of game sounds, impressive gameplay, sound isolation, better communication, and a more interactive gaming experience. You and your friends can buy the best gaming headset for ps4 under 100 and play a game simultaneously to enjoy the same game in a better way. In fact, many gamers are doing that by going online and playing combat games. You can form a team and better coordinate with your teammates, if you are using high-quality PS4 headsets.

Some amazing benefits you experience, when use the PS4 headset:

Sound isolation

The late night gaming sessions are the best gaming sessions, but only for you when you are playing with the speakers. Your family members and neighbors will find it quite frustrating. Probably, they may scold you for such things and that’s why you need headsets to prevent others from the trouble. The top rated PS4 headsets offer great sound isolation. It is good for others and also for you. The exterior noises will never interrupt you during the gaming sessions. You can better focus on the game, concentrate on each sound effect, and perform better. In addition, your family members and neighbors will be not get disturbed when you will play the games during the daytime or nighttime.

Impressive sound quality

The standard quality stereo and television speakers not capable of reproducing surround sound. The modern video games are designed to offer top quality audio that seems more appealing, when you use a surround sound system. The video game developers nowadays provide a variety of sounds in the games to make the games more realistic. There will be environmental sounds, combat weapon sounds, walking sounds, crawling sounds, and several other kinds’ sounds that you would like to hear when playing a contemporary game. You can get the best quality audio output to focus on each sound, if you buy an excellent quality PS4 headset.

You will become a more competitive gamer

The modern games do not come with too many directions. You need to hear different sounds and find the enemies or objectives to finish every stage. If you really want to become a competitive gamer and compete against the best in the industry, then you should buy the PS4 headset. It will be pretty simple for you to identify other players and enemies, when walking blind and focusing on a variety of sounds like shooting sounds, footsteps and crawling sounds. As mentioned earlier, modern games offer a variety of sounds to help you in improving your game-play. The best PS4 headsets allow you to hear all those sounds and improve your performance. You can be a valuable member of your team, if you are using a high-quality headset and performing well.

Improved in-game communication

There are many games now that you can play online. These games require mutual harmony of the players so that their team can perform well against the competitors. The modern PS4 headsets are the best to maintain clear communication. You get an integrated microphone with top-quality headsets that makes it pretty simple to talk, when necessary. You don’t need to push any switch or use the remote to talk. You can talk to the teammates, whenever necessary and that’s what the best feature of the modern PS4 headsets.

The professional gamers are aware about these benefits of PS4 headsets and that’s why they never play any game on the PS4 or other video game console without using the PS4 headsets.

Different types of PS4 headsets

The sound has been an integral part of the video games since their inception. The video game accessory designers have always tried to provide the users with the best quality accessories. That’s why there are various options in the modern video game headsets. You should consider many things before buying the best headset for ps4 under 100 and the headset type is one of those things. We have listed all the available types of the headsets that you must check before buying a headset.

Wired headsets

As it is clear from the name, wired headsets are connected to the PS4 through a connecting cord or wire. Many gamers choose wired headsets to get better sound without any sort of distortion. You cannot move too far when using the wired headsets, so keep this fact in mind.

Wireless headsets

Basically, there are three types of wireless headsets, Bluetooth headsets, Infrared headsets, and Wi-Fi connected headsets. These headsets are the best for the gamers, who move quite often during the gameplay. There may be issues of distortion with the low quality wireless headsets, but you can play the game without sitting close to the gaming console.

Earbud Headsets

The earbud headsets are light in weight and fit directly into the ear of the user. These compact size PS4 headsets may seem quite comfortable and portable. You can find a wide range of earbuds that will differ in quality and durability. Many gamers do not use the earbuds because their thin wire can easily get broken. You can easily find these headsets in the local stores.

On-ear headsets

The on-ear headsets are similar to other on-ear headsets that sit over the ear. These headsets are not considered too well by the music fanatics, but gamers love this kind of headsets. You can get this type’s headsets at very affordable price and get quality communication facility and sound quality in these headsets.

Ear cup headsets

Professional gamers love this kind of headsets. The ear cup fits over the ear and offers the best sound isolation feature. The ear cup headsets are famous for canceling noise and providing the best surround sound system. You can get these headsets in a wide range of colors and styles. In fact, you can get them as wireless ear cup headsets. Of course, the cost of this type’s headset would be more than other type’s headsets because of their features.

Things to consider, when buying the best PS4 headset

It is all about, producing high-quality sound, providing better communication without causing discomfort. Headsets, which offer such facilities, are certainly the best for gamers. The modern video game players seek better sound quality because they want to hear the characters talking with each other and also to hear commands. Only top-quality headsets provide the best features and you can choose them by considering below given things.

Surround sound or stereo

You must check that the selected PS4 headset offers surround sound or not. It is essential for gamers because it produces accurate positional audio. The modern earcup headsets are equipped with several speakers for different sounds. These speakers pinpoint multiple locations, when you play the game. In addition, such kind of headsets offer better noise isolation feature. The movement in the game can happen behind the protagonist, beside the protagonist and away from the protagonist. The surround sound system helps you in detecting all the movements and performing well.

