Best Headphones Under $50

23 Jul 2017

The headphones are one of the most basic needs of every youth in this age. People love music and need high-quality headphones to enjoy their favorite music. E-retailers have made the purchase of quality headphones very simple for the users. Probably, that’s why you can spot many people with headphones in their ear. It is pretty simple to find and buy affordable headphones online. You can get quality stuff there, but can you buy top-class headphones under $50? This may sound a little weird to you, but the answer is yes. You can buy the best headphones under $50 online, but you will have to do a good research for that.

As you know, many new or unknown manufacturers design and produce the headphones. People rely on the local retailers to buy the best earpiece. They often trust the retailers and invest their bucks in poor quality headphones, which neither produce quality sound nor offer additional features like noise cancelling or noise isolation. Some people may say, it is not possible to buy high-quality headphones with all the extraordinary features at affordable prices. They may believe it because they have not checked the modern affordable headphones. Of course, there are headphones that offer some great features and cost a very reasonable price.

Things would not be too easy when you are looking for the best headphones at affordable prices. You may not prefer the purchase of poor quality earpieces, so you need a proper guidance. You should know what types’ headphones are available under $50 and which of them the best for your music demands are. Here we have reviewed five best headphones that cost under $50 and offer the best music experience. We have also tried to improve your knowledge about the types of headphones and their features. So, check the details carefully and then buy the headphones.

Different types of Best Cheap Headphones

Do not think that your options are limited, when you want to buy a new headphone and your budget is around $50. You may not believe it, but you can buy the best over ear headphones under 50. There are some great options and you can explore better if you know what types’ headphones you can buy under $50. So, do not search like a newbie because these are the types of headphones, which you can buy at very affordable prices.

Over ear headphones

Some people may find it strange, but the over-ear headphones are purchasable under $50. The over-ear headphones surround the whole ear. These headphones come with large ear cups or you can also call it cushions. The headphone manufacturers use foam as an ideal material to prepare the ear cups. You may also find some headphones with other material, but foam is the best for noise isolation. You should buy this type’s headphone, if you don’t wish to get interrupted while listening music. The over-ear headphones offer noise-cancelling feature that can be based on passive technology or active technology.

When the ear cups eliminate the outer noises themselves, it is called passive noise cancelling. The headphones equipped with top-quality ear cups, will cover the entire ear and block outside noise effectively. Active noise canceling is different because the ambient noise is blocked by the sound produced by the headphone itself. It requires an additional power source to run active noise canceling technology. You should carefully check that headphones will work if the battery (which powers noise-canceling technology) dies. If the headphone works, then it is a good choice or you should get ready to charge the battery.

You can also buy the over-ear headphones in which one or both ear cups can swivel away. Mostly, the DJs use such kind of headphones to set the upcoming tracks on the machine.

On ear headphones

It is another famous type of the headphone. You may find some people, who don’t know the difference between the on-ear and over-ear headphones. Do not be one of them because the on-ear headphones rest directly on the ear and not over the ear. This type’s headphones are smaller in size and the ear cushions are designed to stay on the ear. The on ear headphones are not as expensive as the over-ear headphones. These headphones may not provide excellent noise cancelling feature, but these are great for an average music fan. These headphones are lightweight devices and these are more portable than the over-ear headphones.

Take a look at all the models available in the best on-ear headphones. You should buy it if you want better portability. The over-ear headphones take a large space in the bag, so you cannot carry it on a trip. The on-ear headphones are lightweight and small in size. In addition, the on-ear headphones are more affordable than the over-ear counterparts. However, on-ear headphones are infamous for producing poor quality sound and lack of noise canceling makes them useless for the music enthusiasts.

The earbuds are normal earphones. Most of the headphones experts describe them as in-ear headphones. This device fits inside the user’s ear, but the ear tip stays outside the ear canal. You can find a number of designs in the earbuds. The earbuds are the best to use with smartphones. You can get impressive audio quality along with some cutting-edge features. However, you will have to compromise with noise cancelling and noise isolation because earbuds do not offer excellent noise cancelling and noise isolation facility.

