Best Earbuds Under $100 in 2017

07 Jul 2017

If you wish to be happy and live a peaceful life, you must listen some sort of music. It is probably one of the greatest creations of mankind. Now it is scientifically proven that music improves the running performance, improves health by reducing stress, helps us in taking a good night sleep, and it reduces depression. It is a natural remedy for several harmful health conditions. Therefore, you should play some songs that can make you feel light and happy. Probably, every individual loves some kind of music. People play their favorite songs on the CD players, MP3 players, PCs, and now on their smartphones.

Sometimes it happens that you want to play music, but this may interrupt other people around you. You should make sure that your enjoyment should not be the cause of trouble for other people, who are not in the mood of listening music. The best way of doing that is using the headphones to enjoy the music. There are many types’ headphones available in the market. Some are quite large and heavy like over-the-ear headphones and some are quite small and light in weight like the earbuds. The earbuds are ideal to play music on the smartphones and portable music players. You can get impressive sound quality and nobody will get disturbed, if you buy the best earbuds under 100.

Why earbuds?

A number of options are now available in the headphones. You can buy the in-ear headphones, on-ear headphones, and you can also consider the over-the-ear headphones, but then why the earbuds? This type’s headphones comprise some unique features that make them stand out of the queue. The earbuds are small, lightweight, and fit perfectly in the ears and thus you get the best sound quality through the smart devices.

It is not possible to find some great options in style and color, when you choose in-ear, on-ear, and over-the-ear headphones. The earbuds are unique because there are many brands producing different style’s earbuds. People like this small size headphones due to their impressive shape and comfort. Now you can get some amazing styles in this type’s headphones. You can choose a design that can make you look cool and trendy. Other headphones may cost an expensive price. The earbuds can be available at very affordable prices and you can get many options in the earbuds under $100.

Most of the users now put on their earbuds and walk on the way because nobody wants to spend hundreds of dollars for buying expensive headphones. Some individuals find it funny that there are many people, who have bough headphones by spending a large amount. They find it funny because now high-quality headphones are available for free with some great smartphones. In fact, some SMEs is producing electronic gadgets like earbuds and selling them at very reasonable prices with an assurance of better music quality, durability and portability. You should consider the earbuds, if you are an average use and don’t want professional grade equipments to play the music. You can search for other options, if you want to focus on each element of the track you play.

Different types of earbuds

There are many types of headphones and when it comes to the earbuds, you get a few variants in it. The design and shape of headphones may change, but the earbuds are differentiated on the basis of their features and functionality. So, let’s check all the types of earbuds and then choose a perfect one for daily use.

Canal phones

The canal phones are quite different from normal earbuds. As it is clear from the name, this type’s headphones are placed right in the ear canals of the user. The producers use silicone rubber to prepare the canal phones. The silicone rubber is renowned for blocking ambient noise and it also helps the user in keeping the headphones in place. There are many individuals, who don’t want normal earbuds anymore. They want better sound quality, noise isolation, and detailed audio output and the canal phones are famous for offering these features. You can put on the canal phones, while running, playing outside, or driving the bike or car. This headphone will never fall out and keep running the music.

Sports earbuds

It becomes very difficult to place the headphones in ears, when you are running or playing some sort of outdoor game. The older generation’s earbuds used to come with large drivers. So, it was very difficult to put on the headphones, when people used to run or play the games. Fortunately, now you can buy the sports earbuds. These earbuds are built to stay in place, whether you are running, playing outdoor games, or simply walking on the way. This type’s headphones also offer an impressive noise isolation feature that makes them even better than the older generation earbuds.

Wireless earbuds

If you are a young individual and need to look trendy, then buy the wireless earbuds. The wireless headphones are probably the most popular type of headphones. You can easily find wireless in-ear and on-ear headphones, but the wireless earbuds would be more cost-effective and stylish. This type’s headphones are built especially for smartphones. You can buy a wireless headphone and connect it with your Smartphone to get rid of wires. Sometimes it becomes a daunting task to manage the wires of the wired headphones. The audio jack causes more trouble, when you sit in the car or bus. The wireless headphones connect through Bluetooth and thus no audio jack is needed.

