Best Headphones Under $300

23 Jul 2017

The headphones are the best companions of men. You need it, whether you are doing a workout, enjoying your favorite songs at home, playing some thrilling games, or just want to express your style and improve your appearance. You can find many great variants in the headphones at budget-friendly prices. There are now a variety of styles in these gadgets. You can get many great options in size, technology, and performance. It means, you can easily find a headphone that offers high-quality music output, noise isolation feature, a better comfort and a better performance.

When someone says his/her headphone is an integral part of his life, he/she really mean it. The headphones have made over life easier and obviously quite enjoyable. Music is not just for entertainment. It heals people, make them feel happy, sad, and energized. People listen music to forget all the worries and focus on what they can do the best. Of course, there are speakers, woofers, and many other devices through which you can generate high-quality sound, but you may need to pay an expensive price to buy high-quality woofers and speakers. You listen music because you want it, not others and that’s why headphones are the best.

You can easily find the best headphones under 300 that offer top-quality music output along with multiple other features. There may be some people around you, who don’t like to hear loud music. Sometimes they may have made complaints about it due to which you may have faced troubles. There will be no such incidents, if you enjoy your music by plugging-in headphones. As mentioned earlier, many types’ headphones are available in the market that will match your quality requirements and budget. The selection of the best headphone may not be easy, but this review will provide perfect answers to all your queries and guide you for buying the best headphones.

Different types of headphones

It is true that every individual wants a different type’s headphones. You would be glad to know that there are many styles in headphones. You can research and find the best suitable design to enjoy your music without experiencing any sort of discomfort. The manufacturers design each type for the users who wish to get a different quality of audio from the device. You can find headphones that will cover your ear and you can also find headphones that you can put inside the ear. You must know that headphone’s sound quality also depends on its design. The comfort also majorly depends on the design, so it is quite important to choose a right type of headphone.

We have listed different types of headphones below. We have also explained the benefits and drawbacks of each headphone type so that it can be easy for you to pick the best.

Full size or Circumaural headphones

Many people use this type’s headphones, but they don’t know that it is the circumaural headphones. It goes over the ears of the user and it covers the entire ear. People also call it the ear pad headphones and mostly the professional musicians use this type’s headphones. The sound engineers and pro musicians use it because they get high-quality sound output. These headphones offer premium comfort because the manufacturers equip it with pads that encircle user’s ears. You will feel like you are enjoying the music in the soundproof room because the sound waves will remain between your ears and the ear pad.

People invest their bucks in the circumaural headphones because these headphones filter out the ambient noise, produce the highest quality sound, and these headphones are quite lightweight. There is no chance that outer noise will distract you because no outer noise will get in your ears. So, if you are searching for the best over ear headphones under 300, consider circumaural headphones.

Supra-Aural headphones

Some people may say that the supra-aural and circumaural headphones are same, but actually these are two completely different devices. The supra-aural headphones are on-the-ear headphones that sit on the ear. It does not cover the whole ear like circumaural headphones. You get an adjustable band with this device so that you can easily adjust the size of the headphones according to the size of your head. A pad covers the whole speaker to provide an optimum comfort. It is one of the oldest types of the headphones and it seems irrelevant to the modern needs, bust still many users buy these headphones.

It is quite strange that the manufacturers sell millions of units of this type’s headphones. These devices do not offer top-quality audio output and the users often report about discomfort. The supra-aural headphones are not for you, if you want to get top-quality music output with the noise isolation feature. These headphones cannot offer impressive noise isolation, so consider a different design. If you are not a passionate music lover, you should consider this type’s headphones. You will be able to hear whatever going on around you.


The earbuds are probably the most popular type of headphones. Now you can say that earbuds are also the most widely sold headphones. There are many Smartphone manufacturers who provide earbuds for free with the smartphones. All the leading Smartphone brands design and produce this type’s headphones. These are very handy devices and you can easily purchase the best headphones under 300. In fact, the earbuds would cost quite an inexpensive amount in comparison to on-the-ear and over ear headphones. The earbud headphones sit outside the ear canal. So, you should not expect complete noise isolation. In addition, the sound quality may also not be as impressive as other headphones.

