Best Cheap Headphones

23 Jul 2017

The headphones and earphones have now become one of the most important audio accessories. Most of the Smartphone users cannot imagine their life without these cool accessories. They need it, when they want to hear their favorite songs. They need it, when they want to watch HD videos on their smart devices. All of us need the headphones when it comes to play games by focusing on all the advanced sound effects given in the games. The headphones are necessary accessories for many occasions and that’s why people expect good quality. Of course, quality features come at an expensive cost. Is it possible to get good quality headphones or earphones at cheap prices? Perhaps many people would say not, but we say yes.

Market’s leading brands may not provide their products at very cheap prices. You should also not expect to get Boss or Beats companies’ audio accessories at cheap rates. These companies spend a large amount on research and development. So, they charge a little expensive price for their products. The leading audio accessories manufacturing firms may not offer their products at cheap prices, but you can rely on some other brands. Who says new brands don’t produce quality products? We have researched and found some of the best headphones at very affordable prices.

It is not too easy for every user to spend $200 to $500 just for buying new headphones. Some individuals straight reject such expensive devices, but they still expect to get something useful and impressive. There are some great affordable headphones in the market. We have reviewed five best affordable headphones in this article. The cheap headphones do not mean cheap quality headphones. These headphones cost a very affordable price and you should check them, if you are not searching for expensive accessories.

Different types of Best Cheap Headphones

A number of designs, shapes, and types will be in front of you, when you will search for the best cheap headphones. How would you decide what design’s or what type’s headphones are the best for you? Of course, it would be tricky without knowing all the types of the headphones and that’s why we have explained all the different types of cheap headphones you can find in the market.

Know the difference between headphones and earphones

You may be one of many individuals, who think headphones and earphones are the same devices. These are actually two different devices, used for the same purpose. The headphones are also used to play music, play video games, and play audio and earphones are also used for the same purpose. However, their shapes and other features dissociate them.

The earphones are compact devices. These are unobtrusive and you can easily carry them in your pocket or bag pack. The earphones are also more affordable, so you can get them at very cheap prices. The styles and designs of the earphones can be different and that’s why youngsters like these devices. The earphones offer many good features, but still most of the earphones don’t produce quality sound. The wires would be quite delicate and may get broken due to regular folding.

The headphones are larger in size and capable of reproducing high-quality sound. Though you may need to spend a little expensive amount for buying the headphones, you will get top-quality audio with additional features like noise canceling. These headphones look cool because you can hang it around your neck. You should also know that headphones are bulkier than earphones and can get dirty, if you don’t clean them regularly or carry them in a case.

You should carefully consider all the pros and cons of earphones and headphones to know which device is the best for you.

Types of headphones

There are two famous types of the headphones, the around-ear headphones and on-ear headphones. Both are explained below.

Around-ear headphones

These are the headphones that don’t let you get disturbed, when playing music. The around-ear headphones cover the whole ear and that’s how you experience great music. The manufacturers equip these headphones with high-quality ear cups to provide noise isolation feature. This kind of headphones uses two different technologies to block ambient noises. You can buy them active noise canceling feature or with the passive noise canceling feature. The active noise canceling headphones block exterior noises by producing sound waves that remain around your ears. The passive noise canceling headphones block outer noises through the pads.

The over-ear or around-ear headphones do not directly press your ears, but still these may feel uncomfortable. You must check the customer reviews to know how comfortable a particular around-ear headphone is to know the true comfort levels. These headphones can be bulky and therefore you cannot put them up for a long time.

On-ear headphones

The on-ear or supra-aural headphones may look similar to the around-ear headphones, but these are two different devices. The supra-aural headphones rest directly over the ears and press them to achieve a certain degree of noise isolation. The on-ear headphones can also reproduce quality sound, but increased air flow can reduce the quality of the music. Many people find this type’s headphones uncomfortable because of increased pressure on the ears. The supra-aural headphones are lightweight, more adjustable and more affordable, so you should consider them if want to save some bucks.