You will find these three types’ earbuds in the search results, whenever you will search for earbuds online. The wireless headphones and canal phones are quite popular among the users because of ease of use and high-quality audio output. The wireless headphones may cost more expensive price than the wired earpieces, but price never defines the superiority. You should also check other features, if you want to buy the best wireless earbuds under 100.

Stuff to consider when purchasing Best Earbuds Under $100

It is true that freebies are only for the newbies. Soon people get tired of using those irritating earbuds that they get for free with their smartphones. You need to buy it separately, when you require high-quality earbuds. Follow the below given buying guide to purchase the best earbuds under $100.

Tight or loose?

Those days are gone, when people used to buy earbuds with large drivers. Nowadays, people care about the type of fit they get in earphones. The normal design’s earbuds nestle easily into the ear-hole and stay there with the help of rubber tip to prevent the fall. This type’s earphones can fall out if you use them while running or playing outside. You can get the in-ear style earbuds that get placed right in the ear canals. Thus, the tight fit earphones form a very tight seal to prevent fall and offer better noise isolation. You should consider the type of fit before you buy the earphone so that you can get the best from your investment.

With remote or without remote?

Most of the earbuds are available with built-in remote. The manufacturers attach this remote to the cable so that the user can easily change the volume, change the tracks, and answer the calls. The inbuilt remote also comes with a built-in mic that helps you in hands-free talking. You can also get the top earbuds under 100 that does not offer a remote. So, check this feature carefully before you buy the earbuds. The remote is a must for you, if you are quite choosy about the songs and if you spend a long time talking on the phone. Usually, every user needs the earphones with a remote so that it can be easy to attend the calls without removing the earphone jack.

The cost of sound

The cost does not define the quality of the sound, but you should try to avoid the purchase of cheap cost earphones. Suppose, you are buying earbuds below $30, it will offer the sound quality similar as a freebie earphone that comes with the Smartphone. Your budget should be around $60, if you wish to buy high-quality earbuds. This type’s earphones can provide impressive noise isolation along with other necessary features. Earbuds that cost around $100 will certainly offer an impressive sound quality with many additional features. So, keep this fact in mind before you buy the earphones.

You may not find some great options in sound quality, if your budget is under $50. You should focus on design and other features like remote, fit, and other things. Another thing you can search for the earphones with good sound quality, noise isolation feature, and greater fit, if your budget is above $50. Some experts say that top-grade earphones can easily cost around $200-$300. Do not get too inspired by such statements because we have reviewed the best earbuds under $100 that comprise all the necessary features. So, check the reviews and then buy the earbuds. Check out the best earbuds under $100 reviews below!

Bose SoundSport In-ear Headphones

Bose is probably the most popular brand in the market that produces top-quality speakers, sound systems, and headphones. The SoundSport is in-ear headphones that produce deep and clear sound. It has a durable design that keeps the earphone in place, whether you are listening the songs at home or running with the headphones. This headphone is equipped with the TriPort technique that offers crisp highs and natural-sounding lows. Its weather resistant design improves the usability of this headphone. You can use this earphone in all the weather conditions and there will be no issue regarding the performance of headphones.


  • Get deep and clear sound from the earbuds with the quality of TriPort technology.
  • Weather resistant feature helps you in using the headphones anytime and anywhere without getting worried about the weather damage.
  • Equipped with the proprietary StayHear tips that will keep the headphones in place for the whole day.
  • Inbuilt remote makes track changing and volume change easer for the user.
  • Equipped with an incline microphone to offer uninterrupted talking.
  • You get a lightweight carrying case free with this earbud that improves the safety of the headphones.

All these features of the Bose SoundSport prove that you can easily get top class features in headphone under $100.

Skullcandy Method In-Ear Sweat Resistant Earbud

The Skullcandy Method In-Ear headphone seems a great choice as a cost-effective earphone. It is a sweat-proof headphone, built especially for those who face irritation and ache due to sweating. Very affordable and quite lightweight, it is sure that you will never forget the feel of the earbuds, once you will use it. The inline remote is attached to the left wire that allows you to enhance and reduce the volume, and play the tracks. The Skullcandy earbuds cost a very affordable price, so there are doubts regarding the sound quality of this headphone.


