Best Headphones Under $200 in 2017

07 Jul 2017

Music is the melody to ears. Every one of us love the blissful sound of music to their ear. People today find peace and bliss in the musical world. It is all about the beats, the lyrics, the melody, the percussion etc.

It is often seen that music is an option to escape away from the world. Ever felt too happy that you just want to dance till you drop on the floor? Ever felt the urge to listen to some soulful music, soothing to ears, when you are feeling low? That is when music can be called as the best friend of human beings.

Music is enjoyed superbly when the sound quality of the speakers and the headphones is just amazing. It is when the beats are not too noisy, the bass is low, and the speakers are not bursting with the sound. The acoustic is just in the perfect proportions.

The music fans need not shell in huge bucks to enjoy the perfect musical experience. Some of the best headphones can be found just under 200 bucks. These days’ headphones are available in different varieties such as wired headphones, headphones with Bluetooth connectivity, headphones with internet connection etc. Mentioned in the article are some of the best headphones available in the market just under 200 dollars.

In order to buy that perfect fit for soothing melody some of the best headphones to be bought, the consumer needs to consider major aspects. The major features of the headphones are to be taken into consideration before making that buy. Some of the major features that need to be pondered on while purchasing best headphones under 200 dollars are as followed:

The Appearance

often people do not consider it as one of the crucial aspects. This in turn is one of the aspect a person needs to be aware about. The appearance should be such that it fits the needs perfectly and looks good enough on the consumer. There are multiple options available in the market these days such as the retro look, the metropolitan look, the sophisticated look etc. Appearance although does not count much in the aspect but needs to be given thought to.


Comfort is often seen as the go to option for the consumers. The consumers need to see that the headphones fit their ears perfectly well. It should be such that does not cause irritation near the ear when used for longer durations. In order to curb the growing discomfort caused due to long usage of the headphones. These days’ headphones are available in different types such as with a veil, a cotton pad, leather pads for ears etc.

The Quality

It is to be made sure that the quality of the headphone does not take a toll because of other qualities considered. The noise should not be much, the bass should be perfect and the acoustics should sound the best. This is to be made sure that the best headphones under 200 dollars should not give the consumer a bad musical experience. The modified Bluetooth versions or the wired headphones should still sound majestic to the ears.

The Noise Reduction Feature

The noise reduction facility is one of the best feature to be given a major pondering while buying the headphones. The noisy tracks won’t be liked by the users and the product won’t be worth it. The investment won’t be a wise investment if a product is not chosen keeping in mind the noise reduction feature of the headphones.

On The Go Advantage

People going in to buy the headphones that are easily portable and provide them with high end user experience on the go are a treat for them. The consumers should look out for easy portability of the headphones. Further the headphones should be molded in a way that they are easily foldable and can be kept as a travel equipment. It is easy to carry on.


The headphones when being purchased by the consumers from the market it should be kept in mind that they are adjustable. There should be ease of adjustability by increasing and decreasing the fit of the headphones. The headphones should be a perfect fit for the consumers. Further the button should be provided in a way that with one easy click the operation is possible.

Ease of Operation

The headphones should come with the option of easy operational ability. The operation of buttons in the headphones should be done in such a way that with one click all the functions are possible. This will give in the users a nice experience and will provide them ease of operability.

So now let us talk about something that is majorly important. One thing that draws the major attention of the consumers. This is the availability of some of the best headphones under 200 dollars. The list of best headphones available under 200 dollars are as followed:

Major Head Turners in The Market

Some of the headphones have got a perfect winning streak in the market. These headphones call out for some of the best headphones and have been given best reviews by the users. These are as followed:

BÖHM Over Ear Wireless Cushioned Bluetooth Headphones

These headphones are considered as one of the best headphones available in the market. The winning streak of these headphones is the company that has innovated and modified their headphones and that too at cheaper prices. The headphones call for amazing sound quality and noise cancellation feature. The design is authentic and sophisticated and the it provides the consumers a cutting edge experience. The headphones are majorly convenient for the travel friendly people as these are portable. They can be connected to the laptop, television and smartphones considering the option of Bluetooth provided in the headphones.

