A Guide to the Best PS4 Earbuds

07 May 2017

To put it simply, earbuds are a more portable, more pleasurable and certainly more affordable alternative to headphones. Just as there are many different types headphones, there are many types of ear-buds. There are flat earbuds, there are in-ear-canal earbuds, and there are noise earbuds as well. As each year passes there seem to be more and more earbuds available on the market.

What makes earbuds amazing? Imagine being at a rock concert, or amid an intense rap showdown or even among the BASSIST trance music you could hear out loud, of course, there are some health-related risks as well so you need to take a fit guide before using ear buds.

There are different levels of Playstation earbuds: low tier, mid-tier, low upper tier and top tier. The thing that separates the different earbud levels is not the only price, but the drivers each earbud has.

Earbuds are more practical then headphones nowadays, you can wear earbuds for PS4 even when working out, jogging a mile or even if you don’t want other people to notice them. When you are using headphones the sound between your ear and the headphones are somehow at a distance but ear buds limit the traveling area for the music, and you hear a high quality of sound.

Different styles of PS4 ear buds

Circumaural Headphones

These ear pad headphones, go over the ears and cover them completely. They are typically made to be used by professional musicians or sound engineers because the way the headphone is more in shape improves the sound quality tremendously. Each of these headphones has pads that encircle the ears to contain the sound waves within the space between the ear and the ear buds.

Though circumaural headphones have great uses, it is important for a buyer to look at the pros and cons of any headphone before making a choice.

Supra-Aural Headphones

These on-the-ear models are designed to perch on the ears rather than to go completely around them. Supra-aural headphones. These ear buds are very comfortable since they set out of the ears, but they don’t limit the sound so they can’t use noisy areas.


One very popular type of earphones is earbuds. There are many earbud manufacturers, from IEM to Samsung. Playstation 4 earbuds are relatively easy to use and, for the most part, inexpensive. The ear buds made in a way that it sits directly outside of the ear canal.  Ear buds can easily fall out from the ear. They also don’t limit the noise from the surroundings.

Canal Phones

The name is quite self-explanatory. Canal phones are placed directly into the wearer’s ear canals. However, the canal phones that have made out of silicone rubber, which helps in blocking out the loud noise as well as helps keep the earphone in the canal more comfortably.

And because of this silicon rubber, the earphones fits in the ear comfortably, canal phones also generally have better sound quality than PS4 earphones. Canal phones are perfect for athletes to use while running or to use when exercising.

Bluetooth Headsets

A Bluetooth headset is a type of earphones between a ps4 earphones and canal phones. The Bluetooth can are used for a variety of different things including cell phones, and it is important to note that a Bluetooth is not compatible with all technical devices including devices such as iPods.

Are they comfortable?

Well, you could say so. There are no irritating parts and the soft silicone ear tips. They should be comfortable and easy to fit in the ear. Falling out earphones, again and again, is very uncomfortable, so earphones should be user-friendly so that they can used while doing are personal stuff like dancing, singing, playing and exercising.

Durability should be the best, but then if they break you can just buy new ones without worrying too much about the price. Warranty should be there that if they get damaged before this, and this period they can exchanged. Durable headphones and should work properly

Control individual features should be there to control the up and small volumes. Sound The feature that should stands out in the sound quality who doesn’t want a clean sound. There is even some bass, very controlled but still enough to enjoy the music.

Wireless & noiseless

It is important for a buyer to decide if he or wireless headphones or those with a cable. There are various headphones from ps4 earpiece to supra-aural earphones that can use without the aid of a cable.

Depending on the buyer, it may be important to look for headphones that block out background noise by canceling sound waves that come from the outside of the ear buds.

Surround Sound

Stereo or surround sound may be relevant to a listener. For example, a DJ or music professional may need surround sound headphones to stimulate the music. Or, a user may just want to enhance the effect of music.

Tips for Choosing Headphones

It may be difficult for a buyer to want the headphones or earphones that are best, but here are a few tips for choosing earphones:

  1. Decide what you most want in headphones: bass quality, surround sound, comfort, portability, connectivity.
  2. Try listening to the music you usually listen to on different types of headphones and earphones.
  3. Do not just buy the most expensive model. There are some cheap models as well which have got everything which the user is looking.

Some reviews about different ear buds:

Zeus Wireless Earbuds

Use certified chargers only with the following performance: DC 5V, 100-300mAh. Avoid using quick chargers as well as the cheap Chinese one. These are earbuds that work with PS4.


Great for sports: Secure-Fit Headset best for running headphones, hiking, exercises, gym, fitness, traveling. Wireless Bluetooth Outdoor are flexible ear hooks with a gel flex silicone ear tips to ensure your wireless headphones stay comfortably firm in place.They are waterproof and sweat proof.

Noise isolation: Wireless Ps4 earpiece have incredible HD stereo sound quality with bass, soaring highs and clear. Perfect sports headphones with a mic in a lightweight package.

Wireless: can gift as a perfect gift. Treat yourself ultimate comfort and incredible sound. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones will be the best gift for men, women, boys, girls, girlfriend, boyfriend, mom, dad, husband, wife.TWO-YEAR WARRANTY and that’s how your purchase is totally RISK-FREE!