People hate it when their headphones fall out quite often, when they walk, run, exercise, and play any outdoor sport. The earbuds are not designed to stay in your ears for a long time, so you should use them gently. If you have decided to invest your money in the earbuds, make sure that your chosen headphones can block the outer noise, produce high-quality sound, and never cause discomfort.

Canal phones

Unlike the earbuds, the canal phones are inserted right into the ear canals. The canal phones are new devices in comparison to earbuds. The smartphone users love this kind of headphones because they get high-quality music output, optimum comfort, good noise isolation, and many other features. The manufacturers equip canal phones with silicone rubber or elastomer material so that the headphone can easily block the outer noise. This silicon rubber also helps the users in keeping their headphones in ear for a long time. Your headphones will not fall out, work consistently, and look attractive. Even the professional musicians agree that canal phones produce better sound than earbuds.

You should check the best options available under $300. Of course, you will get a number of great choices, if your budget is up to $300. You will get a headphone that will provide a long lasting service without causing any sort of trouble.

Wireless headphones

The wireless headphones or Bluetooth headphones are one of the most popular types of the headphones nowadays. You can easily spot 10-20 people on the way or anywhere around you, who are using the Bluetooth headphones. The wireless headsets can be available in various different designs and types. You can get Bluetooth earbuds, Bluetooth canal phones, over the ear wireless headsets and on-ear wireless headsets. It is quite simple to use the wireless headsets because all you need to do is connect it to your device’s Bluetooth and then enjoy it.

Hence, the demands for wireless headsets are quite high, many renowned and unknown brands are producing this kind of headphones. You should invest your bucks only in reliable devices. This type’s headphones cost a more expensive price than wired headphones and that’s why you should choose the headphone wisely by considering all the necessary factors.

Things to consider when buying the best headphones under $300

It is not easy to choose the best headphones, when your budget is around $300. You can get a bulk of options in the best headphones under $300. Therefore, it can be quite tricky to pick the best device. Things can be a little easier for you, if you know what to consider while searching for the best headphones under 300. Thos things are listed below.

Select the best type’s headphones

As you can check in this article, there are many different types’ headphones available in the market. Different types’ headphones are designed for different users, whose demands are different. If you are a professional musician and need the best sound output without noise isolation and other top class features, you should prefer the over the ear headphones. You can go for in-ear, on ear, earbuds, and canal phones, if you just want to enjoy the music. All of these headphones have different features. We have explained all those features along with the drawbacks of each type’s headphones. Check the details carefully to know what you want.

Wired or wireless

It is not so difficult to buy high-quality wireless headphones, especially if your budget is around $300. Many people are using wireless headphones, but are these headphones better than wired counterparts? The wired headphones connect directly to the music or sound producing devices. This type’s headphones don’t need batteries, so you can use them for a long time. However, sometimes it seems difficult to manage the wired headphones. The wireless headphones allow you to enjoy the music and gaming without any trouble. The sound quality can be an issue and that’s why many people don’t buy wireless headphones.

Sound canceling and noise isolation feature

The modern headphones offer noise canceling feature by using more than one mic to capture the sound. These headphones electronically phase reverse the sound and then reproduce through the speakers. The professional musicians need this feature because they want to capture the actual sound produced by the artists. Noise isolating headphones come with high-quality padding. Search for the best closed back headphones under 300 and you will get excellent noise isolation. It is necessary, especially when you are listening music or other audio files carefully to produce documents and other files.

There are also many other features like bone conduction, volume limiting, surround sound, etc., which you must check before buying the headphones. If you will check the features to know what meets your requirements, you will never buy a poor quality device.

Check the reviews of the best headphones available under $300

You can find many great headphones under $300 range. The list can be so long and then you may take a long time to shortlist the best. We have done this job easy for you by reviewing the best devices.