Types of earphones

Although the earphones and headphones are two different devices, you should still know the types of earphones available in the market. There are actually two main types of earphones, which are:


The earbuds are probably the most affordable and most widely used earphones. You get this type’s earphones free with the music players and smartphones. Most of the mobile phone users use this type’s earphones because these are easily available devices. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars for buying it. Spend a few bucks and get this device. Normal earbuds neither reproduce high-quality sound nor offer impressive noise isolation. So, you may need to spend a little expensive amount if you want to buy quality earbuds.

Canal phones

These earphones are simply amazing. Capable of reproducing high-quality music, the canal phones can also provide impressive noise canceling feature. These earphones are equipped with silicone rubber ear tips that block ambient noises effectively. These earphones enter directly into your ear canals and that’s how you get quality sound. These are portable, affordable, and durable in comparison to earbuds. You can easily find and purchase cheap canal phones online.

The wireless headphones and earphones

It is a new category of headphones. It is okay, if you are not comfortable with the wires. Many people don’t like the wires because they distract you and cause trouble in your free movement. The manufacturers know it and that’s why they are trying to provide wireless headphones at very affordable prices. It was not possible in the past, but now you can buy premium quality wireless headphones under $100. Cheap wireless headphones can be available with premium features like noise isolation, quality sound reproduction, better flexibility, and durability.

You can also buy the Bluetooth earphones that will take less space in your bag and cost a very affordable price. The choice is yours whether you want to buy wireless headphones or earphones. However, the headphones will offer better features than earphones and that’s why you should buy the headphones.

Things to consider while buying the best cheap headphones

You will get confused, when you will search for budget friendly headphones. The first challenge you will face is finding high-quality headphones at cheap prices. It is certainly not an easy thing to do because there are chances that you may invest your bucks in a poor quality device. You can save yourself from buying poor quality headphones if you consider a few important things before buying the headphones. Those things are:

Consider the type of headphones

All the different types of headphones are explained in this article. Probably, you know the difference between headphones and earphones now and therefore you will not make a mistake of considering earphones as headphones. You get two choices in headphones, the around-ear headphones and on-ear headphones. Buy the around-ear headphones, if you are a music enthusiast and if you don’t put up the headphones for a long time. The around-ear headphones offer noise isolation feature coupled with some other features.

The on-ear headphones are great for you, if you don’t worry about noise isolation and if you are an average music listener. You would like to invest your bucks in the wireless headphones, if you want to enjoy the music on the go. Do not be in so hurry because thus you may buy a wrong device and later regret. You should know what you want and then decide what type’s headphones are the best for you.

Wireless or true wireless?

The wireless headphones are not new devices for the common users. The wireless headphones are available in many different shapes, styles, and types. True wireless may seem like a new term to many users. What is True wireless and why it is called so, this question may confuse you. The true wireless headphones have no wire at all. You can call it wireless earbuds or wireless canal phones because the earbuds come as two separate wireless units. There is no wire used to connect both earbuds. All you need to do is put in the earbuds and enjoy the music.

So, wireless or true wireless, what type’s headphones you need? The wireless headphones will be connected to each other and can be bulky. The true wireless headphones come as two separate units. You should buy true wireless headphones, if you will use these headphones while running, playing or during the travel.

What features you seek in the headphones?

When it comes to features, the audio accessories manufacturing companies try to lure the buyers by providing a wide range of features. Some of the useful features are explained below.

Noise isolation

The earbuds are infamous for providing poor noise isolation, so don’t even think about them if you want this feature in your headphones. Take a look at some cheap around-ear headphones. This type’s headphones provide active and passive noise isolation features. The headphone will produce some sort of sound waves to block ambient noises, if it uses the active noise isolation technique. The around-ear headphone will block ambient noises through the ear pads, if it uses the passive noise isolation technique. The headphone manufacturers describe the type of technique headphones use to block outer noises. Check the details carefully to know what you are buying.

Noise canceling

Of course, noise isolation and noise canceling are two similar features, but the technology is different. The noise canceling headphones use tiny mics to capture the exterior noises. Why do they do so because these headphones electronically phase-reversed and cancel the noise before reproducing through the speakers. Thus, you get the original sound played in the source device and the ambient noise is eliminated by the headphones.