They provide even more convenience to the users as it is in built with a button to control the volume. Just a click on the headphones and the volume can be made under control or the noise cancellation feature can be activated on the headphones.

Headphones are often used for long hours and thus it is necessary for the company of headphones to develop the product that is light in weight and utterly comfortable. These headphones weight like feather when worn for long hours. Further, they are available with cotton ear pads that are pretty comfortable for the ears. The headphones are made in a way that they do not provide load on the head and does not lead to pain behind the ears.

The headphones come with a 3.5 mm USB cable as an optional connectivity and a charging wire. The cable is thick enough.

Bose Sound True Wired Headphones

Bose is one company that rules the musical markets. It has and is still providing users with mesmerizing sound and music experience. Their sound quality can never be questioned. Bose provides for amazing quality and that too without burning a hole in the pocket.

While choosing a headphone the first thing that comes to mind is comfort. These are one of the coziest headphones available in the market. The headphones are available with the softest ear pads along with a leather finish. They have got easily adjustable headphones that can be increased and decreased according to the size of the head.

Coming to the sleek and design its powerful, bold and sporty. It is perfect for the travelers who are always running here and there. It comes with a fairly long connectivity cable which is a plus point for the users. The sound quality is just amazing and provides the users the high end experience of audio. The bose has always been known for their quality and the audio that it features for. So much at this price is a perfect steal.

Sennheiser HD 598 Cs Black Closed Headphones

Next in queue comes the Sennheiser headphones that are known as the closed back headphones.

These headphones are a closed back headphones having premium class and quality.

The leatherette finish again calls in for utmost comfort of the consumers.

It comes in premium quality and the audio is available for every device be it laptop, television, smartphones or tablets.

The headphones are enclosed over the ear giving in the major audio experience to the users.

They are available with a 3.5 mm wired cable that can be conveniently put to use by the users and that too thick in diameter.

The ear pads are covered in a way that it provides comfortability to the consumers even if the headphones are being worn for long duration.

The headphones are one of the finest graded headphones and that.

An incredible pair of headphones available on Amazon.

Skull Candy Black Wireless Headphones

Skull candy often comes up with funky and well featured headphones that are being provided in the market. These headphones come with on the go amazing music features for all the music freaks out there. The music freaks are delighted at the availability of Bluetooth headphones that too at minimal price. The advancements have made the life convenient. The ease of technological developments has given the users the pro experience in terms of sound quality.

Skull candy has been a niche company in the market. The consumers are depending on this company and that too in a very short time. Their quality cannot be put to test and the feasible prices aims to enhance the temptation of the users.  The headphones are provided with the potable feature that means they are foldable. Further they are provided with a travelling case that increases the security of the headphones on the go.

This time skull candy has gone for matte black finish which is really simple but adds authentic and cutting edge look to the headphones. The monochromatic look of these headphones is simplest and minimalistic in its sense. The matte finish is sure to attract the users.

Other features to note

The convenience with which the headphones work is just mesmerizing. The control buttons are provided near the ears for the adjustable volume and sound isolation. It further comes with the noise cancellation feature as well. The audio jack is present near the ears only along with a built in mic feature. This lets the users take phone calls and connect with people easily.

The strength of the elements used to develop the product is just amazing. They are hard and the matte material is made in a way that it keeps them away from any scratch and denting. That does mean that the appropriate care taken will lead to further protection by the company. The components of the headphones won’t fall off considering the button caps. These headphones call out for durability, strength and longevity of the product. The project is further increased because of the travel bag provided to protect the headphones, that are foldable and are made to fit the bag easily.

The sound quality is just amazing and the audio takes you to the place of the audio recording. The audio is just perfect. Further it comes with adjustable bass feature for that perfect acoustic sound quality. All the music freaks out there, these headphones are a perfect buy for you. The audio experience is just over the top and the quality is increased a notch.