Canal phones
The canal phones are simply the best headphones you can buy $50. The ear tips of the canal phones enter directly inside the ear canal. The manufacturers produce canal phones in various different designs. This type’s headphones can block all the ambient noises and let you enjoy the music without any interruption. The manufacturers use high-quality rubber to prepare the ear tips so that the headphones can effectively block ambient noises.

You will get many earphones in the search results, whenever you will search headphones under 50. You can buy the earphones, if you want to get high-quality and portable headphones to play music with your Smartphone.

Wireless headphones

The wireless headphones were not so common a decade ago, but today everybody wants it. People like the wireless headphones because this type’s headphones look more stylish, impressive, and useful than their wired counterparts. You can get many types’ headphones as the wireless headphones. For example, you can buy wireless over-ear headphones, on-ear wireless headphones and the wireless earphones, if you don’t want struggle with the wires anymore.

The wireless headphones are the best for playing games and also for listening music by putting the source device away. You can buy wireless headphones under $50, but you may not get the best sound output with additional features. However, high-quality wireless earphones can be available under 50 dollars.

It is really difficult to know what type’s headphones will be the best for you. You can solve the puzzle by considering the type of use will take from the headphones. Think about when and how you will use the headphones, you will know what type’s device you need to play music.

Things to consider while buying the headphones under $50

You might be expecting to buy an exceptional device that can offer a long-lasting service. There will be many brands, claiming that their headphones are the best under $50. How would you find they are making real claims or fake claims? It would be easy for you to recognize the best and buy it, if you know what things you should consider while buying the best headphones under $50. Those things are:

Consider the type of use

When and how you will use your headphones? You can buy the best device, if you know the answer of this question. Do you want a pair of headphone that you can put in your pocket and carry them everywhere with you? Do you want a pair of headphone, which you can use during the workout and gym training? Do you want headphones that you can use to compose music and play songs? You must know how you will use the headphones and where you will you use them. If you know the answers of these questions, just take a look at different types of headphones and you will get what you need.

Know how much you can spend

Are you still confused about the budget? Do not get confused because good quality headphones can cost from $10 to $500. You should know how much you can spend. We have reviewed some great headphones that cost under $50. You can check those headphones and choose one of them, if your budget is not so high. You can search some expensive devices online, if you can afford to spend $100 to $500. The budget also depends on the type of use you will take with the headphones. If you want headphones for gaming or for professional uses, you should keep your budget high. If you want headphones only to enjoy the music, $50 is pretty enough for that.

What type’s headphones should you buy?

All the different types of the headphones are described in this article. Have you checked and got what type’s headphones are suitable for your demands? The over-ear headphones are probably the best for you, if you are a professional musician or music producer. The on-ear headphones can meet your demands, if you want portable and durable headphones. If you travel a lot and if you are a music enthusiast, you should prefer the earphones. The in-ear earphones or canal phones can improve your music experience by blocking ambient noise and producing high-quality music. The earbuds are affordable and suitable for you, if you want to know what is going on around you.

Do you really want noise isolation?

Are you one of those individuals, who don’t want to get disturbed by painful noises occur around? You must search for the headphones with the noise isolation feature, if the answer is yes. Though all the headphones block the ambient noise till a limit, but some models offer the best. The over-ear headphones are famous for blocking the ambient noise completely. All you need to do is buy high-quality over-ear headphones and you can cut yourself from other people for a while. The canal phones or in-ear headphones can also block the ambient noise, if the manufacturer has equipped the speakers with silicon-rubber ear tips.

Should you buy wireless headphones?

How about searching headphones with no wire and with Bluetooth connectivity? Perhaps it seems like a great idea, but you should know the pros and cons of the wireless headphones before taking any decision. The wireless headphones are great to listen music on the go. This type’s headphones offer better flexibility while recording new tracks, playing games, exercising, and training in the field. This type’s headphones fail to produce top quality music due to distortion and you should know that. So, consider each factor before you place the order.