Positional audio

The contemporary video game designers fill a wide range of positional sounds in the game. These sounds help you in evaluating the situation and changing the gameplay. Your gaming headset should reproduce the positional audios well, so that you can better recognize the objectives, situations, and compete well against other players.

Quality of the microphone

There was a time, when gamers used to communicate with each other by typing messages. The modern PS4 headsets are designed to allow the players to directly communicate with each other. If a PS4 headset offers high-quality microphone, it is a great asset to your team because your teammates would be able to understand your commands quickly and coordinate better with your protagonist in the game.

Is there force feedback feature?

The modern PS4 headsets are coming with a motor fixed in the earcups that can buzz, pulsate, or vibrate with the movement taken place in the game. This feature is called the Force Feedback feature. It is quite essential for gamers, who want to get more realistic gaming experience because the earcups will vibrate with every gunshot.

Wired or wireless?

It is quite confusing for the gamers because the wired headsets offer better sound quality, no distortion, and better communication. You get these features only in top-quality wireless PS4 headsets. You must check the best ps4 wireless headset under 100, if you wish to buy a wireless headset that can allow you to move freely during the gameplay.

Comfort and budget

Some individuals say that earbuds are not ideal as video game headsets, but their comfort level is awesome. However, when it comes to sound quality, surround sound system, and other essential features, the earcups seem the best. The earcup headsets can be heavy and not ideal, if you spend a long time by playing the games. You may suffer with neck ache due to such headsets, so consider this fact before you buy the headsets. You must keep your budget around $100, if you wish to buy high-quality headsets. You can easily get fully-featured headsets that under hundred dollars that will improve your gaming experience.

Best PS4 headset under 100 reviews

To reduce your search to the best gaming headsets under $100, we have reviewed top-rated products. Check these reviews and then choose a PS4 headset that can meet all your gaming requirements.

Skullcandy SLYR Gaming Headset

Skullcandy takes it as a serious business, when it comes to designing and producing headphones and headsets. The SLYR gaming headset proves the dedication of this brand. This headset reproduces high-quality sound audio for PS4, PC, and Xbox. It is a modern gaming headset for modern gamers, equipped with features that all the video game users need. It works on Priority Supreme Sound technique to offer rich bass and precision highs. It also offers EZ STASH Mic, which rapidly stashes away when you want to play in the stealth mode. The headset designers have used GMX inline mixer to offer improved voice chat with other gamers. It is probably the best ps4 wireless headset under 100 dollars and the below given features prove it.

  • It is compatible with PCs, PS4, PS3, and Xbox. In addition, you can also use it with your Smartphone to have an improved gaming experience.
  • The supreme sound technique ensures you can focus on all the sounds produced by the game.
  • It offers EQ3 sound equalization settings for supreme mode, bass mode, and precision mode.
  • It has EZ Stash Mic for the stealth-mode.

This would be quite difficult to find such an impressive video game headset under $100.

Supsoo G800 Computer Gaming Headset

Whether you want an eye-catching design, quality performance, or detailed audio output, the Supsoo G800 provides everything. It is one of the recently released PS4 headsets which have drawn the attention of professional gamers. Needless to say, you can buy it at very reasonable price and enjoy hardcore gaming. It is a wired headset that connects to the PS4 or PCs through a USB jack. Of course, you can use it with your PC and play your favorite games online. Its features are listed below:

  • This headset is equipped with the cutting-edge decoding chip, LED light effects, and USB surround stereo sound effect. The Xhamme 4D physical vibration offers a more realistic gaming feel.
  • It has a fixed mic that can rotate easily and offer a clear voice chat facility.
  • The designers have used the Shocking Sound technology with additional vibration drivers. The drivers offer two grade vibration along with a powerful bass effect.
  • This headset is quite comfortable because the designers have used PU leather earmuff to improve the comfort.
  • You get a 1-year warranty with this headset, so it is a reliable product.

The warranty does not prove the reliability of a product, but you buy this headset online and replace it, if any issue occurs.

Somic G932 USB PC Gaming Headset 7.1

It is comfortable, it is durable, and it looks very eye-catching. The Somic G932 is built for the hardcore gamers, who don’t want to compromise with the audio quality and the performance. G932’s mic lights up to inform you that you can chat with the teammates. It produces clear sound to help you in recognizing different sound effects of the game. It is a wired headset, but the cord is quite long and you can easily move around your PS4 or PC. You can change the fitting of the headset to get a perfect fit. Some other features of this headset include:

  • It is designed with the 7.1 multichannel technique to offer more accurate positioning and clear voice.
  • It has a better passive noise-reduction capacity than many other headsets and the large earcups ensure less outer interference during the gameplay with a complete comfort.
  • Equipped with top-quality speakers that offer high, low, and medium frequency in details.
  • This headset automatically adjusts according to the head size of the user.
  • You get a 1-year warranty with this headset.