Surround sound

Do you want to feel like watching a movie in a Dolby Digital technology equipped theater? You should buy the headphones with surround sound features, if you want Dolby Digital sound technology. Headphones equipped with this technology may cost an expensive price because it is a premium feature.

Microphone and inline controls

When it comes to buying high-quality headphones, people want it equipped with all the necessary features. You would also like to use the headphones while gaming and chatting online. Carefully check that headphones comprise a mic and inline controls so that you can talk and control the volume easily.

Check the reviews before you buy the headphones

The headphone manufacturers may make many claims to lure you. Do not trust everything the manufacturer says, because it is their job to endorse only features and not the drawbacks of the headphones. You should check the reviews before placing the order because you can reveal all the pros and cons of the headphones in the reviews. We have reviewed the best cheap headphones to help you in short listing the best headphones available in the market at affordable prices. Check out the best cheap headphones reviews below.

Technics RP-DJ1210

If you are a DJ or if you wish to be a DJ, buy the Technics RP-DJ1210. This device is built especially for the DJs because it has the best available frequency response. The RP-DJ1210 headphones are around-ear headphones, capable of blocking ambient noise. The ear cups can rotate in either direction. You don’t need to worry about the sound quality because these headphones reproduce amazing sounds. These are durable headphones and work effectively in the club environment. The designers have kept in mind the demands of the professional club DJs and then chosen the hardware and design for RP-DJ1210.

Now these headphones have become the most reliable headphones with the cheap price range. The key features of Technics RP-DJ1210 include:

  • These headphones have foldable design and you get a carrying pouch to maintain the safety of the headphones while traveling.
  • The ear cups have robust rotary housing, useful for DJs who need single side monitoring.
  • These headphones have a splash-proof design. It does not matter how long you put on the headphones, sweat or water drops will never damage it.

All the cheap headphones do not offer such notable features. Therefore, Technics RP-1210 is a great choice.

JVC HANC250 Noise Cancelling Headphones

JVC is an American brand that has been serving audiophiles since 1986. This company has maintained its reputation of supplying affordable audio accessories in America and across America. The JVC HANC250 Noise Canceling Headphones are a great example of JVC’s efforts to supply cheap devices. These headphones have already got a huge response from the music enthusiasts for the sound quality. These headphones are not as cheap as the previous headphones introduced by JVC, but the HANC250 also performs better. Whether you are looking for perfect noise isolation, better comfort, or impressive sound quality, the JVC HANC250 provides it.  That’s why these headphones are not as cheap as other models.

The HANC250 stands tall against other branded headphones. You can use these headphones for DJ monitoring, gaming, and for enjoying music. There will be no issue regarding sound reproduction and durability because the manufacturer has used high-quality components to build these headphones. Let’s check the key features of JVC HANC250:

  • Capable of blocking 85% ambient noises due to advanced noise canceling design.
  • You can switch on or switch off the noise cancelling feature.
  • The ear cups have foam cushions and double housing for sound isolation.
  • You get 4-foot detachable cord with .25” on-ear adapters.

All these features prove that HANC250 is nothing less than best affordable headphones.


Whenever you will search for the best quality, affordable headphones, SOL Republic’s headphones will always be there on the list. It is a company that believes in producing and selling high-quality headphones at very affordable prices. Now it is providing you with SOL-HP1251 Tracks. It seems like an improved version of previous model because it is now available with premium metallic finish and comfy ear cushions. Yes, these are on-ear headphones that can block ambient noise effectively. These headphones reproduce quality sound, block ambient noise, look stylish, and cost very affordable price.

If you wish to enjoy clear vocals, powerful bass, natural treble, and smooth highs, buy the SOL Republic HD2 Tracks. Its key features include:

  • A charming new design.
  • Powerful bass and clear vocals with smooth highs.
  • Durable enough to last for at-least two years.
  • Durable cable with inline controls.
  • Offering better noise isolation than the previous models.

These headphones look very impressive and you would like to put them on and walk on the way to impress others.