In-ear bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.1 technology with compression allow quickly pairing to iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Nexus and other Android phones, Windows phone.POINTS CONNECTION: The Bluetooth Earphones can pair two Bluetooth devices at the same time. These are PS4 earbuds with mic, perfect for anyone looking to communicate with their team online.

Tweedz Tangle Free Noise Isolating Ear Buds

Tweedz Braided Headphones cofounded by musician and a world traveler, so we know the pain, wasn’t built to last. The manufacturer wanted to create regular Ps4 earbuds which are user-friendly, so That’s why Tweed was born. These are some of the best earbuds for PS4.


  • 100% Blue nylon braided wires offer the durability to the traveling people.
  • Tangle Free. Unique cable reduces tangles and is long enough that you can keep your music device in your pocket.
  • Noise Isolation is very well managed.
  • Sound Quality. Full range frequency response so that you get deep bass and clear highs.
  • One Year Warranty on all Tweed Ps4 Earbuds and Chargers.

Symphonized NRG 3.0 Earbuds

With its unique acoustical properties, wood has always played a crucial role in music, giving life to instruments and concert halls that have inspired lovers and us for centuries. Today, Symphonized continues this legacy through handcrafted, all-natural wood headphones and speakers; These are strong durable and ready to rock. They are checked several times before launching, and are perfect earphones for PS4.

Features of these headphones

Handcrafted with Genuine Wood: These earphones produce a crisp, powerful acoustic sound with a strong base, crystal clear clarity has provided.

Unique in-ear canal design: These are so much unique in design,

Comfort-fit: Three sizes (S/M/L) of custom silicone ear tips to ensure a comfortable fit for everyone and are user-friendly provided with a small pouch to carry.

Easy to use: Volume Control, answer or end calls, activate Voice Control, skip tracks with a smart built-in in-line microphone. They are easy to use.

Compatibility: With the stylish design and high-end sound quality, Symphonized Ps4 earbuds are compatible with the latest generations of iPod, iPhone, and iPad. They work with all Androids, tablets, mp3 players, and related devices.

PlayStation Vita In Ear Headset

Get fully immersed in your PlayStation Vita with the official Ear Headset. Hear all of the action while chatting with your friends with this stylish headset.

This headset provides a high-quality sound to the listener. This comes with a PS4 bluetooth earpiece.

They always recommend going with headsets directly from Playstation as they take their warranty seriously and will always be ready to help you troubleshoot.


  • The Official PlayStation Vita In-ear Headset
  • Full immersion with the high-quality in-ear style headphones
  • The microphone provides crystal clear communication
  • Convenient in-line mute switch for when you don’t want to hear sound isolation is way too impressive
  • Three sizes of silicone ear tips ensure a comfortable and secure fit Stylish headset design with color-coded ear buds.

JESBOD QY19 Wireless Headphones

Following Jesbod to listen to the world Sharing with your family, friend, and workmates. Their vision is to create a pair of some soft easy to use headphones.

The wire-controlled position that just right, soften the button hardness, making it more convenient and more comfortable to press. Multi-function is its best feature. Charge 10 minutes to listen to music for 1 hour.

That takes only 60 minutes to full load, the average charge speed is about 120 minutes, and this is faster about two times, fully charged can last for 6 hours. Can be used once it charged, can listen for a longer time.


Excellent PS4 Earbuds: It offers two powerful audio drivers on each side and crystal clear sounds, They provides a crystal clear and a comfortable sound environment.

Quick Charging: 0.5 hrs quick recharge time for using 3 hrs Calling Time/music Playing Time at a time. Long battery life always allows you to work more and enjoy more.

Hands-free Calling: Built-in HD microphone enable received clearly high-quality sound. When you empty your house, do homework at the yard, JESBOD wireless headphones can easily connect your call.

Fast Pairing: The wireless headphones can be paired with two Bluetooth devices like iPhone7 7Plus simultaneously. Support smartphones, tablets, laptop, PS4 with music connected Bluetooth devices.

Noise Cancellation: They cancel the sound waves coming from the sides while you are shopping or in the area where there is a lot of noise.


What consoles are compatible with my PLYR1 headset?

The PLYR1 headset is fully compatible (game audio and voice chat capabilities) with the following gaming platforms:

Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC and Mac computers. The PLYR1 is compatible with the Xbox One for in-game audio only.

What consoles are compatible with my PLYR2 headset?

The PLYR2 headset is fully compatible (game audio and voice chat capabilities) with the following gaming platforms:

Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC and Mac computers. The PLYR2 is consistent with the Playstation 4 for in-game audio only.

Which are consoles compatible with my SLYR headset?

The SLYR headset is fully compatible and got game audio and voice chat capabilities with the following gaming platforms:

Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC and Mac computers.


When connecting your earphones, be sure to follow these instructions:

  • Turn down the volume of your listening device to avoid any inconvenience in the start
  • Connect the plug from your earphones into the instrument’s output jack
  • Insert earphones into your ears using suggested fit techniques.
  • Slowly raise the volume to a comfortable listening level.

Earphones are one of the best men made the invention, they are soft easy to carry and makes your life enjoyable while doing work.  Everything has pros and cons which should that considered before buying or proceed further in any world.



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