  • Comfortable fit and super secure in your years.
  • It has completely sealed construction that prevents electronic components from misture caused by sweat.
  • Available in multiple colors, which will make you look trendy.
  • The Off-Axis and Fix technique ensures that headphones will stay in your ears for a long time without falling out.
  • Built with Sticky Gels technology that improves in-ear stability of the headphones.
  • The manufacturer ensures that the Method can deliver attacking powerful bass, natural vocals and accurate highs.

You should consider the Method, if your budget is below $50.

Shure SE215-CL Sound Isolating Earphones

There are many companies that frequently update their products to lure the buyers. Shure is not one of those companies. It already has gained a huge response from the music lovers, who need affordable and feature-rich earbuds. It is considered as one of the most reliable earphone manufacturers.

The SE215 is an improved model of the SE210 earbuds. It comes with detachable cable and a cutting-edge earpiece design. This company has introduced a whole new range of the earphones. The SE215 is probably the most admired earphone among all of Shure’s products. Of course, the Shure SE215 is one of the best noise cancelling earbuds under 100 because of below mentioned features.

  • Available with a free carry case.
  • You get 6 pairs of foam tips free with the earbuds.
  • It has detachable cable.
  • Has dynamic drivers and right angle jack.
  • It produces powerful thud-tastic bass.
  • Comes with wide soundstage.
  • One of those earbuds that offer class-leading cable quality under $100.

The SE215 is a remarkable product that offers many features of expensive headphones and that’s why you should consider it if your budget is above $50.

Onkyo E700MB/27 Hi-Resolution In-Ear Headphone

People now want more stylish designs in the headphones and the manufacturers know it. Therefore, the manufacturers are now focusing more on the design and sound quality. The number of expensive headphone buyers is quite low in comparison to people, who need affordable headphones with great sound quality and other features. The e700M from Onkyo seems like meeting the demands of modern buyers. It has come with Hi-Res Audio Ready to provide impressive sound quality at very affordable price. All the music fanatics, who are looking for budget-friendly options in the earbuds, should consider Onkyo E700M because it offers:

  • Support to play high resolution audio.
  • 5mm high power drivers with semi-close acoustic design.
  • Durable aluminum housing that protects the drivers and other elements of the earbuds against damage and prevents irritating vibrations.
  • Top grade inline control with twisted tangle-free cable.
  • 2m long cable to improve the comfort.
  • Free silicone tips along with a pair of foam buds so that you can maintain the headphones for a long time.

This headphone costs almost $100, but its features offer you the feel of expensive earbuds that can easily cost around $200.

Thinksound TS02 Noise Isolating Headphones

There are some earphone manufacturers, which produce products only for a few selected brands. ThinkSound is one of those manufacturers. It is famous among the music lovers for delivering high-quality feature-rich solutions and now its ts02 has lured thousands of music lovers. The ts02+mic is built especially for Apple devices and luxury brands like BlackBerry. It offers 8mm drivers, which are fixed in wooden enclosures. The manufacturer claims that wooden enclosure improves the quality of the sound and helps the earbuds in producing natural and accurate music. The recyclable bag, wooden enclosure and promise to produce top-quality audio, all of these things helped Thinksound in gaining the attention of the music fanatics.

You get ts02+mic with four free silicone tips, 3.5mm size gold plated jack, a carrying case and cord clip. The manufacturer is offering a 1 year performance warranty to ensure long-lasting service of the headphones. Finding these headphones in the local stores may be a daunting task, but these earbuds are quite popular in the online market. Its features include:

  • These are in-ear headphones that block outer noise and help you in enjoying your music.
  • 4 different size’s foam buds for perfect fit.
  • It seems like a classic style earbuds due to wooden construction.
  • Large size earbud drivers deliver detailed sound consistently.
  • Produces rich bass and properly balanced highs.

These features are enough to ensure that you get the best out of your money, when you buy ts-02+mic.