The Somic G932 is another great headset that has some unique features. You should consider it, if your budget is above $50.

Klipsch KG-300 Pro Audio Wireless Gaming Headset

If you are looking for the best wireless PS4 headset under 100 and don’t want to compromise with the performance, prefer Klipsch KG-300 pro. Klipsch is famous for producing earphones that offer great sound quality. You get the same sound quality in the KG-300 Pro. It is a wireless gaming headset that offers better movement during the gameplay. It has 4 EQ presets that produce the best surround sound and stereo. Klipsch has supplied high-quality sound accessories for more than six decades and now it is providing the best budget-friendly headset for gaming. You can trust this brand for its innovative headset. Its features include:

  • It is compatible with all the modern video game consoles, including the latest PS4.
  • Offers Dolby Digital Decoding.
  • Works on Space Surround Technology.
  • The control buttons are mounted over earcups.
  • The ear pads offer great comfort.
  • Precision-flex boom microphone.

Many gamers are using this headset and all of them seem happy with the performance of KG-300 Pro. You can shortlist it, if you need a wireless headset for gaming.

Steelseries Siberia v3 Binaural Black Headset

It is probably the most affordable PS4 headset in this list. It comes with open-back ear cups that offer good sound isolation along with greater sound quality. You can connect this headset with your PS4, PC or other video game consoles and experience a premium comfort with hardcore gaming. Its features include:

  • Available with universal 3.5mm jack.
  • It also has the PC extension cable that makes it a multiplatform gaming headset.
  • Produces detailed sounds by using the SteelSeries speaker drivers.
  • Durable design, flexible fit, and high-quality microphone that offers crystal-clear chat with the other players.

All the reviewed headsets are used by multiple gamers. Most of them have praised the features offered by these headsets. All of them cost under $100 and that’s why these are the best choices you have in budget-friendly gaming headsets. You may find some other options, but the reviewed products belong to reliable brands. You can get instant support from the manufacturer, if any headset malfunctions.

Best PS4 Headset accessories under $100

Many people play games for time pass and entertainment, but there are also some gamers who are passionate about gaming. These hardcore gamers take it as a serious business and want to perform well, whether playing with friends or other teams. They do not compromise and need everything perfect. The gaming headset accessories are designed and built to improve the performance of those gamers. You can buy any high-quality gaming headset, but that may malfunction in the future or get broken. There is no need to spend an expensive amount for buying a new headset because you can find the best gaming headset accessories under $100. These accessories include:

  • Inline mute cable.
  • Ear cushions.
  • Micro USB cable.
  • Mod kit.
  • High quality microphones.
  • Pro quality audio controller.
  • Base station.

You don’t need to buy a new headset because some companies also produce speaker drivers. You can replace your headset’s drivers with new drivers to repair it and save your money. Accessories are also available for the best wireless ps4 headset under 100. So, go online and search for the required accessories whenever the gaming headsets cause any trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect my video game headset to any device?

The reviewed gaming headsets can hook up with most of the video game consoles, Windows PC and Mac PCs. You may also find many headsets that work with only a few selected devices. So, check the compatibility carefully before you place the order. It is possible that the bought headset may not be compatible with your video game console and later you will face troubles.

Wireless or wired headset, which is better?

Many gamers find it difficult to decide they should buy a wired video game headset or a wireless headset. You should consider a few important things to know, which the best device is for you. First of all make sure that there are no kids, pets, and drunken roommates in your home, who can mess with the wired headset. If there are such individuals in your home, prefer a wireless headset. The wired headsets are the best to get high-quality sound without any sort of distortion. In addition, you can get many impressive designs in the wired headsets, but again, there is a risk of messing up with the wires. Your movements will be restricted around the PS4.

Why earcup design’s headsets are the best?

As you can check online or see in a video game competition, most of the gamers use the over-the-ear headsets during the gameplay. It is considered the best headset for gamers because the earcups offer the best sound isolation feature. You can clearly hear all the commands from your teammates and you can better recognize different sounds produced by the game. The earcups are for the professionals and you should buy it if you want to become a Pro gamer. Our reviewed gaming headsets have cozy earcups and the best noise isolation feature, so you can choose anyone of them.

What should I do, if the headset is not working properly?

The headset will not show any sort of malfunction at-least for one year, if you have bought any of the reviewed headsets. If you have purchased any other product, then you should immediately check the repair, replacement, and refund policy. If your headset is under warranty period, take the support of the manufacturer and get the problem fixed. You should buy the headset accessories, if the warranty period is over and microphone is broken, or ear pads are removed or drivers not working.

Final words

It is true that you can play all the games without the gaming headsets, but you will face so many troubles. You would not be able to communicate with other players, the sound quality would not be awesome, you will disturb other people, and perform poorly in the game. The wireless or wired gaming headsets do not cost an expensive price. We have presented the best PS4 headsets under 100.

These headsets will offer more than enough support to improve your performance and make you the best player of the team. In fact, you can finish many games on your own without seeking other players’ support. So, get the best headset now and taking your gaming experience to a new level.



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