Beyerdynamic DT 770 i Headphones

You get two choices in around-ear headphones, closed back headphones or open back headphones. The DT 770 i Headphones are closed back headphones. These headphones have a great design, durable structure, capacity of reproducing impressive sound along with the capacity of producing better bass than the DT 990. These are the perfect headphones for you, if you are a DJ. You get speakers that reproduce crystal clear vocals, you get ear cups that can turn around for DJ monitoring, and you get a long term performance warranty. What else you would get in affordable headphones? Obviously nothing more is needed and that’s why you should shortlist the Beyerdynamic DT 770 i Headphones.

Many buyers have reported that these headphones are cumbersome to carry. Of course, you don’t get a collapsible design, so you will have to carry them in a backpack. The premium features of these headphones include:

  • These are studio standard around-ear headphones.
  • Good for recording sessions.
  • Perfect for DJ monitoring.
  • It is a tracking headphone that will serve you longer than other affordable headphones.

The shape is awesome, and these headphones look attractive. You can buy it, if you don’t want to compromise with the sound quality and performance.

Pioneer SE-MS7BT Headphones

The Pioneer SE-MS7bt is very famous among the music enthusiasts due to its charming looks and amazing sound reproduction capacity. Yes, it is an over-ear wireless device and it is the only wireless device in our list. These are the best cheap wireless headphones you can find online. It connects to the source devices through Bluetooth and still reproduces quality sound. These headphones are equipped with NFC, so you can easily pair them with any other device just by holding the source device and headphones together. The manufacturer has used large 40mm drivers along with large cushioned ear cups. You get surround sound that makes you feel like sitting in the Dolby Digital studio.

You get a cable with 3.5mm jack connector to turn these headphones into wired headphones, if you wish to save battery. The key features of these headphones include:

  • Earcup mounted controls like volume increase, decrease, play, pause, turn on-off.
  • A 4-feet long cord with in-line controls.
  • Large 40mm drivers.
  • On-ear Bluetooth headphones, capable of blocking ambient noises and reproducing quality sound.

The Pioneer SE-MS7bt Headphones best cheap Bluetooth headphones because of their premium features. You should buy them, if you want to get rid of cable and hear your favorite songs on the go.

Best Cheap Headphones accessories

The reviewed headphones are budget friendly options for your audio accessories collection. Though these are the best devices, you will need some additional headphone accessories to maintain them for a long time. You can buy high-quality ear pads, cables, adapters, and drivers to maintain your headphones. It is possible that one ear pad may break down or need replacement. Do not wait so long because you can buy new ear pads for only a few dollars. Similarly, you can also buy other accessories at very cheap prices. So, search online for whatever accessories you need and you will get it at cheap prices.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I turn wireless headphones into wired headphones?

Yes, you can turn the wireless headphones into wired headphones, but only a few headphones offer this facility. We have reviewed one of this type’s headphones. The Pioneer se-ms7bt headphones let you use the cable, if the battery is low or if you want to get better sound quality. You may find some other wireless headphones on the market, which may not offer this feature. So, carefully check this feature before buying the headphones.

  • How can I make sure that I will get endorsed model?

The only way of making sure that you will get the endorsed product is buying the headphones from a trusted retailer. You should use a trusted e-retailer’s service, even if you are buying cheap headphones. You may get some discount along with free shipping and you will get a genuine product.

  • Can I replace the ear pads of all around-ear and on-ear headphones?

Yes, it is possible to replace the ear pads of all on-ear and around-ear headphones. Make sure that you invest your bucks in quality products so that there will be no need to replace the ear pads or other components soon.

  • Can I expect durable and high-quality sound reproducing headphones at cheap prices?

All the headphones we have reviewed in this post offer top-quality sound, premium features, and these are durable headphones. So, you can expect impressive features in cheap headphones.


Many people believe that quality products cost an expensive price and therefore they cannot buy feature-rich headphones at affordable prices. Let it be a myth and check the reviewed headphones. These devices will make you believe that you can get impressive sound without spending a large amount from your pocket. So, do not wait anymore because you have some great options as the best cheap headphones. Select the headphones now and buy them online because you may get some discount on your purchase.



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