Sony MDRXB950BT/B Black Headphones with Extra Bass

Sony has always been top choices for all the music lovers and sound enthusiast. This company is very well known for their quality and labelled prices of their products. The products are just amazing in terms of quality and provided a well of design that is sleek and fairly compact.

Sony has provided us with headphones that has got power off and on recorded voices to make the user understand the on and off options of the headphones. These headphones are initially not that comfortable but once the user gets accustomed to the headphones the convenience and comfortability will come down on its own.

Sony is one company that is known in the market for its long battery life. The battery life that is being provided for these headphones is way lengthy and can be used for a week without putting them on charging.

Sony headphones call for the bass quality that is extremely magnificent. The bands like Pink Floyd and Metallica are a treat to the ears when heard using these headphones. The bass hunters or we may call the bass fans come out of the shells and hear these songs using these headphones. The magical audio system will make you float because of the music experience. People often complain about the noise that bleeds out from specific headphones designed for bass songs. These headphones call for reduced noise bleed that can be considered as the plus point of the product.

So all the major bass fans out there, shell out your bucks for such cheap music experience available in the market. This is one of the perfect steal for the music lovers and the Metallica fans.

The Headphones Accessories

Some of the best headphones are available with the amazing accessories provided with them. They are added incentives for the users which tempts them even further to go a buy such products. Following are some of the best accessories provided by the best headphone:

  • The headphones often come with convenient jack system that is thick having 3.5mm diameter.
  • The headphones come with a cute travel pack to give in the added security to the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best headphones under 200 dollar puts the consumers in a fix as to how such good pair of headphones are available in the market for such low price. The frequently asked questions by the users are as follows:

Question regarding the sound quality

It is always seen that while spending money we are often conscious about the quality. The best headphones do provide for an amazing experience of audio system and that too at pretty cheap price. The price does not decide the quality of the product. It is the company and the developers that calls in for the quality of the product. The different types of headphones available for sound qualities such as acoustic system, bass ones etc.

Question regarding the durability

It’s often a question of durability and longevity of the product at lesser prices. The companies providing for products at low prices prove that the low rate system does not gives the user a bad experience.

Question regarding the comfort

Some of the best headphones under 200 dollars call for extremely comfortable ear pads and that too with leatherette finish. The ear pads are cozy and comfortable even when worn for long duration.

Question regarding the portability

These headphones are provided to the users for a travel friendly experience. The users can take the advantage of the users on the go without any discomfort or hassle. The headphones are foldable and can be connected via Bluetooth or a wire. The headphones present with a wired connection having fairly long wires for the on the go convenience.

Question regarding noise reduction

No one loves to hear the heavy noise when listening to their favorite tracks. The headphones are often questioned about their noise reduction capability. The noise reduction is fairly times in these headphone provided under 200 dollars. These headphones give the users the high end, noiseless experience. Say goodbye to those noisy tracks and welcome the noise reduction feature in the headphones for as low as 200 dollars’ price tag.

Here It Ends

The end of the article tells us that the headphones under 200 dollars can be a wise investment for the consumers. The consumers can give a thought to buying these headphones for high end experience. The sound experience and the audio system is just amazing and call for amazing quality. The consumers can make a wise choice by spending a penny here and gaining amazing sound experience. This in turn enhances the user experience.

The questions regarding the comfort and longevity along with durability cannot be put up for doubt. These companies don’t put up their quality at stake for low prices. The easy adjustability and the portability make these headphones a must buys for the users. The consumers need to make wise decision by investing in these headphones.

These headphones are available in the market and the consumers should grab them as soon as possible. These are the must haves and a decision that will never be regretted. The high end user experience and the cutting edge ease all make it a whole package of incentive. The added accessories given along with the headphones are cherry on top. All the music lovers, go grab the perfect product and get amazed by their sound quality.



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