What about the brand?

Do you believe that brand name doesn’t matter? You may need to change this thinking, when buying the headphones. The brand matters because only a handful of brands is producing and selling top-quality products. Of course, they charge a very expensive price for their products and that’s how new brands get a chance of proving their quality. The big brands may not provide high-quality headphones under $50, but there are some other brands that design and sell headphones under 50. We have reviewed the affordable headphones of those brands to help you in buying the best device.

Check the reviews

If you have considered everything that is listed above, check the reviews. There are hundreds of brands producing the headphones and selling them at or below $50. Make sure that you are investing your bucks in high-quality product and you can do it by checking the reviews. We have reviewed the best affordable headphones in this post. So, check them and then buy the best.

Best headphones under $50 reviews

Panasonic RP-HTF600-S

Is it possible to get premium quality over-ear headphones at affordable price? Panasonic says yes, because its new RP-HTF600-S is an affordable over-ear headphone. The music enthusiasts are praising the build quality of this device. It has an adjustable headband and ear cups can move a little bit. It is entirely made from plastic and that’s why this is a very lightweight product to buy. Don’t go on the size because thus you will miscalculate the weight of this amazing headphone. The ear cups have metal design on outer side and thus it looks like a premium headphone.

This headphone offers premium comfort, whether you use it for a while or for a long time. The noise isolation feature is not so good because of the semi-open design of the ear cups. The sound quality is amazing and that’s why it is the best over ear headphones under 50. Its features include:

  • It is lightweight, quick-fit, and durable DJ monitor headphones.
  • It produces rich bass along with natural trouble because it has neodymium drivers.
  • It has reversible housing for the DJs.
  • Yes, it offers noise isolation to enjoy quality music.

As mentioned before, it is open back, over-ear headphones. It is an ideal choice to get top-quality sound, while listening your favorite songs.

Skullcandy Crusher

Skullcandy is a Utah-based company that has earned a huge fame for its sound devices. The Crusher is a unique product introduced by this brand because it allows you to adjust the amount of bass you want to hear, when playing the bass-boosted songs or normal songs. Skullcandy has been producing different products for last ten years and now it has something really amazing for the music enthusiasts because Crusher is affordable, feature-rich, and a light-weight over-ear headphone.

The Skullcandy Crusher comes with a sturdy design. A battery is fixed in the left earcup that supplies power to the sensation55 drivers. The prime features of these headphones include:

  • The Crusher has a built-in bass slider. You can adjust the bass in the music according to your requirements.
  • Skullcandy has used REX40 main driver to provide the users with impressive sound quality.
  • The sensation55 bass driver makes sure you get rich bass continuously.
  • It has built-in amplifier, so there is no need to connect it to an external amp.

The price is just below $50, but that is not an issue. This over-ear headphones offer an impressive noise isolation feature, great sound quality, and many other features for which you must consider the Crusher.

Bluedio F800

Whether you travel a lot, work in noisy environment, or simply want to enjoy the music without experiencing exterior disturbance, the Bluedio F800 Active Noise Cancelling is a right choice for you. It is state-of-the-art wireless headphones, available with a sleek design. It is certainly a great choice for you, if you like to use stylish products. It is affordable, attractive, and quite a durable device. Equipped with extra large 57mm driver, the Bluedio F800 produces and delivers a complete range of sounds. It has rich bass, quality treble, and great noise canceling ability.

It can produce sound with stark clarity and that’s what makes it an amazing choice under $50. Whether you are playing hardcore rock songs, rap songs, or classic style music, the headphones will improve your experience and thrill you. Its key features include:

  • Active Noise Cancelling technique to completely block the ambient noise.
  • Quality build.
  • Bass Boost Technique to produce rich bass.
  • Extra large drivers for better sound quality.
  • Stylish design.