Philips X2/27 Fidelio Premium Headphones

You get many great options in the headphones, when you extend your budget up to $300. Philips Fidelio X2 is a perfect example of excellence and quality. This device offers you with a stunning design, supreme sound quality, impressive design, premium build quality, and the highest levels of comfort. Philips is a renowned electronic brand that produces only top-quality devices. The Fidelio X2 proves it and that’s why it is the best headphone to buy under 300. Of course, there are devices that offer quality features like Fidelio X2, but the retailers charge quite an expensive price for those devices. You get Fidelio X2 for only $299, which is certainly the best price for such high-quality headphones.

Philips Fidelio X2 features

  • It comes with 50mm neodymium drivers that offer a precise range.
  • The manufacturer is presenting an open back design of the headphone for better audio fidelity.
  • It is equipped with double-layered earshells, which are designed to produce a pure sound.
  • The Fidelio X2 is also equipped with the layered motion control diaphragm, which maintains high-quality audio output.
  • No sound reflection.
  • Equipped with low impedance cable to produce the best quality sound through the speakers.

In addition to all the mentioned features, the Philips Fidelio X2 is an easy to use device, which you can put up and enjoy the music for a long time without any discomfort and disturbance.

Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

It seems like people have forgotten how Dr Dre used thrill the audience with his music. People may have forgotten him, but his founded company’s devices are still forcing people to feel the thrill of the music. Yes, Beats Electronics used to known as the Beats by Dre. The Studio Wireless Over-ear headphone is a great wireless headphone introduced by this company. You may say that it is the same headphone Beats Electronics had introduced back in 2013, but that’s not true. The Studio Wireless is an improved version and it comes with Bluetooth connectivity, active noise-cancelling, and many other new features. If you are not in the mood to use a wired headphone, then Beats Studio Wireless is the best over ear headphones under 300.

Other features

  • 30 foot wireless connectivity to any device you use to play the music.
  • It has dual-mode adaptive noise canceling, so it is also good for communication and gaming.
  • It can work continuously for 12 hours, once fully charged.
  • It has a rechargeable battery.
  • The inbuilt mic helps you in picking calls and enjoying hands-free talks.

All of these features make this headphone a premium class device for the professional musicians and music enthusiasts.

Mitchell and Johnson GL2 Portable Electrostatic Headphones

It is clear that hi-fi music enthusiasts are impressed with the performance of Mitchell and Johnson brand’s headphones because it has received a great response for audio quality, design, technique, and overall performance. The GL2 is another great headphone introduced by this brand. People want to try something new and that’s why GL2 is performing well in the market. It is a high end model of Mitchell and Johnson Company, which use the hybrid technology developed by the company. This headphone offers a great combination of electrets-electrostatic diaphragm with conventional 40mm dynamic drivers. It employs the Hybrid Electrostatz Technology System to improve the sound quality and that works.

The GL2 is getting famous for the following features

  • It has an over-ear design with the walnut wood enclosure.
  • This device generates naturally tuned response.
  • The sound pressure level will be 115dB.
  • It has closed back, so no exterior noise can interrupt you.

The strong low-end tuning and fast bass attack thrills the users and that’s why people get impressed with the performance of these headphones.

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless Headphones

Nowadays, most of the brands are trying to introduce high-quality brands. They are trying to impress the users with the features and quality of their headphones, but it does not matter for Bowers & Wilkins. The latest headphone from this brand is the P5 Wireless and it is a Bluetooth headphone. It may appear similar to the wired P5, but it is a higher-end variant. It comes with a sturdy design and looks like a perfect combination of the retro style and modern style headphones. Usually, the on-ear models do not produce high-quality sound, but the P5 is different from other on-ear headphones. It weighs only 18 grams and offers superior sound quality.