Best Earbuds Under $100 accessories

It seems very frustrating, when we lose the eartips, earbuds, and other accessories of the headphones. Most of the people go to buy a new pair of the headphones and they don’t think about buying the headphone accessories. You may find it a good new that many companies are producing top-quality earbud accessories. You will spend a very reasonable price and complete your earbuds again by replacing the old earbuds and eartips with a new one. Spend only only $10-$20 and get high-quality ear tips for your headphones. You should the earbud accessories, when you buy the best wireless earbuds under 100 or normal earbuds. Thus, you will get additional tips and buds to maintain your earphones for a long time.

Some accessories, you may like to buy now

Carrying case

You may not need a carrying case for the earbuds, if you use the earphones at home, in the office, or during the study time. You will need a durable carrying case, if you go for hunting and if you travel a lot. The carrying case prevents earbuds against harmful weather and damage. We have reviewed some earbuds that offer a free carrying case. If you buy earphones that do not offer free carrying case, then you can buy it online at very affordable price.

Custom molds

You may face trouble in using the headphones, if you have bought the universal fit headphones. This type’s fit is not perfect for many users. People try to make use of in anyway, when they spend $100 for the purchase of high-quality headphones. People get used to, but there is no need to compromise. You can buy custom molds for universal fit earbuds. These molds will offer a perfect fit and better comfort, when you will listen music for a long time.

You can also buy custom jack online, if your headphone jack is below 3.5mm. All in all, you can renovate the old earbuds by buying earbuds accessories under $100. In fact, you will spend only $20-$30 and your earbuds will become new.

Frequently asked questions

Why the earbuds are the best headphones to use with smartphones?

The shape of the on-ear and over-the-ear headphones may lure you. The problem with on-ear headphones is that it cannot produce high-quality sound. It is true that many buyers use the wireless or, wired on-ear headphones, but these are more to show-off rather than music enjoyment. The over-the-ear headphones are built for studios and in-house use. You can connect over-the-ear headphones with your PC and enjoy the music. This type’s headphones produce detailed audio, but consume too much power. So, it won’t be a feasible choice to use with the smartphones. The earbuds are light in weight, fix perfectly in the ear, and offer impressive sound quality. Thus, earbuds are the best headphones to use with smartphones.

Is it true that expensive earbuds offer better features?

We have reviewed the best earbuds under $100. All of these headphones offer notable features. These headphones offer perfect sound quality for an average music lover, perfect fit, and several other features. Most of the reviewed headphones are available at very affordable price. Of course, price affects the features, but still there are some brands that offer top-grade earbuds at very reasonable prices. You don’t need to spend $200 to $300 because the earbuds under 100 can also meet your requirements. So, it is not true that expensive earbuds offer better features.

Can I customize my earbuds?

You have bought a pair of universal fit earbuds, if you are asking this question. Yes, you can customize your earphones and make them comfortable by buying the earbud accessories. You will need the custom molds, if your earphones are not fitting perfectly in your ears. You can also invest your bucks in customizable eartips that improves the performance of poor-fit earbuds. Thus, your earphones will not fall time-and-again, when you will walk or run on the way. Many people also need additional eartips and buds to improve the aesthetic of their earphones. They can buy some colorful earbuds to get custom fit tips in different colors.

Can I get a 1-year warranty with the earbuds under 100?

If you are expecting that all the earbud manufacturers will provide a 1-year warranty on their products, then don’t think so. We have reviewed the top-rated earbuds under 100 that offer a 1-year replacement warranty. You can choose one of them to enjoy music. The manufacturer will provide the best support, if the earphones malfunction in the future.

Where should I buy the earbuds under 100?

When you have decided to buy good quality earbuds, don’t prefer the offline purchase. You may meet some retailers, who may charge an expensive price for average quality headphones. Buying online is the best option in today’s age. You can check all the features, reviews, and then make a right decision. Thus, you will save your money and get many options in the headphones.

Final words

Things get quite confusing, when we get many options for the same thing. You may also get puzzled while searching for the top earbuds under 100 dollars. You should check the reviews, pay your attention to all the features, and then make a decision. Thus, you will get the best pair of earbuds that will last for several months and produce high-quality sound without any issue.



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