What else you can expect in headphones, which cost only $49 and offer such a wide range of features? Of course, nothing and that’s why Bluedio is a great choice.

SOL REPUBLIC 1211-01 Interchangeable Headphones

Whenever we review top-class product headphones, it usually cost over $100. Things are different today because we have the SOL Republic Tracks. Though it is not an expensive device, but it is a premium device that all the music enthusiasts need. SOL stands for Sound of Life and this brand tries to provide its customers with the best sound producing devices. These headphones come with swappable headbands, cables, and speakers. You can acquire and swap these components of the headphones. It is a durable product and that’s why you will not face any issue for a long time. Just buy it, acquire the accessories, and swap to look stylish.

The SOL Republic Tracks is a premium product not only because of its impressive looks, but also because its technology and hardware components. This on-ear headphone has top quality drivers to produce quality sound and premium pads to block disturbing noise. The best thing is, it costs under $50. The key features of this device include:

  • These are remix compatible headphones.
  • You get in-line controls to control the sound output and mic.
  • You can use it with your Apple, Windows, and Android devices.

It seems like the best on-ear headphone under $50, so buy it if you are planning to get on-ear headphones.

Urbanears Plattan 2

The Urbanears is one of those companies, which never get satisfied with their products until they produce something very special. This brand had introduced another headphone before Plattan 2, but it was just a fine headphone. Now you have got the Plattan 2, which has drawn the attention of music enthusiasts from all across the globe. It is simply amazing and appealing on-ear headphones. You don’t pay an expensive price, but still get something very stylish and performance-oriented.

These headphones can recognize the shape of your head and adjust according to your demands. You will feel comfortable while playing the music and you would love to put it on for a long time. Its premium features include:

  • These on-ear headphones produce crystal clear sounds by using top-class hardware.
  • The 3D hinge recognizes your head shape and adopts it to be more comfortable.
  • You get these headphones with built-in remote and mic. You can pick calls, make calls and adjust the sound quality remotely.

These headphones also cost only $49 and it is simply amazing to find such feature-rich headphones at such an affordable price.

Best Earbuds Under $50 accessories

$50 may seem like a cheap price to some people, but it is not cheap for all. You should take care of your device. Never think about replacing your headphones just because you have spent an affordable amount. Think about making it better and you can do it by buying headphone accessories under $50. You can buy cables, adapters, ear cups, ear tips, speakers, and many other things to repair your headphones. Identify the issue, check for the malfunctioning parts, and replace it with a new one.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I get a repair or replacement guarantee with the headphones under $50?

Some brands offer a warranty or guarantee for one year, but not all the brands. Usually, all the renowned brands offer a replacement or repair warranty on their products that cost more than $100. You can check and then buy the products, if you need a product with a warranty.

  1. What type of service I can expect with $50 headphones?

All the reviewed products are top-quality products under $50. These headphones belong to some of the most reputable brands. You can easily use the bought headphones for more than 2 years, if you use them carefully. You can maintain them for more than 2 years, if you replace the problem causing components in the future.

  1. How long it may take for shipping?

The retailers usually take 2 to 7 days for shipping. It depends on where do you live and what kind of shipping service you are choosing. If you want to get the product quickly, you may need to pay some extra bucks for shipping and you will get the product within 2 days.


The headphone manufacturers prepare these devices for all the users. Some people find it too difficult to spend an expensive amount for buying premium quality headphones because they have just bought an expensive Smartphone, video game console, or other device. So, the reviewed headphones are the best headphones under $50. You can purchase any of the reviewed products and there will be no issue regarding the sound quality, durability, performance, and all the headphones offer the features, which we have mentioned in the reviews.

There are some great options, whether you want over-the-ear headphones, on-ear headphones, or wireless headphones. Decide what you want, read the reviews, and buy the device. You will appreciate the sound quality and performance because you will use the bought headphones for a long time.



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