Its features include

  • It beats other headphones of the P5 series in terms of sound quality, which is quite amazing for an on-ear headphone.
  • It is a wireless headphone and it comes with a built-in battery that offers up 17 hours wireless playback.
  • You can recharge the battery through a USB cord. You can use the cables, if you want to save the battery.
  • It has top-quality drivers and the loud speaker style diaphragm that offers an amazing audio output.

All in all you can say that the Wireless P5 is a great on-ear headphone, which you can buy under $300.

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 for Apple Devices

The Sennheiser Company has introduced full-size headphones for the second time and it is the Momentum 2.0. There are no changes in the basics. It looks the same as the earlier variant and the sound quality is almost same as the earlier one.  Those, who already have one headphone from this company, they should try something else now.

However, if you are in the search of more portable and durable headphones, then you can invest your bucks in the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0. As people have liked the original variant of the Sennheiser headphone, they also appreciate the quality build and performance of the new Momentum 2.0. It seems like this headphone will give a tough competition to other headphones in its price range.

The top features of Momentum 2.0 include

  • It has the closed back over the ear design, so it is capable of offering good noise isolation and the comfort levels would be quite high.
  • The Sennheiser Company has designed and built this headphone specially for the Apple devices.
  • You get a 3 button smart remote to adjust the volume and other features of the headphone.
  • It comes with removable cable.
  • You get a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.

The warranty is provided with the headphones to assure you this device will perform the best for the upcoming two years.

Best Headphones Under $100 accessories

When you spend around $300 for buying a high-quality headphone, you would never like to through that device too soon. You would try your best to keep it intact and safe for a long time so that you can use it to hear the music, play the games, and impress others.

Though you can buy high-quality and durable headphones under 300, but it may get damaged within the warranty period or after the warranty period. You can get the problem fixed within the warranty period, but what after that? There is no need to spend a large amount for buying a new headphone because you can get the best headphone accessories under $100 online. You can buy ear pads, ear tips, and many other accessories to maintain your headphones for a long time.

Frequently asked questions

  • Should I remove the ear tip of the headphones?

If you are using the canal phones, the earwax can build up inside the ear tip. Of course, it will look awkward and you would like to clean it as soon as possible. So, you should remove the ear tip in such situation to clean up the ear tips. You can also remove the ear tips, if there is no such issue. High-quality earbuds and in-ear headphones come with replaceable ear tips. You can buy extra ear tips for your headphones and replace the old ear tips, if it doesn’t work.

  • Where should I buy new ear tips or ear pads?

Whether you are buying in-ear headphones or over-the-ear headphones, the ear tip and ear pads will not remain sound for a long time. You will need to buy new ear tips or ear pads. The best place to buy high-quality ear tips or ear pads is an online store. You can buy it from Amazon or other e-retail sites. The online retailers offer many great options in various price ranges.

  • Which sized ear tip should I buy?

It is really confusing, especially if you are going to use a high-quality headphone for the first time. Of course, you no more want to compromise with the sound quality and other features and that’s why you are ready to invest up to $300. So, the ear tip should fit perfectly in your ear. You should use the purchased headphone and check if the ear tips fit perfectly or not. If there is an issue regarding the size, you can buy a new set of ear tips online. Thus, you will be able to find the perfect sized ear tips to use with your headphones.

  • Should I buy wireless headphones or wired headphones?

You should buy the wireless headphones, if you don’t want to mess with wires. The wireless headphones are quite flexible and can be available in various different sizes. Buy the wired over the ear or in-ear headphones, if you don’t want to compromise with the sound quality. The wired headphones produce better sound than wireless headphones and that’s why profession musician use only wired headphones.

Buy what you actually need

The headphones are pretty common electronic devices. Nearly every individual uses the headphones with the smartphones, music players, computers, and video game consoles. The headphones allow you to enjoy your music without disturbing others. If you are a music enthusiast and don’t want to waste your bucks in poor quality headphones, consider the reviewed headphones. You will invest $300 for once and the get headphones that will last for a long time. So, know what you need, check the reviewed products, and then buy the best headphones under 300 online.



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